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Friday, January 20, 2012

Awarded and Tagged. Learn some mo bout me!

I was awarded a "Blog on Fire Award" by Krissy over at The Musings of Me and I was tagged by Starrla
and  Chicago-Style Hot Girl

Rules for Tagged:
  1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
  2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
  3. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  4. Go to their blog and tell them that you've tagged them.
Rules for Blog on Fire:
Reveal 7 things about yourself.
Pass the award onto 10 other deserving bloggers.

I don't really like following rules. I'm gonna answer Starrla's questions and reveal a few thangs but all that tagging...nope :) Okay I will tag a few people. Turn's out folks like revealing things about themselves.

1.What inspires you?

I'm inspired by people helping others. I get all warm and fuzzy when somebody's life improves.

2. What is your earliest childhood memory?
Me an my mom hanging out. I was about 3.

3. What is your favorite thing to cook/eat?

My favorite thing to cook is... yes you may have guessed it CHICKEN!

My favorite thing to eat is buttered garlic crab.

4. What's the name of your favorite book?
I don't have a favorite book. I just like reading.

5. Do you remember your first love?
Absolutely! :) He was my first love/worst love/ best love all combined.

6. What is your dream job?
Ultimately to be in a position of power to change the state of education for impoverished youth.

7. Do you have any phobias?

I'm afraid of heights.
and do NOT I repeat DO NOT like the DARK!

8. If you had to lose one of your five senses, which one would it be?
That's too hard to answer but I guess touch.

9. Are you left handed or right handed?
Right handed.

10. Do you have any hidden talent?
 Yup. lol

click the pic

11. If you won $500,000 what would you do with it?

If I won money like that I would tithe 10%, save some, pay bills, spend some and share some. :)

I really like to have fun and make people laugh.
I can be silly and serious but it's balanced.
I'm a loyal person/friend and hold people to the same standard.
I get bored easily and have a short attention span sometimes.
I suffered trauma in my youth and because of this I don't have the greatest relationship with my family.
I love to entertain, but I don't like people over my house. I hate when my things are tampered with or messed up.
I'm a sensitive thug! LOL! Not a good combo.
I have a secret desire to be in the fashion industry like be a stylist or buyer for a major brand.

My questions for you.

1. Are you currently doing what you want to do in life?
2. What is your absolute favorite way to have fun?
3. How many siblings do you have and what birth order are you?
4. What's your fantasy car.
5. Where is the last place you vacationed?
6. Do you wear jewelry and do you prefer gold or silver!
7. What's the best thing you've ever eaten?
8. What colors is your bathroom decorated with?
9. How often do you exercise?
10. Do you want children? If you have children do you want more?
11. What is your least favorite food? If you had to eat it for 1 month for a million dollars could you?

I'm Tagging and Awarding!!

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12kyle said...

Wow! You learn sumthin new everyday about people

Now...can you send ya boy some of those crabs? LoL

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I like these type of posts because you do get to learn surprising things! Man listen...when transporting gets on deck you would have those garlic crabs!! They're the best! lol

ichoosethesun said...

I love these type of posts. LMAO @ your hidden talent. And garlic crabs? Yummo!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Aren't crabs delicious!! Yup! people be having all types of unknown skills. Let's be clear private dancing only!! LOLOL!

Anonymous said...

I love this reveal. That dancing picture was too funny. ('Git it girl, LOL)

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Thank you! I really liked that gif. so telling that secret was easy. lol

Monique said...

Why didn't you ever purse a career in fashion?

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

During college my interest in Sociology, Education and Black History was stronger than my interest in fashion outside of dressing myself. Now I wish I had pursued it all....

Tarsha R said...

See I feel like I should say something deep and profound but that gif had me DYING! I mean literally LMBO...her body roll was on point!

Seriously though, I LOVE posts like this too. Love learning about bloggers I think are super duper cool!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Aww! Thank you! Yeah I get a chance to reveal some surprising thangs! lol
Wasn't that gif. everything!! I cracked up when I found it. The internet is awesome!

ichoosethesun said...

Wow...thanks for the tag. Lemme see if I can get this right, LOL.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


I look forward to your answers! :)

Nexgrl said...

I opened that gif at work, while at the reference desk at that. I had to close that page.

I like garlic crab also. I've made it for my Mom and she can eat a whole crab by herself. I told her that we can no longer eat crab at restaurants.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

LOL! It wasn't that risque was it?

Yes! Garlic grab is the best! The restaurants do charge way too much! Market price is at least 20 dollars less than what they charge! But I love going all the same! Especially Thanh Long.

Raybozz said...

Really enjoyed reading and learning more about you.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. :)