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Friday, July 8, 2011

Aww Shucks...Thanks!!

Well I'll be flattered again!! Thank you Starrla and Nina for the award!

The rules: List 7 random things about yourself, pass the award to 15 bloggers and answer a couple of questions. I hardly ever follow rules I'm a rebel! LOL!

Okay here goes...

1. I love to shop! Shoes are my favorite and I have many brand new unworn clothes and shoes.
2. I love good chocolate.
3. I received two orders to make cakes. This will be my 4th paid order. Oh yeah I bake! LOL!
4. I love chocolatey men! LOL!
5. I love plants and at times I'm tempted to break off pieces of other peoples plants and start new ones at home. I was recently tweeted that that is ghetto! LOL!
6. I really do NOT like the taste of alcohol at all!
7. I have a real problem using public restrooms... meaning I don't.

I swear cannot pick 15 bloggers. That's just too many... If I comment on your blog ever then you are a FAV!

Answer the following questions
Favorite color: purple, orange and green
Favorite song: I can't think of one.
Favorite dessert: brownies with hot fudge and Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream.
Biggest pet peeve: People who LIE!
When you are upset, you: Go off!
Your favorite pet:  goldfish
Black or white: Black, White and Black and White
Biggest Fear: Failing
Best feature: My face and boobs. lol
Everyday attitude: Let’s get it done so we can move on!
What is perfection: God
Guilty pleasure: The roasted garlic crab and garlic noodles from Thanh Long! I'm going there tomorrow!! Yay!


Jameil said...

15 bloggers is way too many. Could I even name 10? Ma'am. I wear 7.5 - 8. Buy those unworn shoes in my size, Nine West strappy, please. Matter of fact, let me just send you some pictures. How old are you??? You still don't like the taste of alcohol?? In anything??

Trish said...

1. I love it too! I have three dresses in my closet that I keep thinking, "when will I wear these?"

3. I LOVE baking too! Ever since I moved, I bake less. I can really tell how rusty I am lately, I attempted to make cupcakes for July 4th but they turned out horribly wrong....

7. When I have to go, I can go just about anywhere! Lol!

Purple is my birthstone and favorite color! Brownies are awesome! Liars suck!

GorgeousPuddin said...


LOL! M'am Why does it have to be juvenile not to like the taste of alcohol?? I do drink on occasion but I have concluded the taste is either not appealing or I have not found the right things to drink. Turns out the unworn are in your size.

I almost passed out at 7. Ewww lol!
Bakers unite! Yes I had gotten rusty myself but I'm on a roll now.

Yes I like purple a lot! Agreed! about liars. They should just save it!

Krissy said...

I hate shopping with a passion. I don't like trying on clothes or shoes. I just hate it all. My feet are small and my hips are big. Go figure lol.

I don't like the taste of any hard alcohol. It has to be fruity and mixed with fruit juice. Then its yummy. Otherwise, yea, I'm good.

My fav color is also purple. All colors look good on me. Its this lovely complextion God gave me! Lol

And yes your plant stealing is ghetto! Gonna stick by that one lol.

You never comment on my dag on blog so I ain't doin it! Lol

K. Rock said...

Girl waht size what do wear, if you got shoes and clothes to get rid of, I love hand me downs!
I had no idea you baked. You could have been documenting all that on your food blog. That's what it's for!!
I dont like the taste of booze either...but I love what it does to me.