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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A True Blood Tuesday? Yes Yes Ya'll

Hey Trubbies,

Season 4 Episode 3

Sookie driving off then stopping when she realized Eric was confused was the equivalent to the dumb blonde running then falling in the horror movie. That scene could’ve went either way and could’ve been bye bye Sookie. Luckily she’s a main character.

Oh my poor Eric. *Dead* when he called Sookie Snookie! Hmm… interesting how he couldn’t remember his name but kinda remembered hers. I'm still curious about who the woman was that Marnie's face changed into.

Best quote on twitter “Lafayette was dressed like a reject from Cameo” LOL!

Oh when Lafayette and Tara said “freaked my sh*t out” LOLOLOLOLOL! And Lafayette said forginess and kilt?? LOL!

Marnie is a crazy bwitch!! She is playing them. I think she’s trying to raise the devil. Witches SMH!

Z said Crystal look like she stank! I agreed. Typical drug addict stank look. She also happens to be in lurve with Bill's house. Check out her post and help her find that chandelier!

When that dirty old dude was telling the story of ghostdaddy what in THEE heck were they eating?? Panthers Ewww!

Oh so now Miss Jessica glamouring folks! I too WISH I had this power.

So getting your neck sucked is like having sex?? Dude was into it.“Dial it back Jethro” That Pam is a fool!

When Eric said who the f*cks she? then pushed Pam because he thought she was gonna hurt his Sookie, and when Sookie said he fang raped her! Oh my goodness They were killing me! LOL!

Oh Alcide how you gon be a dumb bunny??? Color me disappointed! Debbie looked all...dare I say it...angelic. I'm not buying it.

Um how and why does that doll keep coming back?? There is something to this doll story….
But why in the world did they give that dirty azz doll to devil baby?? Yep he’s a devil baby! Him and the doll bout to do damage!

Eric ate Sookies fairy godmother! She died real ugly too. Eric needs to go! He is to unpredictable in his confused state. But so cute and helpless...

Oh Lawd the train they bout to run on Jason!!!! They did him so wrong!

Chime in Trubies tell me what you thought!


Anonymous said...

When he called her Snookie, I thought I was going to die! Dear Eric, please come back from Jersey Shore.

There is something to this Marnie character...I know she's a witch but there is something else about her that just gives off the wrong shade. I just hope she isn't as crazy as that Maryann was!

Soooo no one is going to say "Hey, where's Jason?" Poor Jason. *moment of silence*

*Sighs*I spit out my juice when Sookie said Eric fanged raped her! A MESS!

Alcide and Debbie? No Comment. I don't trust that floozie!

Now who's going to protect Sookie since Eric drained her precious Fairy Godmother? And does that mean Eric can just kick it in sunlight without burning now since he drained a fairy?

P.S. I love this... said...

GP, your post had me DYING!! You are so crazy.

"About to run a train on Jason.." spit Pepsi out of my nose.. that was hysterical.

Eric looks so adorable, even though he doesn't know who, what and where about himself. Him being all polite was disarming but really endearing. He's still sexy..

Yes, I'm not loving Lafayette's fashion this season. That braided mohawk with the beads at the end.. burning my retinas. YUCK!

Marnie's face disturbs me. I want them to cast somebody else.

The Kang's house = DA BIZNASS!!

Love Pam.. "I will suck, f#$k and kill you..." She's so gangsta for her maker. I think Tara got a lil tingly when she said that. hahahahaha

At least Eric said he was sorry he fang raped her.. =/

What happened to Alcide? What happened to his sexy? Ummm, Debbie.. no.

That baby?? I can't.. he is disturbing me.. he needs to be recast too.

The FGM did die really ugly.. I was scared.. How did she get caught so easily? Can't they just "pouf" and disappear?

I can't wait until next week. =)

GorgeousPuddin said...

Hey! Welcome! and thanks for commenting!
That's a good one about the Jersey Shore! LOL!

Right! Marnie seems a tad more evil then the standard witch. Whoo chile Maryann was something else! It would be interesting if Marnie tops her crazy.

Right! It seems like Andy is the only one missing him.

The fang raping was TOO funny!

Debbie NOPE!

Good point! Is Eric about to be out in the sun next episode???

Thank you LOLOLOLOL!

Eric's politeness is soooooo charming!

Girl Laffy's hair is well...laughable :)

Dang a recast Z????? LOLOL!

Yes the Kang is living phat!!

Pam is a BEAST for Eric!!! LOL!

I said the same thing Alcide's sexy was down played. He looked all domesticated.

A recast on the baby too?? You are cracking me up!

Poor fairy Godmother. I didn't trust her anyway....

Monique said...

How the heck did Eric to Seaside Heights from Bon Temp? LOL

Bill is so dirty! He is pretty much hitting everything that has a vagina. SMH I always knew he was dirty.

Jessica is off the chain! I wonder what will happen between her and Hoyt. He's such a great person. She was wrong to glamour him though.

Pam is a mess but I love her!

Lafayette and the outfits. Lawd.

You know, I think Bill is up to something with this Marnie witch. She's definitely on some next level black magic but I think he's trying to use that to his advantage. Bill knows that if Eric is out, he could be out. After all, Eric knows all of Bill's secrets.

What the heck do those fairies keep coming back??

GorgeousPuddin said...


Sookie must be a powerful fairy, maybe that's why they want her so bad.

Hmmm... I hadn't thought that Bill KNOWS Marnie interesting...She sure got Eric so may be. Bill is being a slut this season. Bangin out errybody!!

I agree Jessica was wrong for glamoring Hoyt. On the other hand he was about to be in so much pain and heartache. Bill gave her bad advice in my opinion anyway.She's a vampire it's in their nature to eat folks I mean look at him!

Bajan Beauty said...

I thought he was gonna drain her but like you said she's that main character. I died when he said "you broke my nose" lmao.

Marnie is crazy! I can't wait to see how this how witch covenant unfolds. Any why isn't Tara freaking out by all this?!

Bill's house is amazing, definitely a man's decor.

Everyone from Hot shot looks stank and sweaty ewwww...and Crystal is looking too crackish! Why the hell is it called Ghost Daddy, *perplexed*. That doesn't even sound like it associated with Panthers.

I'm not liking Jessica this season, but then again she is acting her age. Poor Hoyt.

I love Eric like this he is hilarious, I swore someone else had came in and push Pam down, lmao. "Be nice to her" lol.

I thought Sookie and Alcide were gonna connect, *hopeless romantic*, lol. In walks Debbie with her dang Spam and crackers or whatever it was. It's not gonna last watch.

Eric is very cute and helpless and nice. Very different from the real Eric.

HBO is going is really dragging out the character development this season, I am under whelmed. I hope it picks up soon!