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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A True Blood Tuesday? Yes Yes Ya'll

Hey Trubbies,

Season 4 Episode 4

Poor fairy godmother. I repeat, she died so ugly, Hmm...so the fairy blood gets you drunk? Interesting. Eric looked so animalistic after killing the fairy. He’s scary and unpredictable. It’s time for the real him to come back. And Sookie needs him out of his house! lol!

Pam’s outfits are on fiyah!! I loved that jean jacket. It reminded me of the Burberry trenches.

Poor Jason!! He is all jacked up! He was really getting ran through tho…Z and I agreed that we were so glad he didn’t  have sex with the little girl. I would’ve been mad! Glad she set him free. Glad he killed ole boy.  So now we know why they are so dirty.  Did Crystal really say "Let me put some dirt on it" about Jason’s wound? I wonder if drinking Jess is going to get him hooked on V again?

I don’t trust that witch Marnie at all! I wonder who the woman is that was being burned alive? Marnie was playing when she was calling out those spells at first then ish got real! You always know something is about to happen when the creepy music plays! lol What she did to Pam’s face was so foul!!

Oh my goodness Alcide’s body is just...yummy!!! I still don’t trust Debbie tho. I can’t put my finger on it yet but they should not be together. He’s still feeling Sookie though. That was too funny when he and Eric were about to fight like two junkyard dogs.

Devil baby had me rolling! He said YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER *in his Maury voice* but seriously that was super creepy! I wonder where they are going with this.

I still haven’t figured out Sam's storyline with Black Beauty the horse. Her daughter is a werewolf and shifter?? Geez! and she has a crazy baby daddy? Run Sam!

Sam's brother gets on my last nerves but I was sad for him and mad that his whack a** parents are back. I needed that story to stay over.

Eww! Eww! Eww! Bill had sex with his great great great granddaughter! Eww! Umm the Bellfleurs are related to him??

This episode was good! I can’t wait until next week! Ya’ll chime in.


P.S. I love this... said...

FGM DID die ugly.. very creepy. I wondered why she was riding Sookie so hard to leave with her?

I love Pam.. she's so no nonsense.. a definite ride or die chick. OMG her face!!! I can't take Pam looking like yuck, she's too fab.

I wonder what's gonna happen with Jason, will he actually be a werepanther? Is he part fairy too and just don't know it yet? Is he gonna be a fairy panther? lololol

One thing is sure.. that witch was was burned is powerful and not feeling vampires.. AT ALL. So Marnie is the perfect vessel for her to do her damage.. for now.

*fans self* Alcide's bawdy...

Debbie = NO! Nothing about her sits well with me and why does she look like an trannie?

Devil Baby = NO!!

I fear for the step father.. I forget his name.. I think the baby is gonna try to kill him.

I second that.. RUN SAM!!!

Sam cracks me up.. always wanna get down with a swirl. =)

OMG!! Sam's brother irks me to DEATH!! He is such a brat!

I wonder how the granddaughter feels about having sex about her great, great, great, grandfather? She prolly like he "make me feel so guuuuuud" *grunting like Halle did in Monster's Ball"

GorgeousPuddin said...

Maybe she knew Eric is going to lose control...to bad for her! lol

OMG Pam!!! Here face needs to be fixed immediately.

Oh poor Jason! Too funny a fairy werepanther!! Wait and possibly hooked on V??? A mess!

Yeah that witch has a deep hate for the vamps! I'm sure were gonna find out what for. Oh that Marnie!!! I'm thinking a horrible death is coming
for her!

Girl!!!!! ALCIDE!!!! They had to come hard after last week. His body is the TRUTH!!

LOL!! devil baby!!

Sam's story is just...

For some reason I'm thinking grand daughter is gonna wanna keep smangin with Bill. LOL!

Bajan Beauty said...

I am mad at HBO for letting her get drained! Now how is gonna protect Sookie!

Pam kills it every scene, that jacket made me think of that horrible outfit Samantha wore in SATC 2 when they were singing karaoke. I Pam's jacket much better.

I felt bad for him too, just getting used. Was I the only one disturbed that ole girl before the virgin panties were filthy and she has a brother/husband, lmao.

Yea, she played them the entire time. I knew that spirit wasn't gonna let her reverse that spell. Now my girl looks like a walking corpse for real, yikes!

Oooo weeee, Alcide! He is too sexy to be with Debbie =/ She knows she is insecure about Sookie, I mean she did wax that a$$ when Debbie showed up at her house.

Same thing I was wondering about the baby. He is writing in complete words, they probably gonna take him to the witches!

Wait werewolf and shifter?! Does the little girl know she can shift? If ole boy watches her, she not worried he follows her to there meet ups? Too much!

Poor Bill, at least he didn't drink from her. What did he expect it is a small town!

GorgeousPuddin said...


Thanks for commenting!!
Wait! How you gonna be made a HBO for that??? LOLOL! Sookie better protect herself!

Pam is awesome!

I was going to mention her panties but then they are so dirty it was a given the draws would be too! LOL!

Girl Alcide's body is just too yummy!!

I'm interested in how the devil baby's story line plays out.

Girl yeah the daughter is double trouble!

I don't really feel sorry for Bill he's being hoe...that's what he gets! I mean she's a Bellfleur however you spell it. LOL!

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