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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hello Oscar!

Just Kidding! LOL!

The 83rd annual Academy Awards airs this Sunday and I'm so excited! I've pretty much watched all the award shows this season and they were pretty good.

Whose watching and who do YOU think will win Best Actor in the male and female catagories??
What is your guess for Best Picture? I've underlined my guesses!

In case you don't know who is nominated:
Best Picture: "Black Swan," "The Fighter," "Inception," "The Kids Are All Right," "The King's Speech," "127 Hours," "The Social Network," "Toy Story 3," "True Grit," "Winter's Bone"
Best Actress: Annette Bening, "The Kids Are All Right"; Nicole Kidman, "Rabbit Hole"; Jennifer Lawrence, "Winter's Bone"; Natalie Portman, "Black Swan"; Michelle Williams, "Blue Valentine"

Best Actor: Javier Bardem, "Biutiful"; Jeff Bridges, "True Grit"; Jesse Eisenberg, "The Social Network"; Colin Firth, "The King's Speech"; James Franco, "127 Hours"
Best Supporting Actress: Amy Adams, "The Fighter"; Helena Bonham Carter, "The King's Speech"; Melissa Leo, "The Fighter"; Hailee Steinfeld, "True Grit"; Jacki Weaver, "Animal Kingdom"
Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale, "The Fighter"; John Hawkes, "Winter's Bone"; Jeremy Renner, "The Town"; Mark Ruffalo, "The Kids Are All Right"; Geoffrey Rush, "The King's Speech"
Best Director: Darren Aronofsky, "Black Swan"; David O. Russell, "The Fighter"; Tom Hooper, "The King's Speech"; David Fincher, "The Social Network"; Ethan Coen and Joel Coen, "True Grit"

My tradition was to see ALL of the movies nominated after the award show to see if the academy got it right or were they trippin like they have at times in the past! Jameil says they dress up and party for the show. I think that's a fabulous idea!

Hmmm...What would I wear to the Oscars??? I have to look around for a dress. I'm leaning toward Alexander McQueen(RIP)....


Jameil said...

I'm so excited! This is now my favorite awards show and I'll DEFINITELY be carrying on the party tradition for the rest of my life!
Picture: The King's Speech.
Actress: Natalie Portman. (This one's tough)
Actor: Colin Firth
Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo
Supporting Actor: Christian Bale
Director: David Fincher

GorgeousPuddin said...

Ahh so you think the Kings Speech over Black Swan?? I forget, did the King's Speech get the other awards? If so, then you're probably right. :)

I can't wait to catch up on all the movies...

Daij said...

:) Alexander McQueen (RIP) was my favorite designer! I always fantasized him having designed my wedding tuxedo

GorgeousPuddin said...

I liked him too! His designs were so edgy!

psilovethis said...

McQueen would be an excellent choice.

I haven't seen any of the movies besides Black Swan so I'm a little biased.. it was a great movie. However, if that's not chosen, The King's Speech would be a contender.. from what I saw of the trailer. Yeah, a trailer makes or breaks a movie for me.

Toy Story 3 was really cute but I didn't know it was up for an Oscar.

OMgoodness.. my Word Verification was SPERMS...lololololol

GorgeousPuddin said...

I can't comment on anything else Sperms floored me!



okay okay...I have it together now. LOL!

I didn't know TS3 was up for an award either. Really, BEST picture???? We shall see...

Jameil said...

Did you notice I was right in everything but best director??? Yay for me!

GorgeousPuddin said...


I did notice!! Good Job! next year I'm going to watch all the movies before hand... LOL! I was going to shout you out on Twitter but I couldn't stop laughing at whateva Rashan was doing to your updo! LOLOLOLOL!
I'm going back in to say something!!