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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Pure Debauchery....

Okay so on Saturday my actual b-day it was storming like a mug. I am sitting at my house bored and my sister calls and says whatcha doing? I say nothing she says "get cute, put on a freakum dress, we going out."

I was like where??? I hate clubs and I especially hate clubbing around here. She was like nooooo you will like this it’s cool we just going to dance. Stop being soooooooooooooo boring!

I was bored and being boring so I said what the heck let’s go. All I wanna know is WHY???????

Why did my sister take me to this???

I mean what the heck!!!  It looks like a flyer for a strip club! But it wasn't?? You know what her reasoning was?? She said she knew the ninjas would be out due to the flyer. And she was right!!!! LOL! Turns out the Ultra lounge is nice. I would actually go back, but why such a skanky flyer??

All I know is after I got over being so dang bourgie. I LET LOOSE!! I’m always tame, dignified and all that but this year I’m single and that nite I decided it was okay to let loose and let loose I did OMG!! The dranks started flowing I started drinking this nasty by the way with pineapple juice and some other stuff.

This club(click events/ultra lounge) claims to be an upscale place for people of discerning taste. Well those folks stayed at the heezy on my rainy birthday. The full full moon brought out the hood rats, hookers, skanks, and scallywags. They were OUT and I was right up in thurr wit em. LOL!
I have not stayed out that late night in awhile and it was fun.  I danced my butt off to this! It was my song of the night!

I don’t remember everything but I do remember getting to the club, dancing, getting drinks, getting bought more drinks, dancing with the buyers, drinking, dancing, drinking while dancing. Meeting some fool named Bernard. Dancing some more. Bernard puttin his hands on me in places he shouldn't under my dress?!? The hell?? Me not stopping him. o_O according to my sister My sister coming to get me. Yanking me from Bernard Then...
_______________________________________________________________blank space

waking up on my couch to go vomit still fully dressed! With my sister knocked out across from me on the other couch.
Good times! LOL!


I was too hung over to move so no birthday breakfast for me yet! and

Oh yeah Bernard keeps calling me! Who is Bernard?? LOLOLOL!
 I only have a few gifts so birthday roundup coming soon!


keyalus said...

I love it! I've never had a drunken night like that before and on some level I kind of regret it.

Jameil said...

I'm gonna have to ask you to never again post a flyer like that. Esp. since two of your Sunday Holy Bible covers are staring at me talking about "You might also like".... SMH. Dead @ hood rats, hookers, skanks, and scallywags!! How could you have anything but with that flyer??? My 21st bday I definitely didn't remember getting home! My cousin was pregnant so her live-in boyfriend took me out and it was THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!! He left me largely alone, just bought me drinks as needed! LOLOLOL

GorgeousPuddin said...

Hmm well it is something to experience, but if you missed it then you didn't miss much! LOL! Feels awful...

I was so hesitant about adding it to the post for that very reason! LOL! Now I'm the inspirational drunk! But it just wasn't the same without it...and ya'll needed to know what I was talking about! 21 is appropriate to not remember getting home...past that is just trife. LOL!

~Mommy+Me~ said...

LOL!! Glad you had fun! I'm the same way, don't like clubs, but it's nice to go out and do that every now & then and just let loose. Now- Bernard.....hmmmm don't know about all that. ;)
LOVE LOVE that song!!
But wish Chris Brown didn't wig out again yesterday at GMA!

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

No judgment at all! This actually sounds similar to a birthday celebration I had a couple years ago...but we won't get into that lol

It's good to let loose sometimes. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself (minus the vomiting/hangover).

P.S. I love this... said...

Girl, you NEEDED a night like that.. just footloose and fancy free. I think I need a night of dancing and drinkin.. *checks calendar*

Ummm, YOU know why Bernard keeps calling... *hands under dress* LOLOLOL

Glad you had a great time and are now, finally, hangover free.

K. Rock said...

That story is hilarious! You sure did party hard. I can totally relate to not feeling the hoodrat club...until the liquor starts flowing! Then you can party anywhere. And Bernard? Oh Bernard. You should have stepped on his toes for feeling up your dress! Dudes can be so trifiling. I dont miss being throw up drunk though. But I am glad you had a great birthday!

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

*throws confetti* What a NIGHT!!!! LOL! I understand you feeling like nights such as these past an "appropriate" age are taboo but I just experienced one last year so I shall not judge you! I'm glad you had fun...the vomiting/hangover just comes with the territory. And Mr. Bernard LOL...he was probably what you needed in your inebriated state but now that you are fully functioning, he's like a fly. Shoo fly! Don't bother me!

AR Gal said...

I have many great memories of nights like those. It was all good until I threw up my guts. No bueno yo.

And now a musical selection for you.....


Annnnnnnnnnnnd for Bernard........


Nexgrl said...

First I want to say that I have been to that club. It is actually a nice place and the location is okay. I walked in, walked around, didn't see the guy that invited me, and was ready to leave. I had to wait, two songs because my niece was on the dance floor.

I don't drink alcohol, so I don't know what it feels like to be that gone.
My guess is that you were in need of a night like that.

I'm told that location has some great undergound New Year's Eve Parties.

Not So Anonymous said...

LOL! Now that's a bday celebration. We've all, except for keyalus, have had a night like this...they are a mess, but memorable and fun, lol.

Reggie said...

Bernard must be one of Tyrone's friends. I haven't been out like that in awhile myself. There are times when it's nice to just kick back and watch the hood rats, hookers, skanks, and scallywags make damned fools of themselves.

Hmmmm, maybe I'll go out and cut loose too.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I feel sorry for Chris he’s young and hasn’t got it together yet. He needs better people around him...

Girl every time that song came on…IT WAS ON!!! You should seen me... LOL! Look at me now Oww! I'm gettin paper. P.S. Me likey Busta! LOLOL!

Bernard was a straight up fool...

Thanks!! LOL! You’re right, I think it is good to let loose... just not everyday! LOL!

@P.S. I love this...
LOL! @ you know why. I did need it. I felt weird at first but as the days progressed it’s cool...I didn’t hurt anybody. It was good drunken fun.

@K Rock
I think I thought he was my dude for a minute LOL! He was crazy and hecka BOLD! Girl liquor is EVIL!! Thank you!! I did have a great b-day!!

Thanks for not judging! LOL! Oh the hangover was THE worst! I can do without one of those ever again!! Yeah girl imma need Bernard to back up off me! He still calling too. LOL!

@AR gal
Thanks for my musical selections!!
It's my first ones and I'm HONORED!! I totally partied like a ROCKSTAR!! I loved that song when it was out!! AND still do LOL!

Oh and you’re a dang fool for Bernard’s song Feeling On My Booty by R Kelly was SOOO appropriate *sings* if it’s your birthday put your hands up. If you gon get drunk put your hands up! LOLOLOLOL!

I agree with you. It was really nice up in there! I normally don’t drink either. I’m a recreational drinker at times. I think I did need that, but I won’t be doing it again!! LOL! I have to keep them in mind come NYE though! Umm why didn't you get a dance when your niece was dancing?? I woulda.

@Not So Anon
Right!!! And Thanks!! It was a memorable and fun mess!! LOL!

You right. He’s probably Tyrone’s cousin LOL! The hoodies were out and I was right there with em!! Yeah dude. Get out there and let loose!

alana said...

LMAO so u had a great nite! thats what matters!

GorgeousPuddin said...

I have to admit I did! LOL!

Ladynay said...

One word.....YES!!!! Happy Belated!!!! *net hugs*

GorgeousPuddin said...


Nexgrl said...

When I went that place was so crowded, the people looked as if they were dancing on top of each other. There was barely any room to walk around. There's a NYE party that last until 6am, and then another party starts up again around 2pm.

Jameil said...

I was hoping Bernard's song would be "Bugaboo" but I will so take "Feelin on Your Booty!" LOLOL

GorgeousPuddin said...

She was on point with that one. I DIED!