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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Movie Club Meet Up

Hey Movie clubbers:

It's that time. Let's review May's movie "Black Swan"

What did ya'll think???????

Please make suggestions for our next film up for review in June. Thanks!
Ya'll don't want me to pick. again LOLOLOL!


South Loop Social Light said...

I actually left a comment about Black Swan in the post about 127 hours...

but I thought the movie was crazy - - not crazy good or crazy bad, just crazy. It managed to hold my attention and I thought Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis did good jobs, along with the other actors. I probably wouldn't want to watch this again or own the movie and I'm definitely glad I didn't see this in a theatre, but it was okay.


1. Morning Glory
2. The Kids are Alright
3. Takers
4. Battle of Los Angeles

Jameil said...

I loved this movie! I'll definitely own it! I'm going to be watching Morning Glory soon so I'll go with that one! Thought "The Kids are Alright" was overrated.

Monique said...

This movie was crazy! It was really dark and twisted and creepy but in a good way. I like that it really played with your mind and shows that some extent the battle between good and evil goes on within us all.

I think Natalie Portman was an excellent choice for this role. She was quite believable. I thought her mom was crazy but then I realized it was her that was crazy.

K. Rock said...

First I will discuss the parts of the movie that made me LOL

1. When she was masterbating in the bed and then and then they screeched to show the mom there. Me and Hubs fell out laughing!
2. When her knees cracked backward to swan legs...Hi-lar-e-us.

I thought it was good. It was weird that her inner struggle began before she even got a chance to audition for the part. Parts of it were kinda scary because I dont like things jumping out at me. And all that skin peeling...I had to hide my eyes for alot of that nastiness.

You realized by the end she was batty but her mom was mad batty too. I guess it was inherited.

As the movie progressed it got hard to tell what was real and what wasn't.

Overall, I really liked it though.

As for what's next, I will watch whatever y'all pick.

Jameil said...

Okay I'm watching "Morning Glory" now and it's... it's. What about "Never Let Me Go"?

~Mommy+Me~ said...

This movie was ok to me. It was a little bizarre. Someone had told me before I watched it that it was sooo scary they could hardly sleep. I didn't think it was scary, just pretty twisted. My fiance was aprehensive about watching it, but it kept his attention. Definitely not a movie I'd need to see again.
I had Morning Glory and sent it back without watching it. Someone told me it was just ok and kind of slow going. I saw The Kids are Alright. I'm up for whatever you all choose.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@South Loop Social Light
I agree it was totally crazy! I agree the acting was excellent. I too do not need to see this again nor own it lol! Thanks for the movie suggestions!!

I usually buy movies I really love too! This is not one of them! LOL! It wasn't bad it was just........

It was CRAZZY and twisted and all the things you said. I don't know... her mother seemed crazy too but who knows it was just weird!

@ K. Rock
First off you and the hubs are sick with ya'll sense of humor!!
1. That part was a trip! to me too
2. That part scared me I was like wait is she bout to be a duck??
I agree with everything else you said!

YOU!! LOLOLOL! Thanks for the suggestions!

Hey Girl!!! No it was not that scary but it was bizarre! Really!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Black Swan was straight crazy AND I didn’t start liking it until the end. There were a lot of twist and turns. Nobody mentioned Winona Ryder. I was shocked to see her in the movie. Glad she's acting again. Her part was crazy too. The whole thing was just CRAZZY! Natalie Portman earned her Oscar though. She was excellent to me! The way it ended was just...because she really did dance her arse off! It was perfection and she was so nuts maybe she wouldn't have been able to dance that way again? Go figure. *cues Donna Summer*