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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What about your friends?

This started on Twitter when I tweeted about seeing my ex bestie. I really need to get back to blogging and stop using Twitter for emo stuff. I actually hate that I'm blogging about emo stuff. Dah... well. Such is life.

I saw my ex bestie earlier this week.

She looked a pure dang mess.

I was actually shocked that I ran into her because we don't travel in the same circles anymore. Her dude has her completely cut off from who we know.

 But this post in NOT about HIM!

What struck me was her appearance.  I was heart broken and taken aback to see that she has lost most of her hair. She had long luxurious waist length hair and it is almost gone. She was also dressed really sloppy.

I tweeted  "I thought love is supposed to make you better?"

Well isn't it?

It was tragic to see her outside in the world looking so bad. This woman was so similar to me in that she loves nice things! We became friends because of a purse. We were having a casual conversation about designer purses, shoes and all things lovely. A few weeks later she was out shopping and called me to see if I wanted a Kate Spade purse because she found a sale.

I was shocked.

I said sure!

She bought me a purse ( A purse!!!)  and we were friends from then on.

That may sound superficial to y'all but it meant a lot to me because that's the kind of friend I am. If I'm out shopping and I see something I know you would like I buy it just cause.

What has struck me most about our chance meeting is my current sadness. When a friendship ends for whatever reason it may take me a minute to get over it, but when I'm over it that's usually it.


I   am   still   sad   from   seeing   her.

Then  I realized today it's because

 I MISS my friend!

She was my confidant. I could tell her all my crazy thoughts and ideas and she would just listen and laugh.

I MISS that.

We traveled together.

I MISS that.

We went out to eat together and partied together.

 I MISS that.

I guess I'm not as hard as I want to be (or as Mia would say I'm soft baked.) I do miss people, I do need people and her absence from my life does matter to me.

Thanks for listening.


K. Rock said...

Awww. Its never too late to try to rekindle the friendship. From what you have written it doesnt sound like that bridge has totally burned. If you miss her then get back together!

Tarsha! (www.SouthernGirlCitySwirl.com) said...

I'm sorry you are missing your friend. Good, salt of the earth people are hard to come by and when you lose one it hurts deep.

But I am Team K-Rock on this one...maybe there is a chance of reuniting

Tarsha! (www.SouthernGirlCitySwirl.com) said...

Oh and I am so using soft baked

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@KRock I miss her but I don't want to rekindle the friendship as long as she is with dude we can't be friends.

@Tarsha Thank you! She really is a good person in a terrible situation but nope queues Taylor Swift *we are never ever getting back together*

Mia is a mess! Yep my thug is shattered and I am soft baked!