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Monday, March 26, 2012

Movie Club Meetup: MONEYBALL

Hey Movie Clubbers,

We kicked off movie club 2012 (original post here )with a homage to the Academy Awards. It's time to review Moneyball. Let's get to it.

Moneyball Trailer
I really enjoyed Billy Beane's relationship with his daughter. When she sang to him was the best part of the movie to me. I like that song it's catchy!

It’s super sad that I live in the bay area and because of my lack of interest in baseball this movie was NOT familiar. I vaguely remember the news doing the count or something but yeah not one game did I attend during the winning streak.They showed different years of footage but I'm assuming this happened in 2002 right?

Stephen Bishop as Dave Justice was pretty good.  I enjoyed the scene when Billy Beane told him to step it up for the younger guys and be an example. It was interesting to learn that while he played for the A’s, part of Dave Justice's salary was still being paid by the NY Yankees for him to play against them. What a blow to an ego man! Umm..but Stephen Bishop was FAHN!

It never even occurred to me that there are rich teams and poor teams. As much money is generated in the bay area, for the A’s to be a considered a poor team is just… SMH!

The scenes during the winning streak were nice. I liked how they mixed old footage with real scenes. The 20th game drama was EPIC! and dude who was scared of the baseball knocking it out, getting a homer and winning the game? YES!

Overall, the movie was a bit slow and a bit boring, but it had its certain scenes. I watched, but was not interested and I did not see why it was nominated for an Oscar.


Movie Club Questions

What part of the movie stood out to you?

Could you identify with any characters or did any particular character stand out?

Were you shocked or moved by a particular scene?

Summarize your opinion of the movie, and can you see why the movie was nominated?

Our next movie for April is HUGO and to move this along the Tree of Life both available on Netflix. Let's see what all the hoopla is about.


Reggie said...

I never saw this one, wasn't moved by the previews and I'm a bigtime baseball fan. I've seen games in Yankee Stadium, Comerica Park (Detroit), Coors Field (Denver) and Turner Field (Atlanta). I love baseball, just not baseball movies.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Yeah it wasn't exciting to me either. I have actually been to maybe 3 A's and maybe 1 SF Giants game but none during that streak.