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Thursday, October 25, 2012

And so it begins..... Tales from the work place. THE CONCLUSION

I think I told you guys that my temporary position turned permanent and for the most part I like my new job. One thing I have a problem with is inconsiderate people in the workplace and I HATE making mistakes. Learning a new job I'm dealing with the fact that mistakes are inevitable and that I am not perfect.

 Sadly, I have perfection issues.


I made a minor mistake at work today. Under normal circumstances I would have caught it but a lot was going on. We have 2 days until a deadline on a compliance issue so I wasn't worried because...

We have 2 DAYS.

What turned it into a major mistake was my coworker. I felt like he could/should have come to me via phone, email  or even face to face and told me my mistake and allowed me to send a correction via email myself.

He didn't. 

Instead he decided to send a MASS email highlighting my mistake.

 I'm kinda curious as to how you all would have reacted in this situation and I then I'll tell you what I did.
THE CONCLUSION: Thanks for the comments, suggestions and advice y'all I really appreciate it. :)

Anywhoo...This is what happened.

I fumed about it for a bit and I had so much work to do yesterday I couldn't even concentrate to finish so I sent him an email. Here is an abbreviated version.

Good Afternoon Fool,(Haha not really)

In the future if there is a problem 
I would appreciate if you contact me 
first via email or phone before you send 
a mass email highlighting a mistake I've 
made. I could have just as easily 
responded to Director XXXX myself letting 
her know of my error and I would have 
given the chance to. I am new here and I 
choose to believe your intent was not to 
embarrass me, but it did. I definitely
would have contacted YOU first before 
I sent an email like you did.

Thank you.

I think I handled it okay. Definitely not how I wanted to handle it but... oh well.
I think he needs to apologize. If he doesn't we officially have BEEF!


K. Rock said...

Death to the mass email!! I think people like to show people out sometimes. That was probably the case here. If it were a big deal like you say, I would have gone to them and asked why they didnt come directly to me with it? Their answer would dictate what happened next. Curious to know how you handled it.

Bajan Beauty said...

Seems uncalled for and being who I am I would have kindly addressed the issue face to face with the person that sent the mea. Stuff like that just makes the work place hostile and uncomfortable. Some people don't know work place etiquette at all.

12kyle said...

I hate when stuff like this happens. You're new at work. It's easier for them to address YOU than to send a mass email to highlight your mistake. But you'll always have some azzhole who wants to prove a point.

My advice...take a deep breath and let it go. Learn from it. And move on

Nylse said...

I have questions:
is this the norm?
does he have an issue with you?
does he appear insecure?
what was his intent?
how was the email worded - does it blatantly say you made the mistake?
in the course of operations - was it necessary to do it this way?
are you taking it too personally?

depending on the answers to the above I'd know how to proceed next time since mistakes are inevitable.

Nae said...

I swear people are so quick to highlight others' faults when they should be looking within...sigh. When this happens to me, I "reply all" acknowledging/apologizing for my mistake and how I plan to fix it. I then have a conversation with the hater (preferably face-to-face) thanking them for catching the mistake and asking that in the future they come to me first before putting me on blast and offer to do the same for them. It's not worth doing much more than that - sadly it's part of the corporate struggle.

Nexgrl said...

I believe that I would do what Nae suggested. Since most of my interactions with my co-workers are now done via email, I probably would have sent one to the individual in question also.

P.S. I love this... said...

I agree with Nae.. show professionalism at all times and address the hater face to face.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@K Rock I agree with "death to the mass email" I've seen so much I shouldn't be privy to because of it. Completely DEAD @Their answer would dictate what happened next. LOL!

Yes, there is definitely hostility now. I referred to him as a fool in casual convo so.. yeah.. I like an amicable work environment and he is jacking up the team spirit.

Seriously tho there is ALWAYS that someone trying to prove something in the workplace.

Well Kyle... I sholl wish I could just let it go and learn but YOU KNOW THAT AIN'T ME! LOL!

Welcome! :)
I have questions: okay.
is this the norm? No.
does he have an issue with you? I didn't think he did...maybe *shrugs*
does he appear insecure? Yes!
what was his intent? To make himself look good.
how was the email worded - does it blatantly say you made the mistake? No, it said I wouldn't be able to do what was requested and he made sure to let everyone know this.
in the course of operations - was it necessary to do it this way? Absolutely not.
are you taking it too personally? Perhaps.

I definitely know how to proceed here on out.

After his email I did contact the intended and apologize for my mistake and advised them how to proceed. We add Mac blast when someone blasts you here and that's how I feel. This fool put me on Mac Blast in the workplace and it is unacceptable! "sadly it's part of the corporate struggle."<<--THIS!

Yup, that's exactly how this plays out stay tuned. :)

I stayed professional and it was SO HARD!!!!!! And I did address him.

LakiSwirl said...

I hate people who feel the need to reply all for almost any circumstance. I loathe mass emails. I remember when an older lady did that to me once. I had sent an email to my leadership and Cc'd her about some concerns I was having with a satellite office I was setting up. I didn't wanna dime anyone out, so I made a general statement. She replied all and made it sound like my concerns were my own mistakes. So I replied (to her only) that I didn't wanna dime anyone out because she was the actual one who was messing up. She responded (and put EVERYONE back on the email) how I was the one making the mistake. So I replied all and laid out exactly why she was the one who dropped the ball. I guess after I laid it all out she realized it was her so she replied (to me only) an apology. I never liked that witch. Putting people on blast is always the quickest way to make an enemy out of me.

Nexgrl said...

I would be Ms. Nicety to him from this week forward.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Welcome! :)
It's a quick way to make an enemy of me too. Dang that lady at your job was a trip. Her apology email should have been mass too! skank lol!
I'm struggling with my feelings about dude as in I can't stand him. But I know that's not professional and I will have to put on my "pleasantries" face when I deal with him *sigh*

As always good advice. It's going to be soooooooooo hard tho but I will :)

Bajan Beauty said...

I think your email response was perfect! Did the fool respond? Lol.

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