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Monday, November 26, 2012

Can we discuss...The Walking Dead??????????

Season 3 Episode 7
Welcome Dead Heads!!

The weeks episode was certainly creepy and weird.

1. Again, I just don't understand why Glenn let Merle get the jump on them. Merle should have been shot in the knees.

2. Merle is vile and exceptionally vicious. They found the perfect  person to play his character.

3. Glenn was a straight up G!!! He manned up and was not giving up his clique no matter what! I loved it!

4. The Gov'na confirmed every single creepy thing I thought about his pervy conniving self.

5. I was very sad for Maggie. I don't think I could've handled any type of sexual malfeasance. I covered my eyes during that scene and just shook my head NO!

 6. Did y'all see Glenn whoop that walker??? This episode was all Glenn! BEAST MODE!

7. Science dude is a tad naive dont'cha think?

8. Andrea -__- I don't know why but she is my new Lori. I guess I just need somebody to hate. LOL!

9. I can't believe we are already at the mid season finale. I'm so sad :(

10. I'm glad Michonne is finally in the group. It's about to go DOWN!!

11. How did the trailer hick stay alive during the zombie apocalypse?? His death was pretty gruesome. 





Chime in folks! :D


Bajan Beauty said...

1. Same thing I was thinking, I knew or sure he going handle his arse!

3. He sure was, Glenn done got his weight up out there in those streets, lol.

7. Science dude gets on my nerves, I don't what he thinks is really going on. However I am sure this has something to do with the Gov'na's walker daughter, trying to piece together some assimilation of the walkers past life? Whatcu think?

9. These mid season finale's make me angry, what the heck am I suppose to do now that Walking Dead is on break and Boardwalk Empire is ending!

10. Michonne needs to be more forthcoming, she knew damn well Merle was looking for his brother, why didn't she tell them that? This seems like setup or she just wants to get back at Merle for the f-ish he did to her.

Disco Diva said...

1/3/6. Glenn is the man! I would have NEVER thought he would take a beating, kill a walker and be awesome-all within 45 min! #teamglenn

2. Merle is pretty angry about being left! He is going to have his vengeance.

4. Gov'na is a bad dude.

5. I wanted to get into the TV and save Maggie. That was sad...she seemed exceptionally young in those scenes.

7. I wanted that walker to just kill Science Dude but Andrea was FAST! She wasn't playing!

8. I have always hated Andrea. She seems really bitter and jealous the whole time. I would think that during a Zombie apop I wouldn't have time to be as self centered as either Lori or Andrea...I would be Michonne! Kicking Zombie A$$...just not so angry looking.

9. Why did you bring up the mid season finale! Lord...my day is ruined.

10. I am also curious why Michonne didnt tell them that Merle is alive and looking for his brother...wouldn't that info help them?

11. Was that hick asleep the whole time? That was straight weird to me that he was in the cabin like that. It didn't even seem like he knew there were walkers! Michonne wasn't playing when she quieted that man and didnt let him open that door! Rock on Michonne...rock on.

I think this was the best episode this season!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. Girl I was so mad at Glenn in that scene. Merle is never to be trusted! Merle should have been put flat on his back. I would've did it especially with the him having a sword hand.
3. Hahaha!! okaay..shoot Glenn was ready to die for his crew! He's a man now!
7. I forgot about her!! Yes, I'm sure this is all about the Gov'nas daughter. Something must be working because she isn't as wild as the other walkers. This will be interesting to see.
9. YAS!! What is we gon do!! LOL! Speaking of BE that show really picked up for me this season. Rosetti is a sadistic fool and I need Nucky to bring the hammer down on his crazy arse!
10. I agree with you especially after Rick helped her Michonne needed to tell them exactly who took Glenn and Maggie. I also need her character to have more depth.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


1/3/6/ I didn't realize I had 3 separate comments about Glenn! Hahahaha! This episode was ALL him tho! #teamglenn

2. I get that Merle is angry but Merle deserved what he got being a racist jerk!

4. The Gov'na is bad! I can't wait for the showdown with Rick and Michonne!

5. I agree! Maggie seemed very vulnerable and innocent. Tough tho!

7. Andrea was fast! Her skills are still tight. She's going to need them really soon.

8.Andrea was under the radar for me because my hate for Lori was so strong but now it's magnified. LOL!@ you being Michonne! Get It! I would want to be her too yup just not so mean faced.

9. Sowwey :((((

10. Same here. Hopefully they reveal why.

11. Didn't he seem oblivious?? Like dude shut up we're about to get ATE! Did you see how they looked at Michonne? Then they just moved on after that killing like... oh well. LOL!

The 4th episode is still my favorite. :)

South Loop Social Light said...

It was odd that the guy had been holed up in that shack the entire time. Like, where have you been? Do you not know zombies are walking around...

The entire episode was hard to watch and had me feeling antsy, but I'm really happy with the season thus far. I wonder who's going to get offed next.

Oh, and I don't like New T-Dog that much. He was running weird in the woods. I know, I know... I'm being picky, but whatever. He is odd to me. Bring Old T-Dog back.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I agree! How did he eat? What was he doing taking a nap? He clearly had been in there awhile from the smell.. but still.

I agree, it was hard to watch. I was antsy as well. Since they're killing everybody I wasn't too sure about Glenn and Maggie's fate.

Hahahahahahaha! I swear I thought I was the only one who noticed new T-dogg was running weird. I didn't like it either.

AR Gal said...

1. Me either.

2. I love to hate Merle. I was cool with him until he let that zombie loose on Glenn. I'll miss him more than Lori when he dies.....which I think will probably be at the hands of his brother.

4. I won't miss him when he dies. I thought it would be either (or both) Rick and Michonne that takes him out but now I'm starting to think it may be Andrea. Ya know for dramatic effect and all.

5. I didn't to want to see it either.

7. Po lil tink tink. Him gone die too.

8. Cause she's stupid like Lori that's why.

10. She's a welcomed addition that's for sure.

11. He killed his damn self. LOL!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@AR Gal
1. I guess it makes for good TV.

2. Can't stand him! My hate was sealed when he put that zombie in with Glenn. I was shocked butnMerle ain't em know Glenn was a G!!

4. It should be a mob beating. I'm certain he has done some dirt in the town also!

5. Glad they didn't take it there. It would've changed the show for me.

7. Tink Tink?? Hahahaha! As he should!

8. You are correct!

10. Michonne is. From next weeks preview we see she does have a softer compassionate side.

11. Hahahahahaha! Girl you are cracking me up with these answers. But yup he did kill his stupid self!

Nell said...

OMG, I've never seen the walking dead, but your comments make ne want to check it out. Wow!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

It's scary and gory so if you're into that... get into it. :)