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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #46

1.Driving home on the freeway I drove over what looked to be a dead cow that had been pulverized into the asphalt. I had never seen the outline of something so big dead on the freeway before it was probably a large dog but wow it was gross! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

2.Prince had a birthday this week and I swear I want to know what beauty products he uses because his skin is gorgeous. He is gorgeous in general to me, and to be 53?? Yeah he’s doing it! Speaking of age Halle Berry is another one who is doing it big. Have you seen her lately?? Geez! Steppin my game up even more! LOL!

3.Have you ever worked a job where you had 3 meetings in the same day about the same thing? I wrote a comment on another blog about how much I hate meetings. I’ve been tweeting like crazy about how much I hate meetings, and I think I’ve already mentioned here about how much I hate meetings!!! I quit a job once in my silly days because this one supervisor wanted to meet everyday. Everyday!!! Nope! This ED is working all of my nerves. ALL of them! Turns out dude was having withdrawals. He has since calmed down since he got his fix! Tuesday we discussed his two year plan. I almost busted out laughing. Does he really think I will be there in 2 years?? Me thinks not.  *cackles*

4.When I PMS I am supreme evil, hateful and mean. Um yeah I had to put on a happy face at work but woo chile EVERYTHING shows on my face.

5.Let's all CONGRATULATE Jameil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti* *dougies*

6.It's BLOGAVERSARY TIME!!!!  Yaaaaaay!!  June 2008 is when I started this blog. I'm having a Give Away!! My Favorite Things Summer Style! Details coming soon!

7.So far it’s been six weeks and the C.oke machine has only got me for my paper twice. I’m doing so GOOD!

8.One of the work-study students was about to make a comment about Africa during lunch then he stopped... I wonder why? I had noticed something about him on our first meeting. I think I’m right. Woo chile HE DOES NOT WANT IT with me. He really DON’T. REALLY!

9.Has anyone noticed that once a movie goes to HBO shortly there after it is made into a flick for FX?

10.I hate when people say I wish I could help you when you KNOW they can. I always hang up and call right back during service calls and get someone who does. To all the mean people in the world DO BETTER and GET YO LIFE RIGHT! Mark my words you too will need help one day and wish that person would help you! AT.T and cable!

11.Oh dear Lord!!! I moved my body and popped my back or shoulder. I don’t like popping anything on me. I’ve heard/know people who pop necks, backs, knuckles feet etc... The sound makes me cringe!!! The HORROR! Revision: I don’t mind poppin one thang! LOLOLOLOL~!

12.Just because your last name is Wei.ner does not mean everybody wants to see IT! THAT. IS. ALL! SMH.

13.I need for this economy to get better for everybody. People are robbing you after you have a car accident again! I’ve heard of this happening before and now it’s happening much more frequently. Please note: If I am in a car accident I will not be getting out to help you. Don’t walk up to my car. I will drive off! When I get to court I will tell the judge why.


P.S. I love this... said...

1. Yuck!

2. He does look good!!

3. Don't wanna have a meeting..send me an email.

5. Congrats!!

7. That's so good!

8. lolololol

11. You're fresh. =)

13. Wow, I never heard of that. That's terrible! Yes, this economy needs to do better.

Bajan Beauty said...

4. I can relate the bitch face is in full effect today!

6. You need to say out of my head I was think of the same thing for Curves and Confidence when I reach 150 readers.

7. I can give up meat and dairy but I am still addict to freakin Pepsi. It has mind control over me, lol.

11. LMAO @ the last sentence.

12. He's a loser, I feel bad for his wife, smh.

We only have a couple of weeks before True Blood Tuesday are back! Can't wait.

Jameil said...

1) It was a person.
2) You can't afford their regimen!!
3) I hate meetings. UGGGGHHH! Rashan loves them. Freak.
5) Yay!!! Thank you!! :)
6) You betta do it Oprah!
7) What's your goal?
9) No.
10) I hate talking to cable companies.
11) face.
12) I do believe you're the first person to make that joke.
13) I need you not to break the law.

Nexgrl said...

1. Would a pothole the size of a
cow or large dog been a better
3. I've blogged about it and I
tell lots of people. I hate
meetings. It's different if
they could be short and cover
5. Congratulations to Jameil and
6. Happy Blogaversary
7. You have improved, but you
need to JUST SAY NO.
10. I had to sever my relationship
with cable.

AR Gal said...

1. I hate roadkill but always look at. Gah-ross!

3. All.the.time.

4. Perhaps I PMS everyday. LOL I work with some incredibly stupid people so it's hard for me.

5. Congrats Jameil!

6. Ooooo lah lah! Happy Blogaversary!!!

11. I pop my knuckles all the time. Mistah says my hands are doomed.

13. I'm sorry what? Robbing after an accident. That's just stupid as hell.

Justice Jonesie said...

2. Halle looks amazing! I agree, time to get it together!
3. Meetings can be annoying but so can a bunch of emails. Not sure which is worse!
6. Congrats!!!

K. Rock said...

1. Ewwww! I have never seen anything that big and dead either. I bet it was neat though.
4. Aww man. Sounds like I would not want to get in your way.
5. Yippeeee! We have all been waiting for this day.
6. Happy blogiversary! I am physched for the festivities.
7. Good job. Keep it up.
13. I havent heard about this. This must be big on the west coast right now. It's only a matter of time before these southereners catch on.

12kyle said...

Prince is 53??? Damn! I knew he had a birthday but I didn't realize he was that old!

God bless women. I dunno how y'all deal with those cramps. ;)

Congrats on the blog anniversary!

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

Prince found the fountain of youth and is not telling anybody. He should share.

I've seen Jameil around these blog streets before....Congratulations!!!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@P.S. I love this
1. It totally was!
2. Really tho!
3. Girl I'm bout worn out!!
5. Yay!
7. LOL! Thanks
8. It's 2011 white people!
11. I know LOLOLOL!
13. Girl Hood problems!

@Bajan Beauty
4. Man! It is so hard to control!
6. Do it! I like to see other peoples favs too. Besides I might win! LOL!
7. Are you vegan now?? Yeah I think they put something in these cola....
11. *grins*
12. The wife and children!

LOL! Thanks for being interested!! I can't wait either! This season is going to be exciting!

1. Oh GAWD!! I hope not. You say the craziest stuff.
2.Maybe not but I sure can mimic it!!
3.I just hate so many meetings. A meeting every now and then is fine.
5. You're Welcome!! :)
6. I am!
7. Not to drink one everyday, especially when STRESSED!
9. I bet you will from now on.
10. Me either they take their job to seriously.
11. expected lol
12. Funny but I didn't mean it jokingly. The news had just talked about more women receiving the sexts and that just came to mind. *shrugs*
13. If I have to I so will! Believe that!

1. No! and I hope I NEVER encounter that!
3. I know. Agreed!
5. Yay!!
6. Thanks!!
7. Oh but I can't it's so yummy.
10. I don't blame you.

@ AR Gal
1. Agreed! Me too!
3. Then you KNOW my pain!!!
5. Yay!!
6. Thank you!
11. I agree with Mistah!
13. Girl people are just cra cra crazy!

@Justice Jonesie
Hi! Welcome and thanks for stopping by!!!
2. She really does!!! I'm all about stepping it up!
3. Definitely the meetings to me!
6. Thank you!

@K. Rock
1. Hmmm! I hadn't thought about it being neat, but I guess so...it was a weird pattern in the asphalt.
4. Well if you're being a racist look out, but you can't be because you're black.
5. Agreed!
6. Thank you! I want it to be fun!
7. *fingers crossed*
13. It may just be happening in the Bay. But it needs to stop!

Wow! I'm honored. Welcome!

Me either. He looks really good.

By going the heck off when necessary! LOL! I don't think men could handle that pain AT ALL!

Thank you!! Stop by for the party.

I agree. He really should share!

Yay! Jameil