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Friday, June 6, 2008

Not Just A Fool in Love an Educated Fool

So just to give ya'll a lil more info about me. I'm a college educated(B.A.) woman with a degree from a major university, working in academia pursuing my dream of being a college professor by going to school and also working in education.

I have wanted to be a professor forEVER! But I got side tracked by life and love. I am trying to get back on track but somewhere along the line I got scared. I realized that I am actually scared to be successful. That has to be why I continue to procrastinate. I am always encouraging others to pursue their dreams but when it comes to mine I get paralyzed.

How does one recover from paralysis? I have applied to schools I even got in and never went. I have went to information sessions, filled out applications, paid the fees, talked to counselors, admissions reps etc. all to just STOP before I get started. I plan to really do it this time (I have said that so many times before).

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