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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thoughtfully…Thought-Out…Thursday…Thoughts #43

So much has happened...I don't know where to begin...I have so many thoughts lol.

1.First off what the heck was up with blogger?? I get back online and try to blog and comment last week and I can't! That did not help me in trying to end this hiatus.

2.I type so much at work via email I didn't wanna type when I got home. But like riding a bike I'm back on. lol 

3.My new job was doing the fool this week. When I was hired dude told me payday was the 1st and 15th of the month. So payday rolls around...I'm thinking since the 15th is a Sunday I'm getting my check on Friday. What? no check hmm...okay. So then Monday rolls around and I ASK when's payday other dude tells me up to 3 days after the 1st and 15th Umm...then payday is really the 4th and the 18th Right? Umkay.  So yesterday was the 18th I finally get my check and it's short. I'm like what the hell? They deducted all of my lunch times from my check. Okay so when I was hired dude went over the employee handbook with me page by page O_O! and it states that lunch is paid. Them fools owe me money. I took the check that was cut cause I needed my money and they are going to cut another check he says after they get it worked out. What's to work out? GIVE. ME. MY MONEY.!!!!

4.I finally did the movie club post. I feel really guilty about not posting as soon as I got my computer fixed. I hope ya'll still want to participate. LOL! I picked 127 hours and I wish I had followed my first mind and picked Winter's Bone.

5. I was on twitter during my hiatus and I tell you the folks I follow are crazy crazy crazy cra cra crazy!

6. I'm buying some sundresses with my first paycheck, paying my tithes and paying myself. SCORE!

7. My insomnia is finally over I believe now it was anxiety induced. I have no problem falling asleep and I get sleepy at 10:30 and go to bed by 11 or 11:30 pm. Yaaay!

8. I met a dude.... awhile back more on that later... for now we'll call him church dude. I want to sit on him like he's a chair.

9. Oh did I tell ya'll my job is near a parolee check in spot?? I DID NOT MEET CHURCH DUDE THERE!! When I first started fools was just waving and waving. I waved back because...I'm nice. LOL! Umm that stopped immediately when work dude told me what it was. As I stated on twitter I. WILL. NOT. UPGRADE. YOU. !

10. I kinda have co-workers but not really because they work upstairs...Yeah that's it. Tell me what I'm thinking?

11. I am super pissed that the vending machines have the best snacks EVER!! and guess what????? They have a coke machine and get this the cokes are 75 cent! Hep me jebus!

12. I'm thinking about starting to say "Say Whaaat" in response to everything. LOL!

12. Seen and Heard. This song is old now but when I first heard it I was like is this an ole negro spiritual on the radio??


South Loop Social Light said...

The newsroom vending machine has soda for 65 cents and chips for 50 cents!!! It's been killing my diet lol

Bajan Beauty said...

First of all I am glad you are back!!!!!

1. That blogger ish was crazy!

3. Smh, peoples money ain't nothing to play with at all! Who really deducts lunch? smh.

8. *dead* you are crazy! lol. I'm happy you met someone.

Eyes On The Prize (eyesOTP) said...

And I was just listening to that Mary J. song this morning, rocking to it, and then I read this post! It will never be the same to me now..."Old Negro Spiritual'? Too funny.

Eyes On The Prize (eyesOTP) said...

And um...now in what way you wanna 'sit' on church dude mami?

It painted a picture for me but it could just be me and my dirty mind. That's why I ask....


Jameil said...

2. This is the lamest excuse I've ever heard. What??? My whole work life was typing but I could come home and type whatever I wanted!! Please create better excuses.
3. Fail, fail, fail. Also, unpaid lunches are what? ILLEGAL. If you're working full time, they HAVE to give you breaks including a lunch break.
4. You are not old enough to say first mind. I didn't think Winter's Bone was that much better.
7. Anxiety sucks.
8. If this is dirty, don't explain. Otherwise WHAT!?!?!
12. VETO.

Monique said...

1. Blogger has PMS sometimes. I'm convinced.
2. When I get home, the last thing I want to do is open up my laptop or sit in front of my desktop. I try to get most of my writing/blogging done during lunch. Mama be tired!
3. You should go jump on HR's desk and say "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!" No, don't do that. we don't want you to lose your job.
4. I didn't see that movie but I did see Black Swan.
5. *gasp* You calling us crazy? LOL
6. Amen amen amen!
7. Congrats on getting some sleep. Oh how I miss those days.
8. Uh-uh. You can go and drop something like "I met a dude" and not give us the details.
9. Parolees + single black female = daily cat calls. Don't make eye contact girl LOL
11. The vending machines are the devil! Don't do it!

P.S. I love this... said...

2. I can always type for pleasure. Especially with instant messenger or texting.

3. New job acting up already. Keep putting your resume out. Having a job is like having a boyfriend.. everybody wants to holla at you.

4. Didn't see the movie.. *hangs head in shame*

6. All for paying yourself first.

8. lol @ sit on him like a chair.. that sounds fresh and naughty

9. DEAD @ will not upgrade you!

11. Cheap vending machines are the WORST. I had a job where they had an ice cream vending machine, candy, cakes and cookies and soda.. everything was a QUARTER!!! Just evil and I couldn't but to indulge and hoard. hahahaha

Adei von K said...

3. That is simply outrageous that they took out your lunches. WDDDA?

5. I know you're not talking abt me and Jam on the twitters!

7. i'm glad you can sleep now :-)

8. what in the fresh hell do you mean by you want to sit on CHURCH DUDE like he's a chair?!?!?!? please, please explain!!!

10. why wouldn't people who work upstairs not be your co-workers? and I have no idea what you're thinking... or if you're even thinking at all...

11. you better get on them good vending machine snacks!!! and you can't find a 75 cent soda anywhere anymore!

Trish said...

1. Blogger sucks, it sometimes eats my replies to you guy's posts.

2. I feel the same about work. I hate the computer.

3. They need to get your paycheck together. I would have taken a monitor or scanner as collateral.

6. The most recent sunglasses I bought leaves marks on my face! Wth?!

7. Mine too! Thank goodness!

8. Yay! Can't wait to hear about him.

9. Whew, glad you didn't meet him there.

11. I've been getting Peanut M&
M's everyday this week, someone stop me!

Anonymous said...

That check situation is some craziness. I LOL'd through this whole list tho.
My hubs rented Winter's Bone the other night. I tried to watch it with him, but I fell asleep half way thru. He said he liked it.

I can't wait to hear about the dude!!

Cokes in the machine at my job are a whole 1.50!

K. Rock said...

1. Blogger was getting ready for the end of the world tomorrow by trying to commit suicide.
2. That is exactly why I do the majority of my blogging from work.
3. That's crazy. Stay on them about that. Let them know they cant treat you any ole way.
4. 127 was cool. There will be time for all of them.
6. Sounds like an awesome way to spend the money. Shopping!
8. Wha??!! Can't wait to hear about him.
9. Parolees need love too.
11. So I guess the addiction continues...
12. I love it! Do it!
13. My husband says it sounds native american. I actually like though.

keyalus said...

1. Wordpress. Get with it.

3. That payday scenario is very abnormal. Up to 3 days?!? Lots of bills are due on the 1st and 15th and not 3 days later.

9. I saw that comment on Twitter and now it makes sense LOL.

Anonymous said...

I need new sundresses in the worst way, but I hate shopping.

LOL @ you NOT meeting church dude there. Keep it clean GP. We won't judge you.

I love Mary, but I cannot listen to this song anymore because MrTDJ says that she songs like she's chanting in Hindu or something when she goes, "I'm, I'm, I'm looking". HEEE-LARIOUS!!

Ladynay said...

Wait wait wait WAIT!!! Did you say you want to sit on dude like a chair????? LOL!

Your job better come correct! Two things you don't mess with is my fam or my money! They betta' recognize up in there!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@South Loop Social Light
Wow! that's even cheaper than ours!! A definite diet killer! Stay strong and walk away...

@Bajan Beauty
Thank you so MUCH!!! :)

Blogger is crazy and got the nerve to still be lightweight trippin!

Girl! they be doing the fool in Cali Clearly

8. Yeah me too! :)

@Eyes On The Prize(eyesOTP)
Sowwey to ruin it for you! LOL! Okay not really you'll be all right! ; )
See I knew somma ya'll... LOL!
I meant like a real chair like a recliner He's so big I just want to lean back. LOL!

2. Lemme lone Jameil!!! LOL!
3. Yeah they give you a lunch break but it's unpaid. I guess. Them fools still working it out O_O! I swear if this was 2008....ooo I would quit!
4. Winter's Bone was good to me too! My mom says it all the time now she got me saying it! LOL!
7. It does. I'm glad it's over...but now I have NEW anxiety. SMH!
8. Nope not dirty. He's just so Big and comfy like a recliner I just want to rest on him! :D

1. I'm inclined to agree!
2. Girl!!! OKAY!
3. If I knew I wouldn't, I woulda been ack a fool up in there! I'm trying to be cool!
4. Black Swan post forthcoming!
5. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. Praise Him! LOL!
7. It's been soo good. I forgot what sleepy felt like. Sorry! I hope good sleep comes back for you too!
8. As things unfold with him I will let more out the bag!
9. They are hilarious!
10. That just because ya'll work upstairs you don't know me! We don't work together and you ain't my co-workers! LOL!
11. So far so good these past weeks but I feel a fix coming.

@P.S. I love this
2. I guess I'm just trippin! LOL!
3. Yeah girl! But I am keeping my resume out there. I just needed sumthin right away.
4. *GASP*
6. That's right!
8. I guess it could be LOL! But it is really innocent.
9. They are NUTS!
11. Wayment!!! ice cream vending machine, candy, cakes and cookies and soda...for A QUARTER!!! >That's CRAZY!

@Adei von K
3. Apparently here! We gon get it worked out tho. Believe dat!
5. Hmmm! maybeeee maybee not! LOL!
7. You and me both! Can you sleep now?
8.DEAD@ what in the fresh hell....Girl it's real innocent really it is. Read above.
10. Two different companies in the same building.
11. See and there you go encouraging evil LOOSE Here! LOL!

1. It does!! That has happened to me too! I answer in word and add it back so I won't lose it know.
2. LOL!
3. They do! It's hard to keep it together its too early to show my azz! LOL!
6. Wait my Diors do that! I have to rub away the marks.
7. YES!!! yay us!
8. Can't wait to tell it! :0
9. LOL! Me too!
11. Those are so GOOD!!! Walk away from the Peanut M&M's

Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah they better give me my money!

Winter's Bone was good to me too!

I can't wait to tell it!;)

It's a Coke conspiracy somebody told them I like em!

@ K. Rock
1. OH GAWD!! No blogger don't do it! LOLOLOL!
2. I can't yet...
3. We are having a meeting. I'm learning dude be just be talking out the side of his neck! SMH!!
4. "127 was cool."~> Agree!
6. Couldn't even do it like I wanted too, but you just WAIT!!!
8. CHEESE!!! big grin!
9. Not this right here! LOL!
11. "So I guess the addiction continues..." ~>and you know this MAN! *in Smokey from Friday's voice*
12. Say Whaaat! You always encouraging me to do the fool!
13. We have 1 vote people 1 LOL!

1. But I like blogger!
3. They make NO sense and they are NOT knowing who they're dealing with. BUT I can't act up at this job...
9. LOL!

Oh you gotta go get some. There are some beauties out there!

It was innocent!

That song girl SMH!!


Yep I did say that!! LOL! I sure did! :)