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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #48

1. 100 San Francisco restaurants hosted $1.00 lunch day today. I swear this 9 to 5 won't let me be great! I would've so been in the city today with a $1.00 lunch for there and a $1.00 lunch to go!

2. I want to throw out all of my old nail polish and buy some more! The colors out now are just so fabulous. Have you seen Tiffany Imposter? cute like a T.iffany box and a blue sky day! My tootsies will look so cute! LOL!

3. I'm so bored with life right now. My day to day is not that thrilling. I need some new exciting stuff to happen. My clothes are not that thrilling and I have the nerve to want to buy more stuff.  But at least I'm making moves to remedy the boredom. Now more than ever I know the 9 to 5 grind is NOT for me. I hope to have a great announcement at the end of this month. Fingers and toes crossed!! : )

4. TV is also not that thrilling and it use to be quite enjoyable. I actually passed on all the housewives drama this season and Ice and Coco just reminds me of an old pimp and his hoe... I can't! I'm thrilled that Rizzoli and Isles is back so I can see the Famous Jet Jackson! And of course True Blood!!

5. Just a thought. I wanna know why Jameil keeps traumatizing people with pictures of cats on her blog?  Just wait until I find out what she really doesn't like! Hmph!

6. I was told once that serial killers don't use contractions. Since I heard that I make a special effort to change words to contractions in my writing because it is I mean it's....

7. I found this site called I'm a big baby.com. Me thinks I am a Big baby. I honestly want what I want when I want it! *shakes head at self* Real life is just not like this! My question is WHO spoiled me??

8. I am absolutely THRILLED that the new Harry Potter movie starts tomorrow...but at the same time sad. After such a long relationship with a movie it's going to be sad to see it end. Although, I will be buying the fancy boxed set at the completion of the series! Yay!

9. I self diagnosed myself with SADS. I Googled it and yep that's what I have. Which leads me to 10...

10. Mental health PSA! If you need to talk to somebody people please find a good therapist who is unbiased. It may take a few interviews to find the right person, but I recommend therapy to everyone who needs it. Sometimes friends and family are too judgmental and sometimes you can't tell people close to you everything. It's sad but true. There are dream killers in our own circles.

11. While the East coast is burning up we are sadly suffering the drizzly,  gray, cold of winter again. I broke down and turned on the heater in July last night. I wore boots to work 2 days in a row!! And guess who broke out a coat again?? Umm...this weather is messing with my summer weekend statecations! Hmph!

12. Seen and Heard... I die laughing every time I see the A.T&T commercial where the woman starts screaming in the restaurant when dude shows her a picture of a spider on his phone. The premise is the pic is just so real. Oh My GAWD!! Wait.... then the other man at the table beats the phone with his shoe to KILL IT!! I just can't!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwhahahahaaha!


Jameil said...

2) Why does wanting new colors mean you have to get rid of all the old ones? Dramatic
3) I hope you have one, too!
6) I'd like to point out you could've used a contraction in the first sentence of no. 4.
7) Do better
9) Not you, too.
11) Can we split the difference??
12) DVR makes me miss the hilarious commercials... I had to youtube this & ... ROTFL!!! LOLOLOL

~Mommy+Me~ said...

1. MAN, that stinks that you missed out, sounds great! Wish they would have something like that out here, especially since I'm off for the summer.

2. I know what you mean. Funny thing is I own a lot of polish, but mostly go get my nails done. SMH

3. I am with you! I have been so restless lately! Also because a lot is up in the air for me right now too. :(

9. I think I have that too. My moods are strongly affected by the weather. We had several days straight of rain & no sun & I felt super depressed & cranky.

11. We have severe thunderstorms here every day now for about 2 weeks. I can hardly sleep through them.

mamasez said...

1. Sounds delicious. Wich I were in the area.
2. You have to check out chloenails.blogspot.com I have been motivated to use more colors, crackle and use some of her techniques--FUN. She says polish never goes bad. So keep it and use it. But go ahead and get some of those hot new colors.
3. I shouldn't be, but I am. Still wrestling with retire/not to retire.
4. Next
6. I certainly hope this is not true.
9. Self diagnosed -- Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I don't stay focused.
10. So true.
11. Heater before bed and fan with the covers pulled tight.
13. I'm liking the dog that moves his bone withthat blues song playing. It's a commercial for Traveler's Insurance. I'm disliking Universal Studios screaming child that morphs into an old man because of the King Kong ride.

Nexgrl said...

1. That so didn't workout for me. The closest restaurant to me was sold out before 9:30am.
3. Good luck with your new money maker.
7. You probabaly spoiled yourself. You're an adult and if you can afford it, you purchase it. There isn't anyone telling you that you can have and or do something.
9. You live in the wrong part of Cali. We have fog/drizzle/cold, fog/rain/cold, sun/wind w/fog at night, or heat for 2-3 wks tops all year.

Monique said...

I have the Tiffany color and it looks fab on all skin types. It's beautiful.

I'm convinced that summer tv sucks. Everyone is on hiatus. The fall will be much better (it better be).

K. Rock said...

1. That sounds awesome! I would have had to make that happen.
2. I'm not into nail poish but y'all are making me want to try some.
3.Tell me about it. I am so bord with stuff too. And a good shopping trip used to rememdy that but I dont even have the urge to do that anymore.
4. Agreed. I dont even have any more regular shows to watch. Hopefull there will be some good ones this fall.
6. Huh? How did they even come up with that. I am sure some of them do.
7. We all want what we want when we want it. The difference is how you react when you dont get it. That determines if you are spoiled.
10. Never thought about therapy...
11. It's cold over there? Bummer! But it is wretchedly hot over here.
12. That is a cute commercial.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I want that nail polish. I will be on the look out for it.

I tried watching Ice & Coco but I can't.

I'm mad you had to turn your heat on in July. That's not right! Something is terribly wrong with that.

I haven't seen that AT&T commercial. Now I want to. lol

P.S. I love this... said...

1. $1.00 lunch.. say what??

2. I don't wear nail polish on my fingernails.. it bugs me. But love it on my toes.. I wonder how that Tiffany color would look on them? May check it out and not use it... hahaha

3. I got alot going on and I'm STILL bored. Maybe I need to go sky diving with my friend and be scared to death to appreciate some thangs..

4. As long as I can find Golden Girls somewhere, I'm good.

6. Word?? Do I use contractions.. you know my daughter said I fit a serial killer's profile. Boo!!

7. Lawd!!

9. I KNOW I have that. Straight up depressed during the colder, darker months.

10. "gets co-pay ready for appt"

11. It has been quite pleasant these days. Maybe you should move out here. =)

12. I can't.. she was a ratard (in Allen's voice from Hangover)

12kyle said...

11. Heater? Come on down to ATL and get some of this HEAT! LoL. It was 100 yesterday. We've had 40 days of 90 degrees+ weather. LoL

mrstdj said...

3. Fingers and everything else crossed for you. Can't wait for the big announcement!!

4. Hubs just added True Blood to our Netflix queue. We haven't watched any yet, but we kept hearing soooooo many good things that we're finally going to start watching.

5. THANK YOU!!! It's me! **sniffling and crying softly** She doesn't know how to tell me stop reading her blog, so this is her passive aggressive way!

12. That commercial give me a burst of life EVERY single time I see it!

Trish said...

5. Lol @you AND Jameil!

7. Who honestly likes the word no and for things not to go their way?

11. I'm with Kyle! I will gladly give you some of this heat, I've been miserable!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. Right !?!
2. Yes I am dramatic!! I tend to get rid of old stuff and get new stuff.
3. It will be a sigh of relief!!
5. *shakes fist a you*
6. LOL! Thanks!
7. I am!
9. Yes me too! Who else?? It's real man!
11. Splitting the difference would be WONDERFUL!!!!
12. I added it to the post. I don't know why I didn't in the first place...but yes it just gives me life every time! AT&T, hilarious commercials mediocre phone service!

Hey girl!! Long time...

1. I hope they have another one!! I'm sure the people who got in on it were thrilled. I probably should've been a teacher I NEED summer's off. When I finally start the professor thing I probably won't teach in the summer!
2. I own a lot of polish too and I go to the nail salon for pedicures! I think I'll take my polish with me from now on.
3. The weather hasn't helped at all! Sorry to hear this...I'm emailing you...
9. I agree wholeheartedly!!
11. Wow! Now that might push me over the edge!

1. Doesn't it though?? I hope they have another one. I found out 1 day before...
2. Love, Love, Love Chloe's blog!!! Her styles are fiyah! Some of the polish wasn't stored properly so they have to go. I hate when they get thick and need thinning. Boo!
3. Weird huh? I thought the summer would bring excitement...it hasn't. You have a big life changing decision on your plate so it's understandable for you!
4. LOL!
6. Me too!!
9. I may have a touch of that too! LOL!
10. Yep!
11. Really?? I thought SoCal would be burning up!
13. I haven't seen those...but I'll be on the lookout! I love a good commercial!

1. You had to get tickets for it early. I received an email from Groupon or one of those sites. I'll be ready next time!
3. It's more of a leading to the moneymaker good news.
7. Nope it was my family. The question was more rhetorical. It should have been why did they spoil me? They ruined life for me!
9. I think because you live in the city ya'll weather is worst. This hasn't been my experience until recent years.

@ Monique
I can't wait to get it on my toes! Glad you like it!!

Oddly I normally enjoy summer programs...I'm just bored!

K. Rock
1. I will next time and if things were different it so would've happened this time :(
2. Get you some!! Son!!!! LOL!
3.Yeah...something has to happen soon!
4. Fall better step up!
6. I think it was a study and most caught killers like to write from what I understand *shrugs*
7. "The difference is how you react when you don't get it." I act a dang fool!! Spoiled!
10. Then your life is banging dude! Which is a good thing. Everybody doesn't need it...
11. I wish ya'll could split the difference like Jameil said. I need to get outta Cali for awhile!
12. Isn't it!


They sell it at Sally's beauty supply!

I understand why! They suck.

DEAD@Something is terribly wrong with that. I agree!!!

I added it to the post check it out!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@P.S. I love this
1. Right! A $1.00 lunch...at the right spot...I know it was AWESOME!
2. It's at Sally's I don't really do bright colors on my nails either!
3. Sky diving... Wow! That sounds thrilling...maybe it would...put things in perspective!
4. Really? I can NOT watch the GG...at all!
6. LOL! Do you?
7. LOL!
9. I probably really have it too!
10. Right there with you girl!!
11. That's a thought! I do plan on moving somewhere...away from here in the future!
12.Really? I almost spit my drink the first time I saw it!

11. Oh I see...ya'll are hogging all the heat!!! Dude let it go so some can come this way...greedy! LOLOL!

3. Thank you!!!
4. Well be prepared...it's not for the faint of heart!
5. No she's not that mean. I think she really likes cats! As crazy as that is! LOL!
12. THANK YOU!! It's so FUNNY!!

7. Nobody...but others seemingly take NO better than I do.
11. Send it my way please. The 4th of July weekend was the last heat and it was glorious!!

Janeen said...

I love this commercial too!

GorgeousPuddin said...