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Monday, October 22, 2012

Can we discuss...The Walking Dead???????

Season 3 Episode 2
Hey Dead Heads!

I swear I've been trying to post about The Walking Dead since it premiered. I want to talk about it I've just been too tired to post, but this photo set prompted me to say something.

THIS (click here) is everything! Rick y'all... puthamucking RICK!

1. Herschel surely woulda died if I had to give him mouth to mouth. Y'all see how they faked us out?

2. I have so much to say about the prisoners.

3. Laurie is just so extra! Why would Rick be checkin for her after ALL she put him through?

4. Oh so Carl gangsta now? Still wandering off I see. *sigh*

5. Again RICK!





All posts won't be like this. I just wanted to get something up and I will respond to ALL comments.

Chime in folks! :D



South Loop Social Light said...

I'm so happy that you're blogging about this. I'm absolutely enthralled with this show and am SO happy Rick grew a pair this season. The only thing that could make me throw my panties at Rick (now that my love Shane is gone lol) would be for him to start speaking in his native British accent. *swoon*

Laurie is a mess and the fact that the world has gone to shit, yet she still wants to talk about their relationship... I mean, people are dying and coming back to life as zombies!! There is no such thing as a target, no lipgloss, mascara... no need for heels! Life is cray and you wanna talk about your ratchet shenanigans? Have a seat.

I wish Rick would've killed those prisoners even sooner. They're introduction into the storyline was pretty annoying... especially that prison riot shit. Ugh... I'm glad he head chopped the Hispanic ringleader...

I'm just waiting for the moment Herschel turns... seriously! lol... I jumped so high in my seat when Laurie gave him mouth-to-mouth. Yuck.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Yes! Rick!!!! I just found out he was British. He does his American accent so well. Lol!

Girl Laurie! she just needs to be there for him nobody wants to talk about nothing AND she's about to give birth? You know that has him STRESSED!

The Prisoners... I was sad about Big Tiny. He was big but I felt like he could be an asset especially with Darryl's brother coming back. That fool just won't die! Rick was all types of gangsta with the head chop! They annoyed me too!

I wonder if little dude Rick locked out is really dead? All the screaming could've just been him running and hollering especially since they're being watched.

I jumped too when Laurie gave Herschel mouth to mouth. I thought it was OVER for her LOL!

Thanks for commenting! :)

P.S. I love this... said...

The Walking Dead on Sunday was EVERYTHING!!

I was so surprised at the changes in Rick. I was yelling, "You better go boy!" He was handling his!

He has trained his group in a most excellent way.. they are truly a team now. I like that Glenn has grown in his role too..

Laurie - girl stop! Glad she saved Hershel though.

The prisoners irked me, especially Tomas.. boy this is NOT your prison!! So glad Rick took him out because he was trouble from minute one.

DEAD@the prisoners going all "prison riot" on the zombies. Expending all that energy shankin them in the stomach and no dying... lol Rick's face was priceless during that scene.

Rick's accent is so romantic.. I love watching him do interviews.

I feel like I was all over the place with this post but all in all, LOVE The Walking Dead!

Disco Diva said...

Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows...although I am so tense during the episode.

I wanted #oneleggedherschel to bite dumb Laurie! Mouth to mouth? No ma'am. I love that man but he would have died, and then poked in the head. Not sure I would have done it on my own mother!

I am hoping her zombie baby comes out like that baby did in V..but ends up eating her. I can't stand her. I would demand rewrites to my character.

I think in the graphic comic, they actually lived with the prisoners for some time...but am not sure. I do know those prisoners after being locked up for a year sure seemed more concern about killing then just surviving! That was weird. You see all these zombies and yet you want to kill people who survived for so long?

Why did old girl HAVE to do a cesarean real quick on a zombie RIGHT THEN? Like...really? You have to leave H's bedside to cut a zombie up?

Someone tweeted that Rick is the honeybadger...he gives 0 f$cks!! And I Love it! You better run...classic.

I am mixed about Carl...he needs to stay put but yet...he also needs to be able to handle situations. The world is over. He has to man up...and Laurie can't treat him like the child he was a year ago. No one can. All that death and crazy?

Can't wait for next week!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


Right! Rick surprised me so much. I like him so much more now!!

Agree! the precision of the kills... man again Rick!

I'm glad Herschel was saved but not by mouth to mouth. His condition was to sketchy. She put herself and the baby in danger. What if the fake out was real?

Yeah Tomas was crazy... clearly a murderer. I was SO glad when he died. He was dumb!

I was like why didn't they tell them how to kill though? I think Rick hoped some would get killed during the "riot" Lol!

I didn't know he was British. Color me surprised!

The post was actually all over the place so your comment is on point :)

@Disco Diva
First off Welcome! :)

I'm a bit anxious during the episodes as well. I usually have to watch twice from covering my eyes Lol!

Dead@ #oneleggedherschel I had to use that hashtag in a tweet. Yup, he would have DIED! Period.

Girl! my hate for Laurie was DEEP last season and has subsided somewhat. I'm gonna give her a clean slate this season but she's already starting...

The prisoners were very odd. I guess it took them longer than normal folks to catch on that the world was gone. I personally would have wanted to survive!

Right?? She had to rush out to practice on a zombie at that moment? C'mon man! She irks me too!

Someone tweeted that Rick is the honeybadger...he gives 0 f$cks!! And I Love it! You better run...classic. THIS! THIS! THIS!!!! LOL!

I see your side of it about Carl but I'm still mad at him from last season. This scenario is still too unpredictable. What if he was over run by zombies or lead some back like he did before? I want him to saddown somewhere!

Thanks for commenting! :)

AR Gal said...

I was gonna quit Rick if he didn't phuck that dude up. Mistah and I both agree that we would have chopped his head off after the first swing. We don't play reindeer games in my hood....especially when it comes to survival.

I'm still SO mad at Herschel for not being more careful. I'm more pissed off at them for letting him go. He is the one person that needed to be safe and protected at all costs. He's the doctor yo!

Let's just say if Laurie died during childbirth it wouldn't upset me in the least. Mistah said in the comic book series she's supposed to get offed by one (or some) of the prisoner's after she has the baby. They may have changed it up for TV though.

Carl is a boy that wants to be a man. I still say he needs to be protected but Mistah says it's beyond that stage now. He's seen too much.

I'm ready to see more of Andrea and the new black lady's story line so I can see what this town is all about. That mayor dude is no good. That much I already know.

Qucifer said...

I SO Sincerely hope and pray it sticks close to the graphic Novel cause Rick neednt have any time for Lori and her cant even watch he own punk ass sassy kid Bullshit, TBH I also need 67% more Michonne to remedy the woman problem theyve got in the show

Also machete-to-the-head was probably THE most horrible thing this week! But Rick isnt playing any damned more

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@AR gal
Yeah Rick had no choice and I'm glad he stepped up. There was no way him and a prison Alpha would have made it.

I have to agree with you about Herschel. He was very careless! I did trip tho...was the walker that bit him alseep then smelled food?

Hahaha! errybody hate Laurie!
I'm a trying to stay away from the comic. I need to be surprised.

Yeah Carl I get that but... yeah...Carl *sigh*

Yeah Andrea! That's her name! I'm ready for them all to meet up!

Thanks for commenting!

Heeeeeeey!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Yes! I'm ready for more scenes with Michonne. It's time.

Thanks for spelling Lori. I kept thinking that's not her name when I wrote it. Her and Carl chile! SMH!

Rick was hardcore and swift with that machete! He ain't playin' LOL!

Thanks for commenting!

Bajan Beauty said...

So Carl is just mute this season after being overly annoying last season? I can dig it.

Laurie ugh, that heifer is having Shane's baby just wait and see that sucker is gonna pop out with Shane's nose and ears, lol.

I am so glad Rick is off that kum ba yah mess. I see he is all about handling business and getting work done.

So T-Dogg is never ever going to get a storyline I'm just saying...but I guess work is work right, lol.

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