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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Trubie’s Tuesday

Season 4 Episode 6
Can you believe it’s been six weeks already?

Sookie and Eric are getting it in…but I can’t quite put my finger on why I don’t like it.

Bill and Eric’s fight was hilarious. Those super fast punches?? Bwhahahaha! Poor jealous Bill. This vulnerable, humble Eric is bittersweet for me. I like him and don’t like him at the same time.

So Sam’s brother Tommy did kill one or both of his parents. Now he can shift into other people.  He sexed Sam’s boo and fired Sookie. He is dumber than spit! He should know that he is NOT going to get away with none of that. This is going to end badly.  Was that bone and blood he vomited? That was soooooooooo nasty!

Devil baby was a fool for that fire! He tried to kill errbody then went outside? I’m curious to learn who the black female ghost is, and how is she tied to the doll. Is this about to be some slavery flash back stuff? She looked very slavery flashback.

I know it’s the ghetto in me but I like Arlene’s hair color a lot!

I’m over Tara and the whole lez thing it’s not believable.

Lafayette cracks me up every dang week! I’m so funny acting about weird food I could relate to not wanting to eat the goat tongue. So Lafayette is a Bruho too?? I knew he had strong powers. Oh and Jesus Granddaddy is a dang fool!  He scared me! LOL!

Oh Debbie! She’s showing her true colors going behind Alcide’s back like that. We all know she’s a slut. I can just see her getting with that pack master. Poor Alcide...

So Marnie finally did it! She’s possessed! The possession scene reminded me of “Gothika” with Halle Berry. After seeing what was done to the spirit witch I can’t really blame her wrath! She is about to do some damage!!! Did ya’ll see how she controlled that vamp?? I am very disturbed that the priests were vamps. It’s just to much for me.

Whew! I’m so glad Jason is not a were panther! Umm but is he about to be the baby daddy to a bunch of hillbilly babies?? I cracked up when he said he was extra good at sex and shootin. Hmm...so now he’s on Jessica’s radar like Sookie's on Bill and Eric's? Vampire blood is a powerful drug! LOL!

Totally glad Bill did not kill Eric! It was noble of him being that it would have been all types of wrong.Ole hater!

What an ending! Pam is about to get with Tara and her chick. Are not. We don't know what Tara's chick is and she is and MMA fighter! Plus Pam is rotting!

Can't wait until next week! Looks exciting!


Bajan Beauty said...

Sex in the woods disturbs me! I am probably thinking about it too much, lol. I miss the old Eric's wardrobe, I hate basketball shorts!!!!!

Gran done told Sookie not to mess with that man, she didn't listen, smh.

I love vulnerable Eric, he so sweet and honest, awwwwww.

I am mad he sexed Sam's boo! What a waste, he is such a freakin jerk. He eff's over everyone that tries to help his dumb arse!!!!

That damn baby, smh. All these spirits are freaking me out!

I love Arlene's new hairstyle and color, she looks more sophisticated =)

I hate Lafayette style this season, he is killing me with the braided mo-hawk! Lol. Jesus is still fine as hell =)

Ummm Alcide just needs to get nekkid every episode...that is all.

Those damn hillbillies can't wait to see how that is going to play out. "They so stupid they can't even make a were-panther" lol. What is a were-panther anyway? I thought they were just regular panthers, all these supernatural beings on this show.

Can wait for next week!!!

Monique said...

Sookie and Eric together are all kinds of wrong. I liked it better when she hated him and he wanted her. I'd hate to say this but I miss the mean Eric. He was sexy. This docile Eric is blah.

That fight was funny! Eric whooped Bill's behind. Funny thing, Eric was viking. I guess Bill forgot that he's older than him and can whoop this tail.

Tommy is soooo going to get it. I hate to sound mean but I really wish he wouldn't have come back this season. He totally sucks. And Sam is slightly crazy anyway so I'm sure he will shoot him and meant it this time. LOL

That baby is freaking me out. I kept looking at my son and told him if he flipped out on me, he had to go. LOL I'm just kidding. I wonder if that ghost was her Renee's mother or girlfriend? Maybe it's the doll doing all this and not the baby.

Arlene's hair color really works for her. Funny thing is I think she's a blond in real life.

Tara is a lesbian is just awkward. I guess since it never worked out with men she had to move on.

Lafayette is freaking hilarious! I love him! i have said it from the beginning that he has some very powerful dormant powers in him. If he would learn to let go, he could do some things.

Debbie is going to cause some major issues for Alcide. I can see this going downhill quick. FYI: He is so freaking sexy.

Antonia is no joke! I totally see why she's after all those vamps. They raped her and killed her. This story is about to be good. There is a seriously new power around. And what I also couldn't understand was why Bill didn't feel something going on in the house while he was out on the balcony.

Jason is a trip but he's so cute. I need him not to have all those sexual dreams and things about Jess. I would really hate for his friendship with Hoyt to go downhill. Jess needs to get together and break up with him until she can learn to control her urges.

GorgeousPuddin said...


Girl! I would be thinking about all the things that could crawl up my who haw and woo woo to even be into it. LOL!

Yes I miss that too! I forgot that part of Eric's attraction was his clothes!

Right!! How Sookie just gonna ignore what Gram said like that?

Sam's brother just irks me so much! Ugh!

Agreed! Too many spirits.

Agreed! Lafayette needs a make under! LOL! Doing too much!

YAS!! Alcide's body is just... *fans self*

Chile the hillbillies that's gonna be a MESS!

@ Monique
Cracked right up at you looking at your baby LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Stop IT!

See somebody else agreeing that E and S are not right!

Yeah Bill let his Kang status go to his head for real! He definitely forgot!

I agree about Tommy! I wanted that whole story line to end. This is even meaner...I had hoped Sam killed him when he shot him! o_O!

The devil baby is a MESS! Interesting thought about who the ghost could be.

You were right! It will be interesting to see what Laffy can do!

Debbie and Alcide...*shakes head vigorously*

Antonia is about to do some damage!

Now you know Bill was all caught up in his FEELINGS! I'm sure he was stuck on what Sookie was doing with Eric.

Jason cracks me up so much!

AR Gal said...

I'm soooooooooo happy Eric and Sookie finally did it BUT I wanted it to be with mean Eric. This nice version of him is killing me softly. I know he's got a lot of sex moves under his belt that were NOT utilized this past episode. LOL

I can't stand Tommy's dumb ass. We all know his latest acts of tomfoolery will not end well for him. It's just a matter of waiting.

I was trying to figure out the significance of the black lady 'devil baby' smiled at. Seeing her face made me think about the slave spirits in 'The Skeleton Key' that put the hoodoo voodoo on ole' girl and her boo so that they could have the new younger bodies.

I agree, lesbianism does not suit Tara Mae. I want her and Sam together.

I can't stand Lafayette's hair this season either. Especially the little twiggy braids. It looks like he took the one's Tara chopped off last season and piled them on top of his head. With that being said, I would totally be his beard and BFF! I heart him!!!

If they don't hurry and fix Pam's face I'm gonna get mad. I love her and hate seeing her not at her best. LOL

GorgeousPuddin said...

@AR gal
Hey girl! Thanks for commenting!

Now that's a totally different take on their sex LOL! I think I agree. Mean Eric would have torn that thang up! LOL!

It would be great if they got right to it with Tommy. SICK.OF.HIM.

I thought the same thing! devil baby's ghost reminded me of that movie. They are in/near Louisiana right? Hoodoo voodoo Oh Lawd~!

LOL@Tara Mae

Lafayette looks a hot mess! Dead@ him attaching Tara's braids!

Pam is so fierce! They need to get her fixed immediately!

P.S. I love this... said...

Yea a Trubbie post!!

I thought it was romantic with Eric and Sookie in the forest. I tried not to think of the insects and animals watching them.

LOVING sweet, vulnerable Eric. I like that he is showing his true feelings for Sookie. I know he always had a jones for her but it has grown into something seemingly sincere.

Ugh Tommy.. I hate his stupid face and his antics. How he gonna do it with Sam's girl?!?! Trifling!

What black female ghost?? I haven't seen a ghost... *goes to On Demand*

Lafayette IS doing to much.. that hair and those clothes.. yuck! His bf should pull him to the side and tell him is throwback Criss Cross look is not working for him.

Ugh Debbie.. she's gonna cause Alcide more trouble. Imma need Alcide to be a little more naked.. or at least shirtless on a more regular basis, like Jacob in Twilight. Isn't that what werewolves do.. walk around shirtless and all sexy??

Marnie's character just got better for me. Her constant begging to be a "vessle" was working my nerves. It was so wrong how those "priests" were abusing that witch. They deserved everything she did and more.

I'm glad Jason wasn't a werepanther. "Extra good at sex..." that was funny. And what is going on with him and Jessica?? I hope they don't hurt Hoyt.. that would be awful.

I can't wait til next week.

GorgeousPuddin said...

P.S. I love this...
Thanks for commenting!

I remember last year I started posting late. This is a lot of season to post!

Their sex could’ve been romantic to me…it just wasn’t

See the jury is still out for me sometimes…I like good Eric then I don’t. I have to admit some of the scenes are charming, but we need bad Eric back to help Pam! Also Sookie grandma said don’t do it, so you know its ending badly for her.

Tommy IS Trifling! I can believe he did it because he’s trife but I just can’t believe he did that.

Yeah girl check her out during devil baby’s fire. I KNEW his butt was outside! LOLOLOL!

Lafayette !!! I just don’t know where they are going with his look at all!

Alcide to be more naked!!! YES please! LOL@ “Isn't that what werewolves do…walk around shirtless and all sexy?? AGREED!

Yeah the Marnie storyline is about to pop off!

I hope they don't hurt Hoyt either! Jason drank a LOT of Jessica’s blood to get healed from his injuries so he’s hers now. Remember when Bill healed Sookie?

Nina said...

Tried to get into it but something about this show is weird.