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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #53

This one is I heavy. You have been warned…

1. I've never heard the perspective of a man be so poignant and candid about abortion. If y’all are not up on the deepness of Don over at Minus the Bars you better get in the know son!

2. I like to drink my Jell-O after it’s all melty and I can slurp it down. I hope that did not sound gross. If it did *shrugs* It reminds me of Kool-Aid which I love! Speaking of Kool-Aid I tried to make some with Sple.nda.  No ma'am! No sir!

3. I’ve gotten so use to tweeting from my phone I hold the keys down on the on the laptop keyboard extra hard expecting them to capitalize. When they don’t … O_o! Can you imagine how whack that is while typing?

4. As you can see I’ve changed my blog layout. What I like most is the gray and white zigzags. There’s something exotic about the print. It’s sunny and bright which is great! Last year I Google diagnosed myself with S.A.D.  and one of the treatments is light therapy. Now my blog will be even more enjoyable to look at during the dreary winter months. However, it’s still a work in progress so I’m open to feedback.

5. I had my picture as my avatar on this blog over the weekend and went around blog land commenting on a few posts. I had no idea my picture would remain on said comments. One blogger said and I quote “Wow Gorgeous you’re gorgeous.” Umm sir? If you say that… we go together! LOL!

6. I believe I’ve posted 2 foodie posts, 2 hair posts, (feel free to check them out) and 3 regular posts since last Friday. I’m also catching up on reading blogs… so look for me in your hood!

7. I’ve written a few poems over  the coarse of my lifetime. One is titled “I Smell Your Weed Through My Window” *snap, snap, snap snap*

8. The powers that be shut down all public transportation and closed offices in Oakland yesterday because it was on and poppin with #occupyoakland.  Cali is clearly a next level protesting state. But the pol.ice are the ones acting crazy!

9. Did anybody see Latrice on I. Used. To. Be. Fat? She was absolutely hilarious to me. I loved her personality. I really wanted her to win at weight loss! But umm the great aunt??  She was very blunt like my aunt. If you don’t have a thick skin and choose to believe what she says is out of love her words would kill you dead. Yup, the same aunt that I love so much.

10. OMG!! The coats at J Crew this season are Amazing! I love a good coat.  Especially the wool. Have a look HERE

11. I toured the campus of my new school. Yes, I took the campus tour. It was exciting! I’m siked!

12.The abomination that is the McRi.b Why McD.onald’s Why??? Do you think it would be called the McRob or McRub at McDowell’s?? LOL! Oh and they clearly did not get my tweet about winning the million during Monopoly. I only won some fries.

13. Seen and Heard I think I posted this last year but it still cracks me up. People are just so creative! Happy Belated Halloween!


Jameil said...

2. it sounded gross.
3. -_________-
4. you sunny state people make me SICK with your SAD diagnoses. SICK.
5. why'd you change it back?
9. she worked my nerves. i don't deal well when people fight the program.
10. love
11. i love school tours!

P.S. I love this... said...

2. Not a fan of Jello or Kool-Aid... or Splenda. lol

3. I'm still not tweeting or is it twittering? Who do you follow that has the most interesting tweets? I think I may join so I can follow all my favorite stores for secret sales and thangs.

4. Blog looks good.. especially now since you've darkened the font. *puts Mr. Magoo glasses away*

5. "We go together!" lolololol Yup, that's how you do it.. take charge.


8. Really? Wow... at closed offices and stopped transportation.. not at police.

10. I need a new coat.. *saunters over to see what they have*

13. LOL That pumpkin's a BOSS!

K. Rock said...

3. Lol! That's funny.
4. I love the new layout. I really like gray and yellow so it's my cup of tea. I am pretty sure I have S.A.D. too. I just kind of shut down from November to February. Total worst time of the year to me.
5. I saw it! I was like Ohhh GP finally showing herself. Then I noticed you tried to delete it.
7. We need to hear it!
8. Yeah it's getting really real over there.

keyalus said...

4. I like the new look. Love gray and yellow together. LOL at you Google diagnosing yourself. But not laughing too hard because I do it too!

6. You said you were coming back soon on Twitter and you meant it!

9. I liked the first season of that show. I need to catch up on this one. Didn't know it started again because I don't watch anything on MTV right now.

12. I've never had a McRib before. Then again, I don't like regular ribs and I'm not into BBQ sauce on stuff so why would I try it? The amount of money I used to spend trying to win McD's Monopoly in college was insane.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making an appearance. :) I'm glad to have another round of Thursday Thoughts

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

2. *kanye shrugs* lol
3. Well...I said it was whack!
4. But it’s real! Cali is a sunny state and we can’t handle the gloom! Haha! Don't be sick about it.
5. I felt uncomfortable with it up. I have issues. * shrugs again*
9. She was just so funny to me. I understood her tho. Her initial fight was a defense mechanism. Mother issues!
10. Yes! I want one really bad!The wool trench is calling me!
11. I enjoyed this tour immensely

@P.S. I love this...
2. I have tried to like Sple.nda so much. Blech! It’s… just…not sugar!

3.Yes!! Get on Twitter!!! It’s tweeting. I had the same question. Why is it tweeting when it could be twittering? I mostly follow all the stores I like, makeup artists, fashion and beauty folks and the bloggers who follow my blog.

4. Thank you! The first couple of days I wasn’t sure, but I like it now. DEAD@ *puts Mr. Magoo glasses away*

5. Shoo… okay!

7. Now if I could just find my poetry book…lol

8. Yes for real. The thing is #occupy.oakland was peaceful until the police swooped in trying to break it up by shooting rubber bullets and throwing tear gas injuring folks! Now it’s a war zone.

10. *Swoon* Did you see them?? What did you think? I want the wool trench.

13. Yep a BOSS!

@K. Rock said...
3. LOL!
4. Thank you! Each year, I have to encourage myself not to shut down. So far so good this year! Keep your head up K Rock! Solidarity in the struggle! * pumps black power fist*
5. Oh so you saw me peek out lol! Yeah I have been trying to delete it LOLOL!
7. I’m looking for my slam book LOL!
8. Yeah it is! Now it’s scary

4. Thank you! I’m going to wear some gray and yellow. I agree that it looks nice together. I remember your Google diagnosing. lol

6. Yeah I was ready. I have more to say then 140 characters.

9. Yeah it’s a good show and it's been pretty good so far.

12. I’ve never had one either and I’m afraid of what sort of pork it could be! Real ribs are AWESOME! I didn’t even go to McD as much as I planned. They teased me with that Park Place sticker. *shakes fist at them*

Thank you for popping in to tell me that :)

Don said...

I'm cracking up at the McDowells comment. Hilarious. Coming To America.

The jello comment did make me pause for a moment, I admit. I can't remember the last time I've eaten Jello. Now I want some all of a sudden.

I remember in grade school how we'd say that we go together based upon something nice being said. I missed your pic.

Blog layout is nice. It's to the point now where I can only tweet from my phone. Tweeting from a computer doesn't feel the same.

Thanks for the shout and kind words.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


I thought more people would get it. I cracked myself up as I wrote it. LOL!Coming to America was SO funny!

Jello is so good. The new flavors just take it to another level. Hmm...@the pause? Was it the slurp? Bwhaha! Get you some jello!

Right! That's what I meant Ahh grade school, such fun memories. Sorry you missed my pic. I'm immortalized on Daji's spot.

Blog layout is nice.<<<Thank you

Yeah, I prefer tweeting from my phone the most as well.

Thanks for the shout and kind words.<<<You're Welcome! :)

Tarsha R said...

3. I caught myself trying to slide my screen over like I can with my phone

4. Blog layout is lovely

6. I have tons of posts that need pictures added and posting...no time man no time

7. Snap snap

13. Slayed!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


3.It's weird the querks we pick up from using social media.

4. Thanks!!! :)

6. Exactly! I'm trying to make time.

7. lol snap!

13. still cracks me up!

krissy said...

It kinda sounded gross but that's school. Low key kink is better than none at all :)

I wanna see the damn pic! I'm protesting!

Since I look at your log from my phone the full layout doesn't show. But I do appreciate the yellow. Now I can read the damn blog

I liked LaTrice too. She was funny to me too. I'm glad she got over herself but it would have been nice had she done so early on. She woulda lost much more.

I'm not touching anything pork related or will I eat anything that says "Rib" but had no bones o.O

I'm extra mad at the title of your poem

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


See but it wasn't meant to be kink you really do have to slurp it down


So are you saying you couldn't read the purple?

I agree! She could've done better.

LOL! me either!

Well! LOL!

Anonymous said...

2. Pls miss me with jello. I have serious texture issues and jello is at the top of the list. giggling @ slurp it down! Sorry!

4. I love the color on the page and the graphics, but I can't really see the font. It's a pale grey, so I had to highlight and select the entire page so the background would change to blue and I could read it a little better.

Welcome back!