Gorgeous Ponderings...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


It's Thursday these are my thoughts...

1. I love when people use words I've never used before. There are many words in the world and I get tingley when I hear a new one. I always incorporate the new word into my vocabulary. I LOVE WORDS!!!!!!

2. Top Model, Real World, Bad Girls Club shows I should stop watching!

3. I’m doing a giveaway in honor of my B-day that’s coming up in March. Don't you just love good free stuff?? I only have a few male readers and I was thinking earrings, but if a male wins then what? Thoughts?

4. A few bloggers are real fans of Modern Family, but since I LOVE Parenthood. I can’t watch another show about families. Speaking of Parenthood, this weeks episode was WHEW!!!! I cried. I'm such a whimp these days! : )

5.I went to a Bobby Flay Throwdown spot. If you haven't already, check out my review on my Food Blog.

6. I was thinking of taking a break from TV from the 27th - the 5th and just reading. I need a break, but maybe I'll take a 3 day break!

7. I love chocolate flavored Cheerios! They are soooooooooooo deelish. I can’t eat regular flavor or Honey Nut they both make me want to vomit, feel like vomiting and sometimes really vomit. I’ve stopped trying to eat those flavors heart healthy or not! Banana is next on my list to try but I’m scared!

8. I wish the colors/fashions were reversed for Spring and Fall, I haven't thought it through and I don’t know why or how that would work, but I want to keep wearing my sexy boots and somehow not look like a hooker in the bright, bright sun! LOL!

9. Just because its almost spring please do not pull out your lime green, yellow, hot pink leather jacket with matching boots. I don’t want to see orange either. Ummkay! I really see this type of stuff here!

10.Why did my mother tell me she ordered us all (that would be me, my sisters and herself) Sha.ke Wei.ghts for Christmas! Then she said she got one especially for me mama u callin me fat? since I workout, but then she thought about how we reacted towards the leatherette jackets 2 Christmases ago, so she changed her mind. I want my Shake Weight. Shoo! Give me my Shake Weight! LOL!

11. I haven’t revealed myself on this blog, but I have the nerve to be envious of these blogger meet ups I keep reading about o_O!

12. Prince is HERE!!! Prince is Here! Did I mention that PRINCE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't go
But Prince is HERE!!!!!!!!! Question??? Why is Larry Graham opening for PRINCE!!!! I HATE Larry Graham! UPDATE: I'm gonna try to get tickets tomorrow at the box office. Wish me luck!!!

13. The internet is giving me LIFE this week. I have seen and heard some funny ish I wish I could post the most hideous things I have seen but it would be so wrong! That is all!


Bajan Beauty said...

2. These shows are my guilt pleasures as well...but this season of Bad Girls club makes me cringe every time I watch...especially Char! She drives me crazy, but her hair is so fly! lol.

3. I think the prize should be unisex but do male blog readers participate in giveaways? Hmmmm...

5. I checked it out and commented.

7. I LOVE frosted Cheerios...do they even make those anymore. What's up with the fear of eating bananas? lol. You are so crazy =)

11. I would love to attend a blogger meet up. Someone needs to host one for Miami so I can attend.

K. Rock said...

1. They aight.
2. I quit Top Model years ago. I love BGC though. Why are we not watching that on Twitter? Oh cuz you are all the way across the world!
3. I don't know if dudes really enter giveaways like that. But I am going to.
4. I haven't watched this one. It must come on when I am watching something else.
6. I couldn't even fathom such a thing.
7. I like the chocolate too. I also like the fruity ones. We may have tried the banana too but I don't still buy them so I dont think they rocked my world enough.
8. You are just gonna be hot!!
9. Spring is time for bright colors. I can't wait to pull mine out. I dont have matching shoes though.
10. I dont know anyone who has a shake weight in real life. You are the first one.
11. Yeah we are waiting on that. Where is the picture of GP that you said was coming. I like seeing my blog buddies and you are one of the last holdouts.
12. I heard he puts on a great show.

Jameil said...

1) Me too! I also love that Rashan knows all of the unusual words I use! He's the first guy I've ever dated who doesn't constantly ask, "What does that mean?" or sit there with a blank stare.
2) You really should...
3) A flask? A fly tie? Might I suggest paisley? Shoot... if I won the tie, I would give that tie to Rashan happily!
4) Modern Family is AWESOME!! Never seen Parenthood...
5) You're supposed to link here!
6) I took a break yesterday and I loved it!
7) I love Honey Nut but they're never on sale here. Multigrain are a bit tasteless but better than original. Choc? You already know. PASS. I tried the Cinnamon when they were on sale. NOT GOOD. They were fine dry but in milk they had a weird texture. Pass on banana, too.
8 & 9) Ma'am... we don't wear boots not because it's not in, but because it's too warm. Same with your people in the colored leather jackets. If you're gonna talk about them, I'm gonna talk about you!!!
10) LOLOLOL I'm glad you like it but I'm gonna have to ask your mom to stop with the 3fer gifts! LOLOL!
11) Yeah... get that together.
12) Good luck!
13) SMH Don't talk about it, be about it.

Nexgrl said...

I'm starting with #12 because today is the last night for Prince. I hope you meant that you're going to the box office today. Good luck.
2. I don't watch those shows. The
last BGC I saw had Natalie.
3. A male reader can always give
the earrings to a woman in his
4. I love Parenthood.
6. I usually read during my breaks
at work, and sometimes while on
the bus to/from work.
11. I don't think you have to
reveal yourself. You just need
to make yourself available to
meet, when a blogger plans to be
in your area or you theirs.

keyalus said...

1. I remember a bunch of 50-cent SAT type words from my 10th grade English teacher who made us take vocabulary tests every Friday. I just don't think there is really a proper time to use words like diaphanous or taciturn when conversing with real people. Maybe if I were a writer of serious novels?

2. Good! I can stop feeling bad for being 34 and watching this mess. Judging from the comments I'm not the only one. Top Model isn't appointment TV anymore though because everytime I look there is a new cycle on.

7. I tasted some of those at Costco and they were good. I don't like eating cereal with milk but I will tear it up dry right out of the box. That is why I've never bought a box. I have enough troubles with Chex and Quaker Oat Squares!

11. Like someone else said - you don't have to reveal yourself here to do meetups. Just go to a public event and announce that you will be there or something.

~Mommy+Me~ said...

Yay! Thursday's Thoughts, my favorite!! ;)

1. Me too! I picked up The Ultimate Book of Words You Should Know in the Borders Bargain section recently.

2. Right there with you, I lost interest in Top Model & Bad Girls Club, but I still watch RHWOA and Jerseylicious.

3. Yay, I love giveaways! I don't know if the males participate or not....maybe a giftcard? How bout a giftcard for Gas, just heard it could be up to like $5 or more a gallon by summer!! :(

4. I love Parenthood! And I cried too!! I am bummed that Crosby
F*@!ed up so bad!

6. Sounds like a good idea. I should do the same. First I need to find a book that grabs me. I will still have to look up that one you recommended.

7. Haven't tried them yet. The banana ones do look good. What's up with you and the other ones though??

10. LOL @ Shake Weights! I do need help with that under arm section, but those just look wrong!

12. Good luck with the tickets~ I just bought tickets yesterday to take my daughter to her first concert. It's Bruno Mars/Janelle Monae and Mayer Hawthorne.She loves Bruno Mars! It's a surprise. I'm thinking it can be her Elementary graduation gift. :)

GorgeousPuddin said...

2. OMG Char!!! That show is like a train wreck or a terrible car crash. I can't look away!
3. Unisex. Good idea! Hmm… good question. I guess we will see if the men participate.
5. Thank you!
7. I haven't seen frosted in awhile. The banana flavor cheerios might make me sick too! That’s my fear. Vomiting is so gross!
11. That would be nice! I do plan to get to Miami one day...

@K Rock
1. Bwhahaha!
2. I miss everything! I can't do nothiiiiing!! Humph!
3. Your participation will be appreciated!
4. Probably. I always watch in OnDemand.
6. Me either but I'm going to try it! LOL!
7. The chocolate better be a heart healthier Cocoa Puffs which is a fav too!
8. A hot hooker in boots and shorts LOLOLOLOL!
9. If you're not kidding what color do you have?? LOLOLOLOL! Please be kidding...
10. She hasn't given it to me yet. I will let you know when I get it!
11. Yeah it's still coming........ :)
12. Me too! Oh how I want to be there!!

1. That is so great!! I have dealt with “What does that mean?” a lot! I dumbed down a bit but nope my love for words took over ms. diametrically LOL!
2. I can’t yet. LOL! But I will take a break!
3) A flask Jameil?? LOLOLOL! I will take into consideration the suggestions.
4) Parenthood is AWESOME!! Never seen Modern Family. I wish it was OnDemand I may have to watch the ABC site.
5) Thank you I corrected that. :)
6) I think it will be good for me! I have to go stock up on my books.
7) The cinnamon flavor was weird but didn’t make me sick. I didn’t try the multi-grain seemed too much like regular…
8 & 9) That’s why I want to switch the weather or something I still want to wear my boots! Maybe at night? Please don’t talk about me! LOLOL!
10) She hasn’t given it to me yet so I don’t know if I like it, but yeah she needs to cut out the late night TV shopping! LOL!
11) We’ve discussed my issues! LOL!
12) Thanks! I entered a contest too! It would be nice to win. He is trippin with the $265 and $165 good tickets!
13) You already KNOW why! LOLOLOLOL!

12.Yes I meant the box office.
2. You’re saving your brain from turning to mush.
3. Good idea! I'll just see if any men enter and go from there.
4. I love Parenthood too! Isn’t it GREAT?? I’m so mad at Crosby...
6. Well you ARE in book heaven!!!!!!!!
11. Thanks!

1. Of course there is! LOL! :)
a. My grandfather was very taciturn and that always annoyed my granny.
b. Some fashions right now are very diaphanous, but people are still wearing them.
2. Never feel bad about it…I don’t! I’m just saying. LOL!
7. I like it out of the box too! Chex, Crispix and Shredded Wheat YUM! But the chocolate Cheerios in milk are BOSS!
11.Good idea!

Aww! Thank you!!!!
1. Me too! I will be checking out “The Ultimate Book of Words You Should Know” sounds fab! Did you hear Borders is closing some stores?
2.My interest is kinda still there, it just shouldn’t be I think. LOL!! I watched and epi of Jerseylicious recently. Wow have those chicks transformed!!!??? Gi Gi??
3.Okaaaaaaaaay!! gas is all types of out. of. line. right now!! I filled up for 3.79 a gallon and that was considered cheap! I was so mad! That would be a good gift but gas stations differ from state to state.
4. I’m so disappointed! The whole epi was REALLY emotional!#parenthood
6. We could do it together! Having a good book/books will be KEY!
7. I have no idea why they make me sick. I’ve tried at numerous different times especially as a child to eat them and Nope, can’t do it. So I was really skeptical about the chocolate but SWOON!
10. LOL! Regular weights will do the same thang. SMH at my mom!
12. Thanks! Oh that sounds so much fun!!! Definitely post about it! I’m sure your daughter will LOVE this gift!!!!!