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Monday, February 27, 2012

A Month in Pictures: Day 9 - 29 mostly

Okay.... so I slacked up on this challenge. But if you follow this blog then y'all knew that. Ha! Ha! I had every intention of completing this challenge, so here you go.

Day 10 and 21  a gratuitous boo-tay shot lol *shrugs*
something new Day 16

The scarf I tweeted about! I think my leopard scarf is the best of all.
Day 9 and 26

Front door at night 

Day 11 makes me happy

Day 25 GREEN
Day 13 and 23 BLUE my Easter shoe
Day 19 and 20 I hate to write because my handwriting is HORRIBLE I know it. It is what it is!

Day 18 and 27 Something I ate and drank Burger, Fries and Toasted Marshmallow shake

Day 14 See Valentine's post

Day 28 Money click link.

Day 29 Old school love songs MARVIN GAYE

So there you have it a month in pictures challenge mostly complete. BOOM!


Bajan Beauty said...

Your Easter shoes are cute! And ummmmm where is the self-portrait! I did get a quick look at'cha when you changed your twitter default pic for all of 5 minutes, lol.

I love milkshakes they just don't love me back! Smh.

DianaBoss said...

I don't feel so bad anymore since I did it because you did it and then I only got to like day four or something!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@Bajan Beauty
LOL! The self portrait was up from midnite to 6:30 am then I got uncomfortable and took it down.

I love ice cream. It's funny the only milk that bothers me is whole I can make shakes and such with all the others with no problems.

Ha! ha! It's cool at least you did some. When I got sick I didn't even care. I made myself finish yesterday.

Nexgrl said...

You tried and that surprised me.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Thank you for recognizing my effort! LOL!

Reggie said...

I guess I missed the gratuitious booty picture huh?!?