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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #47

1. Did you know the powers that be box up the team that loses championship paraphernalia and sends it to Africa?? Poor Heat!

2. I watched Easy A on Netflix because I heard it was good. Now I have a couple of questions. What in the Willie lump lump hell was wrong with Amanda Bynes cheeks??? Hollywood is the devil. Really?? some kind of Botox puffy cheek freeze?? She looked a mess, but the movie was funny. Check it out.

3.The word veri’s are getting too long! I have to click out then back in so the word can change. If its past 6 letters NOPE!

4.My new sign on and sign off on Twitter will be Hey/Bye Twittakins.

5. I know this may sound crazy but sometimes I think if I got "fatally" shot I wouldn’t be wounded or die. Like I’m invincible…

6. I’m having a really good summer!! I’m enjoying my WEEKENDS immensely. I have so many adventures planned. The water slides, the garlic festival, the state and county fairs, the Sa.nta Cr.uz Be.ach Bo.ard.walk and a quick jaunt to L.A. All statecations all fun.

7. Pier 1 has the old school wooden fork and spoon in metal. I cracked up when I saw them! Did anyone of your parents/ grandparents have those on the wall? Pier 1 also has these FAB pillows that I’ve been stalking for weeks. They’re 50.00 each. I want to pay that much or less for two of them.

8. I know by now everybody has heard about Ca.sey Anth.ony. The footage early on of her beautiful daughter and the media stating that she was murdered because of a boyfriend made me so sad. Too many people want children and I think society needs to change the rules on how children can be given up. I know you can drop a baby off at a church or hospital and I think this should be extended to any age. That option vs. murder wins with me all day!

9. MrsTDJ, She Needs and Southern gal won my giveaway. I have one extra Silk Elements conditioner to giveaway. Just say something in the comments and it could be yours. I.LOVE.THIS. STUFF!

10. Every year I'm late renewing my car registration. I HATE coming off that cash. I think the fact that I HAD to buy two new tires in 2-3 weeks is my reason/excuse this year.

11. I am a little sad that ya'll ain't commenting on my posts. Where the movie folks at?? That is all.

12. Seen and Heard My cousin's new friend said the 4th of July food loot and smelt so good! I died! Was he for real? Yep! Fin too and Finna are not words I say them and I know this but what in the Sam Hill is sinna and sin too??? I'm sinna go? What??


Reggie said...

I'm afraid that many of the movies you watch just never occured to me to be a good way to spend two hours.

Seriously........are these random thoughts?!?

Try not to get fatally shot, because I'm sure you'd be disappointed where the invincibility thing is concerned.

Tarsha R said...

2. I saw Easy A and thoguht it was hilarious too...I also side eyed Amanda's cheek action. STOP

5. Lets not test out that invincible theory, please and thank you

6. This summer for us has been busy too! Babe and I have been in these streets long and strong

7. I LOVE Pier 1 but they be on something with those prices. Like that good crack, but when they have a sale it is pretty awesome. Do you have SteinMart out in Cali? They have really reasonably priced goods that are super nice

11. Until recently I have not been able to comment...I'm back on that thang now though! Plus I will gladly join movie nights! Well except for the vampire, horror stuff...

12. Bwhahahahahahahahahahahhahah!

Nexgrl said...

1. I did know that about Africa. They also get a lot of the confiscated counterfeit clothing and shoes.
2. I saw Easy A, I don't remember anything about anyone's cheeks.

6. I haven't been to the state fair in decades. I haven't been to the Alameda County Fair in almost a decade. I haven't been to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk since high school. I've never been to the Garlic Festival. I hope you have a great time at each event.

7. Like Tarsha R., I think you should wait for the pillows to go on sale.

10. You'll really hate paying that renewal fee, if the increase is approved.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I did not know that about Africa receiving the losing teams paraphernalia. I wondered what they did with that stuff.

I will have to check out Easy A.

I love Pier 1. Most of the time I just go in there to look and dream. lol For about a month, I was eyeing a dining room table and chairs. One chair by itself was $75.

P.S. I love this... said...

1. Poor Mother Africa.. getting the losers ish.

2. That was a cute movie.. Yes, Amanda's cheeks were on swole. I think she was meant to be a curvy girl and her cheeks are tired of fighting the good fight.

5. Ummm doesn't fatally usually mean dead? I'm with Reg.. don't want you all disappointed in Heaven, like "Dag".

6. I'm having a good summer too.. but would like it to be great.. I need to work on that. I haven't been on a waterslide in forever. A trip to Dorney Park is in order.

7. I've always love Pier 1.

8. I just can't with that character. I think if a child can be dropped at any age.. ALOT of teenagers wouldn't have homes.. cause they can stress your LAST nerve.

9. Ooooh, I want a Silk Elements!!

10. Why does it need to renewed anyway?? Just trying to get a sista for her paper. lol

GorgeousPuddin said...

Umm okay lol

YES! These are random thoughts! LOLOL! Dang it!

I don't know why I think this....but yeah I'll try not to get shot... I'll feel dead I mean dumb if the bullet didn't bounce off!

@Tarsha A

2.I knew I wasn't crazy! She had chipmunk cheeks!

5. DEAD@ please and thank you! It was just a thought!

6. That's right girl! enjoy the summer!! I plan to ride the wheels OFF!!

7. No SteinMart close to me, but I'll do another google search to see. Pier 1 is AWESOME!! I will keep stalking those pillows. They are a must have.

11.Well thank you for commenting today and welcome to movie club! We probably won't do horror! True Blood is enough! LOL!

12. Right?!? :D

1. I did not know that about the confiscated counterfeit clothing and shoes. You are a librarian I expect you to know errythang! LOL!

2. Her face changed from her other movies to that!

6. Umm ma'm...where do you go for entertainment??

7. I will continue my stalk of Pier 1.

10. Whaat???? An increase! *stomps feet and pouts*

Yep Africa, You should see the footage of them IN the clothes.

It's cute and funny!

I love Pier 1. Just keep stalking the set I'm sure it will go on sale.

Thanks for answering my SOS *grins*
1. LOL! that's one way to look at it.
2. You think so?? I think you're right but her face looked stiff too! Girl!!! DEAD@ her cheeks are tired of fighting the good fight.
5. Yeah it does mean dead but i wouldn't die. Don't ask why...I don't know either! LOL! You are pure comedy today Bwhahahaha@don't want you all disappointed in Heaven, like "Dag".
6. *Googles Dorney Park* I feel you! Unfortunately my job won't let my summer be GREAT!! You are having the BESTEST summer ever!!
7. *swoons* for Pier 1
8. I hadn't thought about the numerous teens...but still.
9. The Silk Elements is YOURS!!
10. True DAT! LOL!

krissy said...

Yea amanda's entire face in that movie was cause for pause for me! But I loved that movie.

I'm actually enjoying my summer too.

Jameil said...

1) But first they try to sell it in the mall... lol
2) I liked it pretty well. The profanity was over the top for me.
3) Dramatic
4) Only new people sign in & out like it's msn messenger in 1997. lolol
5) Let's review FATALLY shot. FATAL. 0_o
6) Yay fun!!!
7) Pier 1 is great when stuff is on sale. I guess like every other store but it's so much more joyous w/expensive ones.
10) In NC the late fee is like $3 or something crazy like that. In GA it's ONE DOLLAR! Like what is even the point??
11) You need to say your feelings in the post. It gives the comments a jumping off point. Otherwise it's almost like idle chatter. You've also been MIA in the blog world so there's that to account for as well.
12) ????

GorgeousPuddin said...

She looked a mess! The movie was cute.

Glad your having a great summer! :)

1. Ooo I hope not! Who would buy the losers stuff??
3. Moi?? LOL!
4. You are so cold sometimes!
5. I will not die!
6. Yipeeeeeeeeee!
7. Love it! I can stay in there for an hour.
10. Really? Wow! That is not the cost here.
11. I did that and everybody agreed with what I said. On my next post I'll go back to
12. I guess you had to hear it.

Jameil said...

They really do try to sell it in the mall! Promise I've seen it! YEARLY! Cold??? Would you rather I didn't tell you at all???

GorgeousPuddin said...

No it's good. I'm use to your straight no chaser now LOL! I just forgot my lol. :)

Bajan Beauty said...

1. Booooooooo!

6. Sounds like fun! I need to be more adventurous.

7. My mom knew a lady that made decorative kitchen stuff...so we had the spoon and fork with some flower, frilly thing on each of our cabinet doors in the kitchen! lol.

9. Sally's just had a great silk elements sale. I copped a few of those for either $4.99 for $5.99, sure as heck beats $10.99!

10. I always late too, I usually remember once I get a ticket for an expired tag =/

11. LMAO