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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #50

1. I made it to 50 posts on Thursday Thoughts!! Yay! I should be at about 55 or 60 *shrugs*

2.Why is everything so expensive? Food is high, gas is high! Back to food… I think it will be easier to go no carbs for a bit.  Bread was $3 and up at the grocery store and I have to say I was offended. I’m just offended at expensive food at the grocery store. I have to get back to couponing and bargain shopping.

3. I’ve been off track with my eating and exercising. I hate that when I get stressed I’m a typical self medicator with food. I want to be the chick that’s stresses and starves myself to rail thinness. Why can’t I be that girl? That only happened once in my life.

4.Sometimes while reading Twitter I just burst out laughing at the things that are said and pictures that are posted. This week’s seen and heard made me spit my drink.  Also, the endeavor’s people are pursuing are impressive. Kudos!

5.I have to remember to write my thoughts as soon as they come. I had some good ones this week and…These aren't them.

6. I was super excited about getting tickets to the HowSwe.etTheSound concert because Mary Mary is coming to town and the tickets are a sweet 15 bucks Score! But parking is 35 dollars! I know they have to make the money somewhere but dang! I really don't like to carpool. When I'm ready to go, I'm ready to GO!

7.Can you believe I've never traveled alone?  There has always been somebody to tag along. I'm finding fewer and fewer folks to do religious things with (hence my need to get back in church!). I’m thinking of venturing to Texas for T. D. Jakes WTAL by myself.

8. I’m up writing these thoughts at 3:30 am. Insomnia is back. :(

9. On a happy note…I went shopping and bought some new run/walk shoes at New Balance. I tried on quite and few brands and these work for me. I bought them a size up because I was horrified when I read folks are losing toenails. Black and fuchsia! They just make me want to run fast.

10. Instead of complaining lately I’ve just been silent.  My procrastination is out of control. I read somewhere that I should give more compliments. Lately I've been telling random folks things I like about them. I have an August goals post coming soon. Maybe that will get me back on track. See how 10. is a random in a random?? LOL!

11. I tweeted about my Microsoft Office 2010 upgrade on my laptop. It has a few more cool features than 2007. Thanks job!

12. Seen and heard I just don't understand why this made me laugh so hard. People are crazy!!!! I got this from Q's twit pics. Blogger almost wouldn't let me be great and post the picture. Bwhahahahahahhhaha!


K. Rock said...

1. Yeah!
2. I buy my bread from the bread store. Maybe that will help you. I get like 5 loaves for $5...and it's not moldy!
4. I love Twitter! Although it seems we are rarely on at the same time.
5. Ha! I know the feeling. I keep an open post in draft wheere I can list ideas when I have them for that exact reason.
6. And thats how they get apparently.
7. I traveled alone for work once and I hated it. I need companionship esp. when I am in a srange place.
9. It happens! But dont be scared. You may lose a toenail but you gain so much more. Plus as long as I keep mine painted, no one is the wiser.

Bajan Beauty said...

1. Congrats!

2. Food is very expensive, and I buy organic so my pockets are really hurting, smh.

3. I have been off track too but I am back at! Woke up this morning and had a great workout and even made breakfast...well breakfast was only peanut butter toast, lol. It still counts!

4. I love twitter, lots of inspiration out there!

7. Just had this convo on twitter with some other tweeps. I have never traveled alone either. I don't even go to the movies alone, but that's gonna change this weekend...going to see Planet of the Apes solo!

9. I wear Nike Air Max 2010s love them, thought about getting those Five Finger running shoes, kinda pricey.

10. Lol , did you see the mash up picture of Jay-Z and Kanye! That had me tearing up at my desk.

keyalus said...

2. Food is expensive! The Mister likes one particular brand of bread. At first, it was $2.40 a loaf and now it is $3.09. and everytime I look he has a sandwich in his mouth! He needs to eat what's on sale. I have no bread loyalties.

7. I've been to small things alone but nothing considered a vacation.

9. Keep your toenails trimmed extra short and do it constantly. Buying larger shoes helps too becaus your feet will swell a bit if you run a good distance.

12. I love that picture. I saw it a while back and I thought it was so funny! As a child of the 80's (not born in the 80's but you know what I mean) I remember Lionel Richie being ALL THAT!

Jameil said...

2. My mom buys bread store bread, too. I love bargain shopping! I'm not happy unless I'm saving at least 1/3 of my total. AT LEAST!
3. Never been an emotional eater. I don't stress starve either. Don't wish that on yourself.
5. I write them as they come in a blog draft or if I'm w/o access in a document on my computer.
6. PARKING FAIL!!! I would boycott off gp.
7. I'm not that shocked. Most people haven't traveled truly alone. Like they fly/drive alone to meet someone.
9. I LOVE ALL NEW SHOES!! Buying shoes that don't fit is bad. You have to run A LOT to lose nails. Like marathon training.
10. You know I'm all about setting goals!!

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I don't get why bread is so high. I'm almost willingly to buy the $1.09 store brand bread. Just can't make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches bc the peanut butter will tore that bread up. lol

They are wrong for the price of parking.

I've never been out of town alone either. I mean I've flown alone but I've never went to visit another city alone.

krissy said...

Woohoo! I'm over 100 post on my blog. I didn't even realize it until wordpress sent me a congrats notice lol

I don't think I've traveled anywhere alone either. Now with jas I'm sure I never will lol

Food is expensive. I only buy thing that are on sale. I can't bring myself to pay full price!

When prince was in town his tickets were 25bucks but so was the parking. I carpooled every time I went!

Please keep your toenails!

Nexgrl said...

1.Congratulations. I don't even know how many posts I've completed.
2. I usually purchase whatever brand of whole wheat that's on sale.
3. I haven't been that girl either.

4. Twitter cracks me up all day long.
5. I lose thoughts constantly.
6. I haven't been attending some of these concerts lately, because of the prices. I also don't always feel like driving to another city for a concert.
7. I've gone to LV by myself a few times.
8. I hope you're able to overcome that problem.
9. I didn't know that about the toenails and runners. Thank you for that info., I think.

AR Gal said...

One of my co-workers has that Lionel Richie picture at her desk.

P.S. I love this... said...

1. Congrats on your 50th post!

2. Yes, everything is expensive... *sigh* I really need gas to go back down... like to $1.50 per gallon for premuim.

3. LOL you're so funny.. no starving to rail thinness..

5. I'm always jotting down notes and ideas on either my phone or in this little journal I keep in my bag. I'm an almost constant scribbler...started working on a book like that.

6. I don't like driving..like to be driven but when I'm ready to go, I wanna go. Needless to say, I don't carpool often. lol

7. I love doing things alone.. vacationing, movies, dinner, shows.. I always meet new people and have a great time. You should venture to TX by yourself.. it'll be great.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@K Rock
1. Thanks!
2. I will do a search for a bread store the last one I knew of was in Sacramento. LOL! @it's not moldy!
4. Let me know when you’re on.
5. Yeah it’s a good idea. I need a note pad or to use my phone more.
6. Apparently so.
7. I understand that. I’m just tired of missing this conference because of flakes!
9. I lost a toenail before and I mark it as one of the most traumatic experiences of my life! Nope can’t do it. I cannot believe you are painting skin!

1. Thank you!!
2. Your pockets are more than hurting! I buy some organic and stuff at Wh.ole Foods so I understand.
3. Good for you!! I need to get back at it! That sounds like a healthy breakfast especially being organic. Funny Saturday Love came on while I was doing your response.
4. Agreed! Makes me want to grind harder! And get stuff done!
7. Me either! I went to the movies once alone it wasn’t horrible, but it was like a 1 year ago so that says something. This travel thing…I just want to go!
9. The Five Finger running shoes crack me up! LOL! The NB’s are sort of like the Air Max’s same concept cushy comfort.
10. I did not, but I will do a search for it. I love to laugh!

2. Yes it IS! I like a particular brand as well. I might as well say its Sara Lee. It was $2.50 and now it’s over $3 Sandwiches are GREAT! DEAD@ He needs to eat what's on sale!
7. This is a small/big thing. It’s small because it’s 3 days, big because it’s a conference.
9. I do keep them relatively short and I know 4 miles isn’t much but my feet swell some after exercise period especially when it’s hot!
12. I didn’t care for his music, but that picture had me in tears laughing.

2. Your mother is a smart woman! LOL! I’m loyal to a particular brand and it’s not sold at the bargain stores, which if you recall I can NOT buy food from at ALL. It freaks me out. We used to have a day old bread spot my mother hit up when I was a kid but those closed around here. That was the only bread I could get not at the grocery store.
3. I’m not necessarily wishing it on myself, but it would be an alternative to weight gain. I struggle with the same 15 pounds all the time.
5. You recommended that before. I’m implementing it now.
6. Agreed! I have to figure out something else… maybe BART
7. Yeah that’s about all I’ve done. I’m seriously considering it. I hope I don’t chicken out!
9. These shoes make feel like I can marathon train. I read that it’s good to go a size up it’s better safe than sorry.
10. Yes you are!
12. Right?!? :)LOLOL!

@Southern gal
Me either!! It has me troubled. The economy is just SO bad even bread?? I can’t do the cheap bread either a good sandwich NEEDS the quality bread.

They really are! I’m pissed! It is definitely discouraging me. I know it’s the venue and not the entertainment

I don’t want to either! It’s a real dilemma. I don’t want to miss this conference either. Decisions decisions!

Congrats to you! Yay!!! Are you going to do an anniversary post??

Yes you will always have a companion! If I had a baby I wouldn’t want to bring him/her to this though. I have to concentrate and get my praise on! LOL!

I try to do that and do it most often…but sometimes what I like is not on sale!

Yeah that was an excellent price for the tix but parking…no way!

Girl! I definitely want my toenails! Been there done that! It was too traumatic!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.Thank you! I’m close to 300 but at 50 for TT
2.That was my strategy until I tasted SL but none of the breads were really on sale or over 3 bucks was the sale!
3.I don’t know how to respond…I guess Yay! LOL!
4. It’s delightful!
5. I have to get better with writing them down...
6. I love concerts and want more in my life. Living in the city you shouldn’t have to go to another town! They better get it together!
7. Good for you! I couldn’t do that! Vegas is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more fun with friends!!!
8. I hope so too! It’s just stress. Things will definitely get better!
9. Hey you may start running and that was vital info! LOL!

@AR Gal
“One of my co-workers has that Lionel Richie picture at her desk.” REALLY????? Bwhahaha! I would laugh every day!!

@P.S. I love this
1. Thank you!
2. Yeah I know your pockets are getting hit hard with the premium! I buy Che.vron.
3. LOL! I know but it would be a better alternative to chubba chubs.
5. I definitely need to do better! Some crazy stuff comes to mind and I want to share it ALL with ya’ll. LOL!
6. I really don’t like carpooling unless I’m driving! People have so many personalities…it can be a mess!
7. Really? Wow! I’m impressed. I may try it...maybe...

Nina said...

That's why I don't buy a lot...but I dont' eat a lot and that's a problem in itself. :/
I LOVE that pic of Lionel Richie. I saw it a few weeks ago..makes me LOL too.