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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vent! Blogplaining

Okay Blog world I have been holding this in for about 2 weeks. At Christmas time I was going through a being selfish phase and buying things for me instead of others. I ordered these Fabu shoes from Nine West on 12/22 WHY?? did it take 3 weeks for the shoes to come? They usually have a very quick ship out. I called customer service because I became alarmed when the site said the shoes had sold out and mine had not shipped. Customer service assured me if I had not received a cancellation email my shoes would be in route soon. After that convo, I got over how long it took for my shoes to come but when they FINALLY arrived... THEY SENT THE WRONG SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered these...

nine west site

but they sent these...
nine west site

you can't see the detail in this pic, but the shoe is dark chocolate,  forest green, and burgundy. Not ugly but not what I ordered. The shoes were purchased at player's prices. 70% off and free shipping, so they can't go back. I'm not sending them back Too much hassle.  Was it because I was being selfish?

On a happier note. I bought these at the same time. Fantabulous!!! and they look GREAT with leggings.

nine west site

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