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Thursday, March 3, 2011


It's Thursday these are my thoughts...

1.It seems like I've been on some type of campaign for everybody to use Seche Vite top coat they are not paying me, but they should be! and actually it’s not that. Use whatever you find that keeps your mani together. It’s really about the process of using UV lamps at nail salons. I want to get the word out about what people overlook is the FACT that too much exposure to UV rays can "change skin texture and cause the skin to age prematurely, leading to skin cancer." That’s my PSA. Love ya’ll.

2.I don’t like lemon flavored food. Lemon cake, lemon ice cream which seemed really popular in the SIP, lemon pie, lemon chicken, lemon cookies blech! But I love lemonade! Yum!

3.Pissed that ABC is not OnDemand. What is that about??? All these wonderful shows so I’ve heard that I can’t get to know.

4.What in the HELL is wrong with people???????? Did ya'll hear about this??  Story here. We no longer live in a time where you can look at a person and assume they are safe. I'm not sure how well she knew this dude but dang! I'm sooooooooooo disappointed in the world right now! I'm not sure if I mentioned my punishment for child rapists, but it involves a razor sharp Ginsu knife, salt, their penis and patience!

5.Last weekend, I caught up on my Ye.lp reviews and the owner of a spa I visited contacted me via email. I gave them 3 stars and my honest opinion. It was truly not the best facial I’ve ever had. She wanted to know why didn't I like the facial.Umm, I think I can not like whatever I want. Why you mad??? Somehow an $80 facial became a $100 facial. Pricey and not the best. Get over yourself! I wasn't even her worst review. I had the best facial of my life at a spa for 60 bucks! That lady steam cleaned my face until I changed shades. LOL!

6.Has anyone watched the straight up lascivious teenage debauchery that is SKINS???????????

7.In the last two weeks I have had a parking space taken twice. The one this week would have caused me to wreck. I was about to GO THE F OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She swooped in like a scene from the movies, causing me to slam hard on my brakes!!! I had to hold myself from saying doing something the 2 times  that we met on the same aisle in the grocery store. I just stared at the lady and her kid she’s lucky she had a kid. She did NOT make eye contact…These fools keep trying to test my gan.gsta! I’m doing so much better with my anger management.  I may have to read my books again.

8. I personally think Are.tha Fra.nklin had the surgery. No hate just don't lie Boo!

9.Oh Charlie Sheen, did you really have to take it that far? Two and A Half Men is so funny. He needs to take a shut up pill and get some real help! I just had a thought about him but Confessor did a post. LOL!

10.Now for some California crazy. Famous cat from the South Bay featured on Ani.mal Pla.net. The perfect mix of fame whore and hoodlum. Sorry mrstdj I said Ewww too! LOL! I don't  know why looking at that cat made me think of your story! Yeah I do he looks creeepy! exposing my lightweight fear of cats

11. Top Chef All-Stars ROCKED!!!!!!!!


P.S. I love this... said...

Gosh this post took me on a emotional roller coaster..

4. Feeling angry and homicidal. WTF did the mother leave her 2 year old to ride some damn rides?!?! Now, because of her desire for a cheap thrill, her baby daughter has been scarred for life. Er'body needs to be locked the F up! Oh and dude.. the rapist, yeah.. don't forget the acid and C-clamp for his b@alls. B@astard!

5. LOL @ cleaned face until you changed shades!!!

9. Charlie Sheen has been cracking me up.

10. I LOVE cats. I think that is a really handsome cat.. love his fur color and markings. The fact that he steals is hysterical.

South Loop Social Light said...

I just watched the Charlie Sheen interview for the first time and in all honesty he didn't seem that crazy. I think more than anything he no longer gives 2 shits about following the typical Hollywood protocol. He may be bi-polar... he may just be irritable because he's withdrawing... or hell, he could just be another arrogant douche bag. Who knows...

I used to go hard for that same top coat but I found it didn't have too good of a shelf life. I now use "good to go" by Essie.

Skins... where to even begin with that show! I've watched it a few times and it's really not that bad - - once the shock and awe wear off. I think it's a "teen" show meant to be watched by the 18-24 crowd.

Jameil said...

1. I have had the most awful time getting my toenail polish to stay lately!! What's up with that!?!
2) Mmmm. I love lemon everything! Well I'm not gonna drink straight lemon juice but I'll use it for something! I make some pretty amazing lemonade!
3) I read what this is about but I can't remember. It's on hulu and netflix, tho. And some on their website.
4) Real talk, why would you EVER look at a person and assume they were safe. Charles Manson anyone??? Everybody crazy doesn't look it.
5) Wait. She contacted you to complain, but not to offer you replacement services? WRONG.ONE.
6) Absolutely not.
7) WRONG! I would've gone OFF!! But from a distance. Remember what I said about crazy?
8) Why does she need to admit that?
9) That post gave me all the quotes everyone's talking about w/o having to actually watch the interview. Thanks! But really, he does need help. His poor family.
10) LOLOL I liked the anchor's suggestion to put out a bin on Saturdays where people can come retrieve their stuff! B/c why did they have it in their house??? For the story?

K. Rock said...

2. I'm the same way about lemon. Smae with grape too. I dont like the taste of artificial grape. No drink, soda, candy. But I love grapes.
3.You can watch them all on ABC.com or hulu. They should be there.
4. I don't follow? Did she know him? If not, that's just not what you do.
5. Sometimes if you give a bad review on Yelp, they will give you some kind of free incentive to come back. If she didn't give you free stuff, what did the owner contact you about?
6. No and I don't plan to.
7. That would upset me sooooooooooo bad.I am glad you were able to keep your composure or else we would have been reading about you in the news.
8. Yeah I don't know why people (Star Jones) even feel they need to lie about that. It's a GOOD thing. We ain't mad.
9. Along with owning a shake weight, you are officially the only person I know that watches Two and a Half Men.
11. Thanks for not spoiling. I am gonna watch it OnDemand tonight.

Anonymous said...

2. I love everything about sweet/sour lemony things, but I absolutely HATE savory lemon like in chicken dishes. Bleh!

3. Yeah, I missed some episodes of Brothers and Sisters. I thought I'd be able to catch them on demand. Nope.

5. I'm Jameil and K. Rock. Thought you were going to say that he called to offer you something complimentary or deeply discounted. #fail

9. Watching Charlie Sheen self destruct is disturbing. I feel for his children.

Nexgrl said...

1. I realized after looking at the website, that I have used this brand before(a very long time ago.) There was a time when I go regular mani/pedis, now, not so much.

2. I like some lemon flavored food items, not all. I always discover this the hard way.

5. I hope it's not my favorite esthician.

7. She was TESTING you.
8. I've always believed that.
9. He needs to admit himself to 6 months of intense rehab.
10. I saw this story on the news the other night.

GorgeousPuddin said...

4.You know I feel the same way! I have the same questions????????? Agree@Er'body needs to be locked the F up! YASSSSSSS! @Oh and dude.. the rapist, yeah.. don't forget the acid and C-clamp for his b@alls. B@astard! Fo Sho!!!!!
5.Girl she did! I totally miss that place! My esthetician sadly passed away and now the place gets ridiculously bad reviews. So that’s a no go. My search continues…
9.His antics are amusing but I feel bad for his children and those skanks he has around him and them???? Naw man!
10. Really??? You love cats??? I’m shocked. I know about the dogs but cats too?? People are usually one or the other.

It’s hard to know… and I know everybody can’t be responsible but if he doesn’t care then quit. Pack it up, shut it down and go live out of the limelight.

Somebody else said the same thing. So far mine has thickened just a bit but I think the key is to keep it cold. The cool dry place is real.

I have to agree with you about Skins. I was shocked when I first saw it. I am mortified to think the teens are acting like this.

1.Have you tried a good top coat?? LOL! No but seriously a good topcoat does wonders.
2. I believe you! LOL Me too! Peach lemonade is a specialty!
3.Thanks for the info. I’m gonna google it.
4. True dat! But c’mon man Charles Manson looked crazy. But I was thinking, she was thinking he looked safe I mean what other reason besides foolish selfishness?
5. She definitely did not offer a replacement service. She was more concerned about what I found lacking since so many others give rave reviews. Whatever!
6. LOL!
7. I couldn’t react. I think I would have went too far… I just really feel that the rage inside of me at that moment was overwhelming. I get satifaction in the hope that my death stare frightened her. Yes I remember what you said about crazy. I think I agreed I just protested about ME being crazy. LOL!
8.Because! She was way too fat for people to believe that she was dieting and exercising and all the speculation about her being sick and possibly dying was extra!
9. Agreed!
10.Probably! I wonder what valuable items won’t be recovered??

K. Rock
2.You too? OMG some grape flavored things taste just like medicine!! I love grapes too.
3.Thanks! I’ll check it out.
4.I had to read it again myself. I thought she didn’t know him either but she DID know him!!
5.Just wanting to know why that review. Clearly something is wrong with ME not to have enjoyed her facial. *shrugs*
7.What's crazy is since it had happened to me last week was what gave me pause. I had to think about it because I couldn’t believe it was happening again!
8. I agree it’s good, but I was sad about her being sick and if she really wasn’t that’s so wrong. She more or less gave it away on Wendy.
9. Really?????? I love Jake, Alan and Charlie in that order!
11. No spoils here. Just getting the word out that it was good. I’m such a cry baby lately. SMH.

2.Yeah lemon in savory dishes are bad but not the worst. The worst for me was the lemon ice cream and I don’t know why?? I forgot to mention my love for lemon heads!
3. K and J mentioned Hulu, Netflix and ABC.com
5. Nope! She was all about the why!
9. Agreed.

1. What are your thoughts on it?
2. LOL! Yes, I discovered the hard way as well!
5. If you know of a great facialist you must SPILL!
7.I think it’s all been a test!
8.Me too!
10.Me too! It was funny, but since I light weight hate cats, scary too. I hate seeing cats in my yard, by my car etc.