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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Can we discuss...The Walking Dead? part II

Season 4 Episode 14 and 15
Update: I figured I could just add to this post since I don't have much to say.

THEY ALL MET UP!!!!! (well...most)

Glen was pretty ridiculous going into that DEEP DARK tunnel. Maggie surely could've waited the day that it would have taken him to go AROUND! Totally hollered at all the people tweeting bye Tara/ RIP Tara when her foot got caught in the Tunnel

Next weeks episode is the finale and it is going to be EXCITING! (I hope) They have a lot to cover. Like..

1. Where is Beth? Who took her?
2. Daryl needs to be rescued from this band of deviant killers who implied they are looking for Rick.
3. Carol and Tyreese have yet to emerge from the woods.
4. Rick, Carl and Michonne either. Oops I forgot Judith (I hate her name)
5. #Terminus appears to be creepy weird place. Mary could possibly be cooking and eating people I hope not Beth. #cannibal

We are one episode from the season finale of  'The Walking Dead', and what a season it has been!

The mid-season breaks on TV shows are always hard for me because my attention span is short, but I always return to this show with such excitement every time!!

I still can't believe I watch this show. In RL I'm so creeped out by blood and gore. If I wasn't I could've possibly been a doctor maybe... shut up I might could... no? Okay. lol

There are so many things to discuss about this season!! So many shocking things have happened! New characters etc. I was going to do a list but this post is going to be long enough. lol
Right now we find our favorite cast members separated, trying to stay alive and find each other after a crazy BLITZ attack from the Gov'na.

I'm so glad that rat bastard is DEAD!! He died, but not before taking out our beloved Herschel! I couldn't believe it.

I actually screamed


The Gov'na deserved to die and I hope he burns in hell LOL!

The group is currently in one way or another following railroad tracks to a sanctuary called Terminus. I asked Twitter, "Why is it   called that?"

Terminus is too close to Terminate so I'm very afraid to see what awaits them.

This show always has some shocking gory twist. Or maybe it will turn out to be a safe haven? Doubtful, but who knows... I hope at the very least they all reunite.

Last weeks episode 'The Grove' ended with Carol (woo hoo Carol is back) having to kill one of the little killers I mean little girls she had taken under her wing at the prison, Lizzie(Lizzie Borden)Samuels

Me: "There is no time for a psycho killer in the zombie apocalypse! Seriously, who has time to be watching to see if they might be murdered by a child and kill zombies? 

"Look at the flowers Lizzie"

"You dang right keep looking at those flowers
while I shoot yo azz!"

Anywhoo, We are here. Episode 15 tomorrow before the finale next Sunday. I think that's right Are you ready?


Ishea said...

Talk about an extended hiatus! Glad to see you back in the saddle with your recaps. I was happy they got rid of both girls last week. It was a strange episode, but in general I'm not a fan of children on the show. They just slow EVERYONE down. At least Tyrese and Carol can keep it moving. This season has been relatively slow - post Gov'na... but we shall see how what note they choose to end things on.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@Ishea HA! Yes, I was gone a looooong time but I's back now. :)

I wasn't really bothered by the kids -- they can't all die in the zombie apocalypse. LOL! I was just bothered by Lizzie. I actually liked her sister.

I'm curious if they will reunite everyone or leave us hanging until next season. Also Beth??

I've actually been entertained even through the slowness. Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

This season has been LONG. The action very slow. I almost gave it up because it was just boring.

I needed them to meet up cuz this dumb walking is whack.

Still shocked about Herschel. I can't believe that durn Gov'na! I am really annoyed that they didn't have an evac plan.

Anyway...Beth lit out of there! She gave no dambs about poor Daryl! She pulled out on 2 tires!

I am not sure about this Band that Daryl joined. They are mean. Why is everyone mean? Why can't everyone be happy they survived so far and help each other?

Terminus is evil...it has to be. I thought she was cutting up a body. There was no locks on the door! That seems odd.

I love the relationship with Carl and Michonne. They made her so angry/dark for so long its nice to see her lighthearted and laughing.

Rick is such a non-factor now.

This military savior needs to spill his secret because we all know he will die before he gets to Washington.

That little girl had to die...but where are Tyrese and Carol? I was surprised we didn't see them at all. I am ok with kids...but babies? No.

Is packaged food still good? How long has it been?

I really want to read the graphic novel because this is moving too slowly for me!

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Someone just told me they think Beth got kidnapped!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


Glad you hung in there. :) Otherwise, you would be playing catch-up like I do on every show I give up lol

Yeah, Daryl's new group has me so worried for him. They will kill at a drop of a hat and their rules are whack. It would be nice if people could just help each other. It's seems "the group" keeps meeting the deviants of society.

What??? I missed Mary cutting up a body, but I did get that creepy cannibal vibe. Something for surely ain't right!

I love the relationship with Carl and Michonne. They made her so angry/dark for so long its nice to see her lighthearted and laughing. [This!!

Hahaha! Yeah I don't see it for the scientist either!

Tyreese, Carol and Rick, Michonne and Carl better be making their way on down the tracks...

I read canned food can last forever -- 100+ years

I kinda want to read the novel too, but then again since they change things I don't want to ruin the show for myself.

Yeah girl.. Beth was snatched up! lol I hope that's not who Mary is cooking O_O!

Thank you! And thanks for commenting.

Ticka said...

Yes they do have a lot to wrap up. Unfortunately, I don't think they're going to cover it all.

I do want Daryl to get away from those dudes. They aren't right.

Rick is a mess, so as far as I'm concerned, he can get bit! Yea, I said it! LOL!

I didn't think about the possibility of cannibalism! That would be a nice twist!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


I am DEAD @Rick can get bit! Hahahahahahahahahahha! I still lub he!

Yeah, it will be interesting to see how they wrap up this ending. Sooo many loose ends.

Girl the cannibalism....if this is true it will be crazy.

Monique said...

Happy to see you around these parts again!

Man this past episode had meon the edge of my seat! So, why and when did the redneck killers imply they were looking for Rick? I wonder what their beef with him is? Oh are they the group who was in the house and Rick was there???

I think everyone will meet up again but Terminus just doesn't feel right. All that stuff there and that lady was the ONLY person out front? Where is everyone? Underground? And I wouldn't roll up to a strange place that looks too good to be true. Especially after the Gov'na's town.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


Thank you! :)

This episode was exciting to me too! Glen had me talking at the TV!! "No, fool go AROUND!!" lol

Yes, those are the guys that were in the house. Rick had to kill their "Bro" so they are tracking him. They not even knowin' that Daryl is not about to let that go down!

Yes, after the Gov'na I wouldn't trust NOBODY!! Mary seemed too... something... I just know(feel) it's about to be all bad!

Thanks for commenting!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


"Still shocked about Herschel. I can't believe that durn Gov'na!
I am really annoyed that they didn't have an evac plan"

See I think they did have an evacuation plan. That's what the bus was about. Even if they had all made it to the bus and managed to pull off... not sure if it would've made a difference. :/

They didn't seem to have an ambush plan! Which was hard to do up against a tank! lol