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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A True Blood Tuesday...

Season 5 Episode 4
Hey Trubbies!

Let's get to it.

This episode was certainly entertaining. Bon Temps is just a mecca for all types of creatures I see.

Tara! Just EWWWWWWWW!  A tanning bed? REALLY? Tara looked about as bad as The Kang does. It’s about time Pam stepped up to her duties as a maker.

Lafayette called Sookie "the angel of death" LOLOLOLOL!
Him: "Oh yeah, baby, you survive. You always do. But gotd*mn do you leave a trail of bodies behind."
Sookie is a life ruiner she ruins people’s lives Hahahaha! Name the movie...

So Eric and Bill are vampire superheroes now. Oh. Those suits! Hahahaha!

Again, with the various storylines in the first 20 minutes. Geez

Eric was so fine sitting up there on that throne. Geez! Left Pam tongue tied and speechless for a minute.

I still want that kid staked. Every time he speaks! Ugh! I said shut up to the screen.

"Candyman" did not like them disparaging the Authority. Did you see his face? I'm still not quite following this religious aspect of the whatever this counsel is trying to prevent. Thoughts?

WTH is going on with Lafayette? I don’t like him with Jesus’ powers. He could’ve killed Sookie which I’m noticing from the twitter hate that people would like that O_o!

Dang! Alcide and  Debbie since 16? That’s a looong time. No wonder she had him so open. Debbie’s daddy is what?

I still have NO interest in what’s going on with Terry… NONE!  War! Uh Yeah! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

Pam in that pink sweatsuit and all that pink blush… she looked a mess! Where is the designer fashions?

What  does Bill know about that Keisha? Hahahaha!

Lawd!! Please tell me that there is not an app for the True Death??  I can’t!!! Hahahahahahahhaaha!

Okay so what is this secret club about? That’s the same field Jessica followed that dude to. More Fairies for the win! Hadley keeps on surviving doesn't she? Oh Jason what now?

Alcide looking all big and vulnerable.  Super snatch strikes again!  Her stuff be yankin! Would attach the song but…

See… I got my wish…STAKED!!!! *raises hands in triumph and does the touchdown dance* Hated that kid! lol

Well that's all I have...what y'all got? Chime in with your thoughts?


Reggie said...

I haven't watched this in years.

Monique said...

I'm still not feeling Tara as a vampire. She's all doom and gloom. Lighten up Tara - as best you can in your situation.

Sookie is nothing but trouble and all these creatures are drawn to her messiness. Now she's all over Alcide (which I am NOT mad at at all).

Why do you guys keeping calling the Black guy Candyman? He's not the same actor. LOL This guy is the one who played on Spartacus.

These fairies are off the chain. I wonder why Jason never ended up with any powers? Maybe he got the bedroom powers. Blahahaha! I crack myself up.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

You're still not watching??? Dude!!! get with the program! Join us! :D

Me either! I just don't like her as a vamp period.

Haha...okay! Now it's Alcide's turn to ride the ride.

He just favors Candyman to me. I know he's the other guy it's just funny.

Good question! You think Jason has some latent secret powers that may come out in the future?
He does have the bedroom in lock tho! Hahaha!

Bajan Beauty said...

So the whole religious thing is not making sense to me what so ever how are they just going to introduce this to use, since when did vampires have religion *blah*.

Sookie and Alcide YES YES YES!!!!!
Okay I am overly excited but YES!

I don't like that "bruho" stuff crepts me out.

How knew fairies were such good dancers, lmao.