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Monday, November 19, 2012

Can We Discuss....The Walking Dead????????

Season 3 Episode 6
Hey Dead Heads!

Well this episode was certainly entertaining!

1. They could've totally kept the phone. I thought it was going to be somebody. They already have enough other worldly ish going on for some beyond the grave stuff too..? Not here for it.

2. Merle is ruthless I knew he was gonna kill that dude. Everytime you tell somebody your gonna tell in a flick they kill you.

3. Michonne is a beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did y'all see her? The fact that they sent all of those men after her shows that ole creepy Gov'na KNEW she would get in that azz! lol

4. Andrea is a dumb bunny but I kinda get the normalcy of the act of  being able to have sex in a bed during a zombie apocalypse. Just not with him!  I probably would be getting it in too. *shrugs*

5. Glenn totally underestimated Merle. I woulda shot that fool in the leg/ knee cap on sight. Merle is not to be trusted EVER!

6. Carol lives... Darryl saves... That is all! LOL!

7. And now they meet! Michonne... Rick.  Rick... Michonne.  And she came bearing gifts for the baby. lol





Chime in folks! :D


Ticka said...

I got some thoughts!! I'm totally with you on the phone thing. I was over Rick flipping out like a crazy person from the jump. You're supposed to be the leader here!! There's been so many others who've had to kill their own flesh & blood who haven't gone batty like that. And trusting Merle!?!? Gurl bye!! He shouldn't have let that dude get anywhere near them.

Ticka said...

And I'm also upset that they allowed Michonne to get hurt. She's too much of a beast for that

South Loop Social Light said...

Andrea always borderline irks my life force. I hope she snaps out of this. Zombie apocalypse or not, I"m not about to bust it open for that creepy gov'na.

Merle is, well... still Merle lol.

Michonne is a bad ass...and she brought the baby supplies! lol

I had to watch twice to listen to the voices on the phone. I seriously thought it was a real person, until my dude was like that's why Herschel was gonna stay down there with him b/c when he picked up the phone it was just static. Ahh...I caught on late lol

Disco Diva said...

1. Focusing on something that doesn't move the story is dumb. I need more action than someone going crazy and then snapping out of it. At least keep him crazy!

2. Merle doesn't give a f#ck.

3. I love Michonne. I just need her to maybe smile? That is one angry looking chick.

4. I would be freaking all day. Why not? But not with the Govna. That's gross and creepy.

6. I knew Carol wasn't dead. There was no random Carolbodyparts. I just need her to man up instead of huddled in some room. Jeez girl...carry your weight!

7. Love the way they are bringing the Prison and the town together. But it appears that they are REALLY close. I would have thought they would have discovered one another before now.

AR Gal said...

1. I fell for the okey doke. Mistah tried to tell me that dude was going cuckoo. It still didn't click for me even after Hershel picked of the phone and heard no dial tone. I was trying to keep hope alive.

4. Andrea probably would have jumped Michonne's bones if she didn't find a man to hunch soon. I'm glad she got some. She needed it.

5. I try to keep in mind that all of this is for TV but I'm with you. There's no way Merle would have gotten close enough to take us hostage. As soon as he took his 1st step, I would have taken a shot.

6. I'm so glad Carol was found.

7. I think Rick and Michonne will get along quite fabulously. I can't wait.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Welcome to the discussion! :)
Yeah, I too did not want Rick to freak out for too long.

Girl! Merle! Glenn was very foolish for that one! If it was me when I got back to Darryl. I would have said, "we ran into your brother. I shot him in the knee and he's waiting for you at the store." And made the "you mad face" lol

Michonne is strong tho! She'll be alright.

Andrea bothers me too. I just don't care for her. She's almost the new Lori! Still dead@"life force"

Merle indeed!

Michonne! I agree! She will be fine and now the baby has supplies! Also, with her discovery that walker goo camouflages you she will be valuable to the crew.

I never caught on until he started talking to Lori then I said, "aww hell!" lol

1. I was just mad it wasn't real people. REAL help! They need real help!
2. Merle definitely does NOT!
3. Does she really have anything thing to smile about tho? Her fam is gone. She had to kill them. She probably was smiling in the scenes we didn't see with Andrea LOL!
4. Yep all day erryday but nope NOT with the Gov'na!
6. I knew she wasn't dead either. I think seeing T Dogg get eaten was a serious mind blow for her tho and she was scared. There were a lot of walkers coming at them. I only believed Lori was really gone when I saw pregnant walker.
7. Yes, it's time. I want Rick to kill the Gov'na and be the new sheriff of the town.

@AR Gal
1. I admit I wasn't sure until Lori called. -_-!
4. Girl yes! If anybody needed sex it was Andrea!
5. I choose to go all in and yes Merle's azz woulda been shot!
6. I just knew she wasn't dead. On Talking Dead the episode after T-dogg and Lori were killed the director didn't mention Carol. Color me tipped off. lol
7. I can't wait for the Michonne Rick link up!! *excitement*