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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Can We Discuss..... The Walking Dead????

Season 3 Episode 5
Hey Dead Heads!

So sorry for the delayed post. I still haven't had time to watch all of the episode :(

1. The Gov'na combing his "walker' daughter's hair and her head split! LAWD!
2. Michonne going rogue and killing walkers.
3. The Zombie fight club?
4. Rick going H.A.M. on walkers!
5. Michonne bounced.
6. Did that walker eat Lori?????????? He was pregnant with Lori!! I can't!! Help me I CAN"T!! Hahahahahahahhaahhahaha!
7. Who is calling?? WHO?
8. Last week was still the BEST episode!

That's all I saw. Gone head and tell it I don't mind... UPDATE: I saw it!





Chime in folks! :D


Reggie said...

You still looking at these dead folks?!?

Reggie said...

Don't you like live folks?!?

South Loop Social Light said...

I refuse to ruin this episode for you because it was pretty good! So, finish watching... then update this post! lol...

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Sir! SIR! LOL! I LOVE live folks! ;)

I watched and it was pretty good!

P.S. I love this... said...

1. I died laughing when the Gov'nor was brushing his zombie daughthers hair and pulled a plug out and she started acting up.. I was like poor thing is tender-headed. =)

3. Ugh.. why?

4. I kind expected that reaction. I hope he recovers from his breakdown soon.. His new baby needs him.

5. Officially hating Andrea.. I'm glad Michonne rolled out..

6. Did you see Lori's hair in his mouth??

7. YES who IS calling?

Is Carol dead?

I'm glad they found food and bottles for the baby but at the same time I was like, "How convenient.."

That possum cracked me up.