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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #49

 1. Thank y’all for sending the heat this way!! It’s been hot and lovely for the last three days!!! Yippee!!!! Now if it would just last until the weekend...

2. If you follow me on twitter then you know I've been in a funk needing Jesus type situation about this job. So I've tweeted my angst through/about songs. Well! *exhales* I finally put on my big girl panties last Friday and stood up for myself. I feel like I’ve been walking around with a heavy weight on my shoulders and back! Funny thing, soon as they heard I was thinking of quitting we had meeting and some things are being worked out. Yaay!! God is AMAZE!!

3. Lately I’ve been waking up at night right before something CRAZY happens. Recently, there was an earthquake at 3:58 am. I swear I woke up 5 minutes before that sucka. That helped me not be as scared! I've been shaken awake before, and It.Was.NOT. pleasant. My cable box thingy had stopped that loud pop...turn off...turn on...thing. Early in the a.m.Tues. it did it again! I woke up right before it happened, so it didn’t scare the bejeebus out of me! Weird huh??

4. I was in the post office doing some mailing for work my intern went home ill and I met a woman who invited me to her church. At the time I was having a different conversation with another stranger about my not going to church when she butt in. She was so excited about her church! She said she has never done anything like talking about it and inviting folks etc. and swore that I would enjoy it very much and leave blessed!  She said if I didn’t like it she would help me find a church! Well with an endorsement like that I guess I should check it out or be my cynical self and think she was crazy and weird….what do y'all think?

5. Speaking of the post office...To my winners…I can be a lazy procrastinator…I swear I will get back to the post office soon before the month is out.

6. Somebody tweeted about Madagascar vanilla and Vietnamese cinnamon. The delicious cupcakes I like are made with this vanilla and I’ve been meaning to buy some…but Vietnamese cinnamon?? I’ve never heard of it and must find it!

7. I really, really need some new work shoes. This being dressy with heels everyday is just….
I also need a gorgeous uber professional black pant or skirt suit. Suggestions welcome!

8. I swear I need okay want a facial!  Now that I’m out of my funk I can hit up my “I’m about to quit this job any day now and need to pay my bills fund” and get one. Yaaaaay!

9. I haven't read the last book...but I knew Snape didn't really hate Harry or just kill Dumbledore for nothing! Whoo Hoo!

10. I think this True Blood stuff has gotten out of hand! Did a vampire bite me?

11. Seen and Heard Twitter was all a tweeter about Serena at the ESPY. I’m not knocking her at all …okay a little… but me no likey the dress she had on, and that wig/weave was a mess! She is however in great shape! The dress I thought was AMAZE! Was this Alexander McQueen. The whole look was too cute even the shoes.


South Loop Social Light said...

I'm so happy to hear things are looking on the up and up at your job! Ask and you shall receive :) I think you're deserving of a facial if you like, but don't milk all of your "I hate my job" emergency funds. You've made progress, but wait until they execute stuff before you touch your safety net.

My cable box does weird stuff too!!! Sometimes I'll be in the middle of watching a show and out of nowhere the volume gets outrageously loud then *snap* the whole box turns off, then turns back on. This freaked me out for the first month because it was randomly happening. It's happening less and less, but now it's more of a funny thing. Still, I wonder what the heck is going on.

Anonymous said...

Just because that church invite situation seems weird, I definitely think you should go.

Tarsha R said...

1. Can we get some rain in Houston though?

6. Vietnamese cinnamon is just the truth!

11. Girl Serena's a$$ is just all kinds of awesome...I have TOTAL a$$ envy.

And yaaaaay for that funk being lifted! Nobody fights for you better than YOU!

mia. said...

I rarely turn down invitations to go to church - I always feel like God is telling me that there is something I need to hear.

Also that dress... is everything - I love the shoes, too.

krissy said...

I'm glad things are looking up for you sugar.

New York shoes? What's that?

I'm glad the weather is nicer here in cali too. Makes me happy.

Thanks for spilling the harry potter beans! *side eye* lol

Serena's hair sometimes hurts my soul! It really does. But I love that chick.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

Now you know the folks talking about Serena were not messed up about her horrible hair or her outfit. It was all about the booty. lol

Nexgrl said...

1. I hate to burst your bubble, but the fog/drizzle may be returning soon.
2. I'm glad the job is trying to improve.
3. I didn't feel anything. I don't usually feel the small ones anyway.
4. I think you should research the church. Drive by there, if it looks promising, then pay them a visit.
5. You might find the Vietnamese cinnamon in one of the many Asian Grocery Stores.
8. For that facial, look at my friends salon and see if it interests you. Nofu, inside of Spank Salon in Alameda on Clement Street.
I agree w/Thoughsofsoutherngal, the buzz about Serena had nothing to do with her hair or dress. None of those things matter when it comes to what they were proposing.

Anonymous said...

2. Glad to hear that your work situation may be improving.

4. Maybe I need to pray more, but I'd be uncomfortable with the exchange and definitely NOT going to her church. #iwatchlifetime

5. Bwahaha! I still haven't mailed my giveaway prizes. The winners probably hate me!!

11. Serena's azz is just ridiculous!!! Makes me push extra hard on the elliptical and think about working out in heels. That black dress is cute.

Jameil said...

1) You were supposed to TAKE the heat, not share it. FIX IT!!!
2) Good for you!
3) Very weird.
4) What's the harm in checking it out? You might up and love it!
6) As many Asians as there are in the Yay area??? You betta go to an Asian grocery store!! I saw Viet cinn on a food show.
11) I didn't see Serena. I don't love this look you posted. But I do like the shoes

keyalus said...

4. The last time I accepted an off the cuff invitation to the church it turned out to be a borderline cult kinda church. Since this lady said she doesn't often do that maybe it isn't the same church. The borderline cultish church used to go hit up random spots with the specific purpose of inviting people to church. Nothing wrong with sharing the gospel but like I said - it was a borderline cult.

9. How can you have seen the movie and not read the book? You have serious restraint!

11. I think Serena's hair looks OK in those pics. I've seen much worse wig/weaves. I do think all the cleavage action is a bit much but maybe I'm conservative. Shrugs.

Ladynay said...

I would check the church out. Even if the chick is weird, you may really like the church. Wouldn't hurt to try.

Good luck on the job stuff. Facial is def in order!

Hot and lovely? Yeah whatever, can you take like 30 more degrees from NC? Thanks in advance!

Freaky Deaky said...

If you wanted heat you should've said something earlier. You could've had this heatwave that I want no parts of. x(

Madagascar vanilla? I've heard of Madagascar cockroaches. There big and they hiss.

I like supernatural stuff and never quite got into Harry Potter. I figure I'll find someone to buy me the box set when all the movies are out on Bluray.

Serena has hair? It was all about her ass and her legs those people talking about other things are haters in the truest sense of the word.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@South Loop Social Light

Thank you! It was rough and rocky for a minute! But I will be holding on to the funds because you never know!!! But I do want to treat myself so I'll get some small things.

I forgot to mention the extra loudness before it goes off and comes back on! Sounds like we have the same problem. Cable needs to get it together!!

I will go check it out...soon...I do need a church and who knows this may be it!

@Tarsha R
1. Now rain and cold weather I can send you!
6. I knew you would know!! Thanks for the endorsement...off to the Asian market I go...
11. Hmm...okay LOL!
"Nobody fights for you better than YOU!" <<<TRUE DAT!! Thanks!

Welcome and thanks for commenting!

"I always feel like God is telling me that there is something I need to hear."<< You might be right! I do plan to go...soon!

Isn't it though!! I love outfits like that!

Thank you very much sweetie! LOL!

Umm Ma'am I said work shoes :)

Yes! when we have good weather it always improves my mood!

Oops ! I'm so sorry I hate when other people do that! That said... A True Potter fan would have already seen it! LOLOLOL!

Thank you! That's all I'm saying!

@Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...
11. Of course I KNOW it was all about her booty...for most people. I personally think she is awesome! However, her fashion game is lacking at times and that booty could've been shown off just as well with better hair and outfit. IMO.

1. Some how I don't think you hate to burst my bubble! LOL!
2. Thanks!
3. Really?? I feel everything...no matter how far away. It's crazy!
4. That's a good idea that's what I'll do....do a drive-by on Sunday.
5. I hope so. I just started going to the Asian stores.
8. Thank you! I will.

2.Yes it is a welcome relief because I sure didn't want to walk away, but I was getting close.
4. LOLOLOL! I'm normally like that too! But it didn't really feel weird. I'm just being my ole crazy self. I might check it out...I do need a church!
5.You just made me feel better with my procrastination!
11. "Serena's azz is just ridiculous!!!" <<<True DAT! I'm not knocking her assets at all! *does 20 sets of lunges and squats* I just think the total package needs work. That other dress was so gorge too me!

1.LOL! Now that's funny. I didn't want to leave ya'll in straight cold.
2. Thank you!
3. Agreed! and scary!
4. I hope I do. I plan to go...soon.
6. I know I know. I just started venturing into the Asian stores... Don't judge me!
11. Click her name she's there. Whaat?? You don't like Alexander McQueen?? I <3 his clothes!

4. Between you and MrsTDJ I'm SCARED!!! But I'm still gonna go see.
9. Actually reading the book first has me critiquing the film too much and waiting for stuff to happen and made it too mental for me. I'm excited to read it NOW! :)
11. Do you really? I've seen worse too...but I hold celebrities with stylists to a higher standard.

That's true. I may find my church home. Anything is possible.

Thanks! I bought some facial stuff instead.

Yeah I heard it's like y'all in hell or something. DO NOT WANT!! That's TOO hot!!

@Freaky Deaky

I love heat vs. cold any day!


I am super excited about the boxed set, and can't wait until HP comes out on blue ray.

Spoken like a man... And yes she has hair and it needs to be done better! Anywhoo, I'm a female and I can definitely see past a big azz to
critique someones attire or hairstyle and it does not make me a hater. I have no need to hate.