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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Movie Club Meetup: THE HELP

 Hey Movie Clubbers,

We kicked off movie club 2012 (original post here )with a homage to the Academy Awards. It's time to review The Help. Okay let's get to it.
click here for trailer
I enjoyed The Help, sort of.  I could totally identify with Minnie Jackson and her sassy-ness. I enjoyed her so much and totally believe Octavia Spencer deserved her Academy Award for her acting in this role. All that maid hoopla is just… blah blah blah. She WON!! Yay!

Hilly Holbrook was an evil witch. I hollered when she ate the now infamous sh*t pie. That was super ballsy of Minnie to do, but I feared for her life throughout the remainder of the film. I just knew Hilly would tell and Minnie would be beaten or hung for her actions. I was sad when Minnie’s daughter had to quit school and start being a maid. The stereotypical abusive black man *eye roll*

The way they treated Celia was just so mean! I hate when cliquey people single out a person and mistreats them. She seemed so sweet and she tried so hard to fit in. Oh but that Hilly Holbrooke jealous self just had to make Celia's life and everyone else's life a living hell! I hated Bryce Dallas Howard in this role! She played her part! lol

Let's not forget Skeeter being name Skeeter! Hahahahahaha!

The Help was slow and boring in some parts so my attention waned, but overall it was an entertaining movie.
I have had many conversations with my Mississippi kin folk who have said I would have not made it if I was born and raised in Mississippi during that era. I agree!

I also completely hated Mary J. Blige’s song for the movie #yeahIsaidit HATE!


Our next movie is Moneyball It's available on Netflix Let's see what all the hoopla is about.

I would like to add Albert Nobbs to this list. We must see and discuss this.


DianaBoss said...

Ok I totally can't read this post because I have yet to see it. I started the book but the Life got the best of me and I couldn't find the time to read. So I must go watch the movie and come back to this after. maybe this weekend.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Welcome! Sounds good and I look forward to your input. :)

Bajan Beauty said...

I haven't seen it! I started to read the post and stopped at the Sh*t pie, didn't want to read any more spoilers, lol.

~Mommy+Me~ said...

I read the book first so of course I wanted to see the movie. I thought it was good. Some of my favorite parts were when she ate the pie and when all the toilet seats showed up on her front lawn!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@Bajan Beauty
Go ahead and watch and chime in. You must the sh*t pie part especially.

Yes when all of those toilets were placed on her lawn it was hilarious! Hilly was so evil she deserved everything that happened to her!

ichoosethesun said...

So, I'm mega late to the party but I enjoyed The Help more that I thought I would. I read the book and am always apprehensive about movie adaptations. I enjoyed both Viola and Octavia's performances. Viola did a great job of portraying Aibeleen's depth and the Celia character was way more likeable than I remember in the book. Overall, definitely a good movie worth the rental.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Don't worry about it :)
I'm gonna have to read the book. I agree with you about Viola and Octavia their acting was excellent!

Reggie said...

Don't tell any of the fellas, cause I can't let this get out....but I did actually see The Help.

It was an excellent movie. No I really didn't want to see it, but I did watch it and I did enjoy it.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Glad you liked it. It had it's moments of hilarity. I look at it as a fiction book that was turned into a movie and it was good.

Tarsha R said...

Read the book and enjoyed it! Enjoyed the movie as well.