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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Can We Discuss... The Walking Dead????????

Season 3 Episode 8
Hey Dead Heads,

Well... we've arrived at The Walking Dead mid season finale! :(   Let's Go..

1. Where did Andrea get a purse from in the last episode?

2. Introducing Tyreese and crew? ladies and gentleman he is a new main character (more comic book stuff)

3. Andrea and the Gov’na are still just UGH! I was really curious to see where her loyalties would lie.

4. Penny was cognizant it seemed for a very brief moment from the music. Did y’all see?

5. Dang!! Glenn was HARDCORE for that walker mutilation. But I thought the blood was contaminated?

6. Did that fool say screamer pits? I wonder what happens in there. Yeah… the Gov’na is sadistic!

7. Prison dude said Hershel's daughter being 17 was “interesting”... Perv. We don’t know what he was in prison for. Could be rape.. molest WE DON’T KNOW HIM!! 

8. He thought Carol was a lesbian because of her haircut Lol! Ole Bamma.

Sidebar: Really… All of these commercials tho! REALLY?

9. I was curious as to why Michonne broke off from the group. I thought she was she looking for Andrea. Nope!

10. Poor Darryl his loyalty is being tested.

11. I know Andrea ain’t dickmatized that quick. Wrong again.

12. During all the shooting I kept thinking “there can be only one<=CLICK HERE I was not surprised when New T-Dogg got killed. lol

13. So the new people wandered into the prison? How was the new lady that died that old boy's mother?  What took her so long to turn? Look at Carl being all_______. (you fill in the blank) Mad they named that baby Judith in 2012 tho. Lol!

14. The way Michonne busted through that door! lol I can’t! Stumbling upon the heads in the fish tanks. Okay but how did she not hear that girl growling? C’mon man totally implausible. I heard her. Michonne let the Gov’na get too close. She got in that azz tho.

15. The showdown!!!!!  Michonne VS Andrea... Tekken style.
Aww… Man I thought they were about to do something.

16. Comic book people… doesn’t the Gov’na have an eyepatch in the books? He looks more creepy.

oops... 17. WOW!! What a surprising twist! All unexpected  Merle vs. Darryl? 

 Great ending….

February? :((((





Chime in folks! :D


Disco Diva said...

2. I really wish I had read the comic books. I know so much stuff is different and I want to know why/what!

3. I hate Andrea...her being with the Govna just makes it worse.

4, I thought Penny was just looking at the heads/food? Don't be like the Govna and see something that isn't there! Penny is gone!

5. It's only contaminated if it falls in the story line.

6, I thought the screamer pits was the Walker Fighting thing?

7. Prison dude is trying to get some any way he can. I wonder if I would be concerned with sex at that point. Probably so!

8. I thought Carol was a lesbian for a long time as well.

9. Michonne needs to say more. Instead of just breaking off, she could have said, I am going to distract them or something! She is going to get killed popping up everywhere with no explanation.

Annoyed that Michonne didn't try to speak to Andrea and explain that the Govna took the kids.

10. I love Darryl. I think Rick should have understood that Daryl needed to talk to his brother instead of just demanding his loyalty. I know there is no time for feelings..but really?

11. I hate Andrea. She is lonely and willing to accept anything for some peen.

12. Poor Tdog...I knew his fate was sealed. I wonder if the Walking Dead writers know what they are doing? I am assuming unconsciously.

13. Carl is a man. He has a better chance of getting with the 17 year old than that rusty prisoner!

14. No way Michonne wouldnt have taken off the hood before unlocking that kid. I do think the way she killed her was a bit unneccesary! I felt bad for the Govna! That just seemed cold-busted. I was surprised the Govna could fight so well.

15. That was incredibly lame.

16. The Govna reminds me of Hitler. Very persuasive and people just want to follow. When he was saying he was attcked, I was like...shoot! the Group is a goner. All these peeps are mad now!

17. What...no 17? Do we hate the #17? Does 17 not exist during a zombie apocalypse?

18. Merle v. Daryl is a GREAT ending! What will happen? When will it be back? Feb is way to long! This is cruel! I can't wait!

I loved the way New TDog understood that they didn't know that group and needed to keep them caged. Its nice to see a black man that isn't thugged out (RIP Tdog and Prison). That group should have tossed that chick to the zombies and kept it moving.

Are the comics available as a book? I could read this as a book. I am so curious. Why is this so fascinating?

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I can't even respond properly for laughing so hard at your comments. I have to come back later.
I fixed 17 Hahahaha! I had and extra comment that I took out. Tyreese-Black dude is NewNew T-Dogg LOL!

AR Gal said...

1. LOL!! I didn't even notice. I wish it would have come to life and shot her. I can't stand her.

2. Girl that's Cutty from The Wire! He was my boo thang! I'm not usually a fan of beefy muscly dudes but honey it's something about that man. And he's a Brit (in real life). If you don't know nothing else about AR Gal, know that she LURVES a British accent!!

3. Did I mention I can't stand Andrea? She's seen the Gov'nas crazy and I bet she STILL won't leave him. Denial is a mutha.

4. I don't know what the hell that lil girl was looking at. Michonne did her and her crazy pappy a favor.

5. See, I didn't think it was smart for Glenn to be all up in that corpse like that either. More so because I felt like he had open wounds that could have come in contact with the blood and seeped into his blood stream.

7. Carol nipped that ish in the bud real quick though! If he keeps playing, Herschel is gone karate chop him in the head with his crutch. LOL!

8. Bamma indeed.

9. I did too.

11. Yes that ho is. So weak!

12. Again, I did too.

13. If memory serves correctly, it took Andrea's sister a whole day to turn last season. I think it just depends on the person. You see how long it took Shane to turn. He was dead and then he was walking dead....or tried to in a flash.

14. That fight between Michonne and G made me weak. I was just hollering at the tv!!

15. Personally, I'd prefer it not even be a contest. I just want somebody to take her out as quick as possible.

16. How is dude not dead with a piece of glass jammed through his eye socket and head???? They've used that same technique on many a walker and taken them out so why didn't it work on him?

AR Gal said...

OAN the fact that you are referring to the new black dude as New T-Dogg???!!! *dies slowly*

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

2. I refuse to read the comic books. Talking Dead says the show is different from the comics and I don't want to anticipate something happening then it doesn't. I usually read books after the movie.

3. I hate Andrea so much! She is officially my new Lori!

4. Hahahahaha! Just food huh? You're probably right. She did seem a bit calmer and more docile at moments more so than the other walkers. I would think even chained she would be like a pitbull and keep coming for you.

5. Hahaha!

6. Ohhh! That makes sense.

7. Wasn't he tho! He better do what he's been doing. LOL! You know when I would get concerned about sex? As soon as Tyreese got there! LOL!

8. You're killing me! Really? I never thought she was. She was just Sofia's mom I not sure about her storyline but I thought she was a victim of domestic violence. And she was trying to get feels for Darryl I thought. And not in a motherly way.

9. She does! I agree! Yeah she should have said something.

10. Well they are about to get all the talk time they need. lol

11. Right here with you with the hate! She's a dumb bunny Don't even know that man and his actions should have made her concerned by now.

12. It does seem suspicious at this point that there can be only one black man on the show. *side eye*

13. Yeah... pretty sure killing his mother stomped all the innocence out of him. Still feel some kinda way about him tho. Ole wandering azz.

14. Right. Her instincts should have told her she was chained for a reason. The writer dropped the ball on that one. Yes, she was ruthless with that kill RUTHLESS! He gets no sympathy tho. lol

15. Yeah it was at that moment Michonne should have spoken more than she has the whole season.

16. Yeah this is about to be a mess.

Yes in that moment I hated 17! LOL!

18. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes he seems wise and I like that. His chick is doing too much already. Now you are heartless for that one. Tossed alive Noooo! But I agree they should have killed her and kept it moving.

I'm not sure if it's in books but I think so... Thanks for joining the discussion and commenting. You are hilarious!

@ AR Gal

1. I watched last week episode right before this one and I was like where in the heck she get a purse? Did the Gov'na get her one? You know how dudes are after they get some. LOL! Her purse was burlap tho. hahaha!

2. I KNOW!!!!! That was my Boo too!! I didn't know he was British. Him and and Idris girrrrrl!!

3. Yeah Andrea is caught up! She shoulda been wised up!

4. Hahahaa!

5. Right! Glenn was all wounded it just didn't seem safe AT ALL!

7. Yup! His character can actually die now too. I mean he serves no purpose.

9. Yup
10 Yup

11. She irks me! Her part in the finale should have went another way No way she should have still not known her peeps were there.

12. I want to ask the writrs because it seems a bit suspicious at this point.

13. Yes, but since then people reanimate very quickly. It seemed a bit inconsistent to me.

14. Girl!!! That fight! Gov'na being a man I felt like she let him get too close to her regardless. He is still a man and usually stronger that could have went either way. Especially with his surge of testosterone after she killed his walker/monster/daughter.

15. Agreed!

16. Now that is a good question! She didn't just scratch his eye! She jammed that glass in deep. He should be dead.

And now that New T-dog is gone NewNew T-dogg LOL!

Bajan Beauty said...

1. Didn't she always have a bag on her shoulder?

3. That heifer is just trying to stay where she can be comfortable, she just irks me. She does not fit in with those folks.

4. I think she was just looking at that food behind him, I am glad Michonne ended his misery he was doing too much.

5. The blood is contaminated, but I guess only if it comes in contact with your *shrugs* I think they just wanted Glenn to look even more kick ass then he already did.

9. Michonne was all about getting her revenge, see sliced Penny's arse without a second thought. Govn'a did wanna take that glass out his eye tho?

13. New folks huh? Oh okay. Cuddy no less from the Wire, lol.

14. That is the only sympathetic moment she had all season.

I am mad they didn't show how Darryl was captured and so now the Govn'a turns on Merle he is such a itch, ugh. I wonder what Andrea is gone do now. Probably be all over the Govn'a balls still.

I like Carl alot more this season, he showing some assertiveness.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. I don't know. That purse just jumped out at me.

3. I get that. If not for the facade of a town covering up creepiness. Andrea Ugh!

4. Okay y'all have convinced me she was looking at the heads... as food LOL!

5. Well it worked because he was definitely bad azz but still...

9. That was the most vicious deliberate kill ever!

13. Yes girl Cutty! LOL!

14. Agreed!

Yeah it would have been nice to see the capture but the element of surprise was good too. I was caught off guard when they brought Darryl out. I can't wait to see what's going to happen. I hope Merle gets killed tho. *shrugs*

Still don't like Carl... I don't know why. :) Thanks for chiming in!