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Friday, March 4, 2011

Movies Anyone???

Has anyone watched the series Everybody Hates Chris? I did and I thought it to be well written and funny after the seasons progressed. Anywhoo, there's an episode in Season 4 where “Chris inadvertently gets his teacher in trouble when he makes the suggestion of writing a report from a movie instead of a book.”

This got me to thinking, one of my 2011 goals was to start a book club, but instead of starting one I found a really good one to join and will be going to my first meeting in a few weeks...

But what about an online movie club???????????

Many of us love movies, have a favorite movie or might be curious about movies we’ve never seen. That coupled with Netflix, RedBox On Demand, Blockbuster and the actual movie theater, makes watching a movie simple. I'm thinking we could view and discuss some very interesting films similar to Z from P.S. I Love This and my recap of Claudine in this post.    

So if you are interested in joining an online movie club let me know in the comments. I think this will be hilariously fun! Don't you?

Some tenative guidelines are: All members can suggest movies. We will view one movie a month. We will meet the last week in the month. Let’s discuss the best day. Feel free to add any other suggestions you think that will make this club successful. I’m excited!!!! Are you??


Ladynay said...

Great idea. I don't watch enough to take part, but great idea none the less!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Sure you can! We're just picking one movie and you have 30 whole days to see it. C'mon you can do it. But if you really can't understand. *smile*

K. Rock said...

I'm down (excitement).

GorgeousPuddin said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay!! I think its going to be fun and funny.

psilovethis said...

You KNOW I'm down... love me some movies. I could use yet another reason to go see a flick.. =)

My nieces know exactly who to call when a new animated movie comes out because Auntie Zena wants to see it more than them. lol

GorgeousPuddin said...

I mean't I understand! LOL!

Yaaaaaaaaay!!!! We have pick a good first flick!! LOL! I'm the same I love kids and toons!!

Jameil said...

You probably think you want me to join this but you really don't. I already have a ton of people who hate watching movies w/me b/c I'm so critical. You don't want to watch movies with a bunch of filmmakers. They sit there and pick EVERYTHING apart. Actually >>I<< even get annoyed when there are too many of us. LOL

GorgeousPuddin said...

LOL! But I do. This is not going to be some tea sippin movie club! I drink Coke from time to time.
We go hard!!! LOL!

But seriously I really want to go deep about the films not just the obvious stuff like story and actors but how the scene was set up, mistakes in casting, dialogue... stuff I don't know etc.

I want that perspective so feel free... To go IN! like only you can!

keyalus said...

I like this! We did this at a job I had a long time ago. We started going through the AFI's list of 100 greatest films. It was kind of cool to get out of my movie comfort zone because I never would have watched "The Searchers" otherwise!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Yaaay!!!!!! I'm glad you want to participate. That's cool you were able to do something like this at work! Thanks for the AFI list idea!
That's something to consider as we make our way through films.

Monique said...

Cool idea. Ill join.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Great!!! and Thanks!!!