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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #54

1. Can you just imagine the viruses and microorganisms that are flowing from all the people dipping into that chocolate falls at the Gol.den C.orral? Every time I see the commercial I BLECH! I personally HATE buffets with the exception of  brunches at nice hotels where the dude cooks made to order omelets and the Bellagio.  It is a sight to behold!

2. I am so excited about Thanksgiving this year! every year lol I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate seafood into our traditional meals with shrimp, crab and lobster. I suggested this at our planning meeting. I received this - - and this O_O! I need my fam to evolve. Doesn’t Lobster Mac & Cheese sound yummy?? Thanksgiving dinner Menu coming soon.

3. What shows are ya’ll watching this season?? So far I’m into The Walking Dead, Grimm, Revenge, Happy Endings, Parenthood, The Good Wife and Grey’s. Thank goodness for onDemand.

4. Isn’t it funny how 4 years can be a longtime or a short time depending on the situation and person? For example, somebody graduating high school has different memories from someone entering high school. Those 4 years can sometimes seem like a lifetime in regards to memories, especially when you become an adult. I don’t remember that! Stop getting mad!

5. The Muppet movie seems like it’s going to be cute! Who is your favorite Muppet character?  I think I like that crazy thing that used to beat the drums and those sarcastic old men in the balcony. How funny is it that Cee Lo's song is the trailer theme? It's catchy funny. We usually go see whatever movie is playing on Thanksgiving. We didn't go last year, so Muppets on deck! LOL!

6. I enjoy the perfume gift sets Sep.hora puts together for the holidays. Actually, I enjoy holiday gift sets in general, getting more for your money? YAS!

7.There is a delicious spiced cider at Tra.der Jo.e's. Get you some! Drinking hot spiced cider was a favorite part of Halloween for me! Speaking of holiday drinks... it's eggnog season!!!!! Yaaaaaaay!!

8. I am shocked just like the rest of the world at Heavy D’s sudden death! I went to his twitter and noticed he gave condolences and RIP to Joe Frazier who passed away one day before. How is it that eighteen hours later he's dead too?!? I’m still stunned. I liked him because his music was fun! The radio station here did a GREAT tribute. Their old school mix everyday at noon is bangin too!

9. Seen and heard! This dress HERE is $300 Why?? Somebody please tell me Why?? And how is it sold out? Also, please read the 2 reviews! They have to be kidding! Walking around here with a piece of my Easter dress from when I was 8 attached. Sir, your dress is ugly! Denise's Gordon Gatrell looked better! LOL!

The Gordon Gartrelle Shirt Story

BEN MCBRIDE | Myspace Video


Jameil said...

1) Ugh. My mom instilled in me a disdain for buffets. My aunt & uncle love buffets. When I tell you I filled up on salad, baked chicken & green beans? That food looked DISGUSTING. Like it just sits there all the time.
2) Ma'am. You can't be tryin to serve lobster mac & cheese for Thanksgiving. Catch them on your birthday or something for that. Maybe try a lobster bisque or some sort of seafood soup.
3) Parenthood, The New Girl, Up All Night (hit or miss), How I Met Your Mother, Glee (sometimes), Mike & Molly (struggling), Prime Suspect, Happy Endings, Grimm is okay, don't get The Walking Dead AT ALL.
4) H.s. is such a boring topic to me b/c my life is so much awesomer now & I've experienced so much since then.
6) I'm not at all into perfume sets.
7) Yuck. I hate cider. I don't like apple juice either.
8) I gasped and tried to teach myself to diddly diddly dee. :(
9) Whaaaaaa?????

Anonymous said...

1. Ya'll already know that I think buffets are the work of the DEVIL! Cesspools of nastiness!!

2. Fully support the lobster mac and cheese.

3. New shows? Persons of Interest and Homeland. Homeland is seriously good.

7. I can skip cider, but I am oh so ready for egg nog!!!

8. I still don't have the words to express how I feel about Heav. **deep sigh as I hold back a tear**

K. Rock said...

1. I will admit it sounded tempting at first but then I thought about the little kids sticking their fingers in it and I got grossed out. I have already given up on Golden Corral though.
3. I am going to pick up Grimm On Demand. I may start tonight. Love Happy Endings too. I am also half watching Terra Nova and loving Once Upon a Time.
9. That has to be the ugliest dress ever! It does look like it was pieced together. Apparantly anything can be "straight from the runway".

Nexgrl said...

I can't believe there are planning meetings for Thanksgiving. I wish my family would.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

Did someone say the Bellaigo?! I could eat that buffet often.

What is going on with that dress?! That is terrible.

~Mommy+Me~ said...

1. I agree.

2. I don't see why not. I think the mac & cheese sounds good. I was thinking that before I even finished reading that part. What about some sort of shrimp or crab stuffed mushrooms or something. I'm excited to hear you menu.

3.Love Parenthood. I of course have to watch some bad reality shows like Basketball Wives, La La's Full Court, and of course the new season of RHOA!! :)

6. Girl! I lOVE the Sephora gift sets, I ask for the mascara one every year!

8. They did a great tribute to Heavy D on XM Shade 45 too. I forgot how many of his songs I liked!

9. ???? EEwww!

Glad to see a Thursday post, I've missed them!! :)

Don said...

You and that wonderful sense of humor of yours. The Cosby Show and Gordon Gatrelle are forever immortalized. In fact, I watched the show earlier it was the episode when cousin Pam came to live with them. Great episode.

I love seafood and I love seafood buffets. I do understand your concern with buffets though. A real concern, at that.
Turkey Day's dishes are somewhat sacred though. But I bet any seafood will be eaten, as well.


Trish said...

1. I too cringe when I see that Golden Corral commercial! I hate that place and all I can picture is a chocolatey mess.

2. This will be my first Thanksgiving not being at home with the family. My sister is coming down, so at least I'll have a family member here. No idea whose house we're crashing, but I'll know soon.

3. I'm watching Parks and Rec, Happy Endings, Greys, Desp HW, Private Practice, The Middle...Okay I'll stop, I'm realizing my list is getting long.

4. These last few years have flown by....

5. I like the Muppets, although I remember some of them scaring me when I was a kid. I also want to see Jack and Jill.

6. I want new perfume for Christmas.

7. I may be the only person who has never been to Trader Joe's.

8. I used to love Heavy D, even back when there weren't many bigger entertainers. That boy could dance. I love the episodes of "A Different World" and "Living Single" that he played on.

P.S. I love this... said...

1. BLECH @ Golden Corral chocolate fountain. Just nasty. I don't do buffets.. not even a little bit. When I worked at Wendy's when I was in H.S. and I saw how they (customers) did the salad buffet bar and how we (the restaurant) handled it. No Ma'am. *shudders*

2. I'm so excited too. I LOVE the holidays. I'm ordering my Turducken on Tuesday. LOL @ GP's screw face.
I think you should do the lobster mac and cheese.. flex your culinary muscles.

3. The Walking Dead, Grimm, Once Upon A time, Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, Allen Gregory, How To Make It In America, Hung and The Gifted Man.

5. I loved Miss Piggy when I was young. I even had her book "Miss Piggy's Guide to Life". I remembering it being so cute and since I was so young.. believed everything to be true.. like her chocolate facial. Put some on your face and eat the rest. LOL

6. I don't like perfume sets because the lotion usually doesn't smell as good as the perfume. Which reminds me.. I need to take a trip to Sephora for a new fragrance. Any suggestions?

7. I like apple cider but never tried spiced. Eggnog... NOOOOOOOO!

8. RIP Heavy.

9. That was such a funny episode. Theo was so pressed.. that's what he gets. Denise is all like, "What?" hahahaha

Can I just tell you that I'm jammin' to your playlist?!? *sings Seems like your readyyyyy*

Gorgeous_Puddin said...
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Gorgeous_Puddin said...
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Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I apologize for the jumbled mess before. I responded from my phone.

1. I have to agree that most buffets are GROSS!! And when the food LOOKS disgusting is the worse! I like the full service kind, Unfortunately my mother enjoys buffets. I sat in the car before because I just couldn't.
2. Chile, the side eyes were abundant in response to that suggestion. I almost got demoted. LOL! Lobster bisque sounds deelish! Maybe...
3. Parenthood is great! The Walking Dead is good too! You should watch so you can know what to do in a zombie outbreak!
4. Yeah.
6.*sad face*
7. I just don't understand the apple juice shade. Team eggnog Yum!
8. Okay, see why?? Nut! RIP Heav!
9. Exactly! I need to make some cray cray stuff and sell it!

1. I agree! Somehow I have gotten used to the full service buffets at fancy brunches and really like them. *hangs head in shame* lol.
2. It sounds yummy, but it's a no go this year. I may make a small one for me though.
3. I heard Homeland was good. I'll check it out. I missed the start of POI so I don't know if I can jump in, but I heard it's good too.
7. Yay team eggnog!! :)
8. That's so real! I hear about death all the time, but his death almost had me boo hooing I did tear up. I felt so sad. RIP Heavy.

@K Rock.
1. Yeah the Golden Corral is sooo gross. See...the thought of the kids germy gross fingers just made it so much worse!
3. Grimm is so good if you're into fairy-tales and I am. It’s such an interesting take on the genre. I enjoy the twists!
9. LOL! Agree 1000%. I know I couldn't hold back if I saw a chick in that dress walking down the street. Bwhahahhaha!

Yeah girl, it cuts down on confusion. I hate disorganized events. You should initiate it.

@southern gal
Ding! Bellagio = Yum!

Girl that dress! Makes me laugh everytime!

Hey girl!!
1. Yep.
2. Thanks! Hopefully, I can get it posted soon.
3. Team Parenthood I didn't put down the reality shows cuz I don't consider them real shows, but I watch LOL! Plus the seasons are too short. I like La La's show a lot. The others are guilty pleasures.
6. Aren't they great!! I can't wait to get my Amazing Grace set this year!
8. The mix the radio station played had me car dancing. He will be sorely missed! RIP Heavy D.
9. LOL! Thanks for the TT luv!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Thank you! I like when people get me! The Cosby Show is a go to for me all the time. I like when Pam started the show too.

Seafood buffets are the BEST!! The Bellagio's has king crab and jumbo tiger prawns! They win! LOL!

You are so right about Thanksgiving dishes being sacred. LOL! my fam was not having it!

RIP Heavy D Indeed! :(

Hey lady!
1. Right! Just Eww!
2.I’m glad you have at some family coming the 2 of you can make Thanksgiving a blast!
3. My list is longer too! The Middle?? I don’t know that one.
4. They really have. I probably should have elaborated more on that!
5. The Muppets rule! I saw the commercial again. I like gold tooth dude! They were scary to you? That's funny! I like Adam Sandler but I don't know about Jack and Jill LOL! Although I do like stupid humor flicks his will be a Netflixer.
6. I love new perfume especially gifted!
7. Whaa? You gotta go to Trader Joes! I find that some food is cheaper there then at the grocery store. Especially produce and frozen fruit.
8. He could dance!!! I liked that he was an entertainer. I saw him on those shows but did you see him in B.A.P.S tho? LOL!

1. I'm more traumatized now! I don't even want to know the things you've seen! *shudders too*
2. DEAD that you knew I made a screw face at the Turducken. The lobster mac has been vetoed but I'm making a small one for me and something else seafoodish.
3. You get a stamp on all that you're watching except Allen Gregory I have to check that out.
5. That is so cute and funny! I didn't know she had a book LOL!
6. That's true about the lotions sometimes. Now you know I can't suggest any scents! LOL! I will have every thug following you around! apparently that's what my scent attracts! But I love Sephora!! Find a saleswoman and tell her what type of scents you like. She will bring you lots of choices to smell and even make you up some samples to take home. They have good customer service at the larger stores.
7. I think you will enjoy the spiced cider. *side eyes* you again about the eggnog shade. LOL!
8. RIP Heavy :( It's just so sad!
9. Right! LOL!! I lurve Theo. MJW is just so yummy now!
Thanks! My playlist gets me sometimes too! *slow dances with self* lol

South Loop Social Light said...

That's by far the ugliest dress I've seen online... ever! And Top Shop here in chicago has some amazeballs outfits... very heartbreaking lol

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I've heard such wonderful things about Top Shop as well and would love to go to the actual store...but this dress is just...lol

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