Gorgeous Ponderings...

Thursday, January 27, 2011


It's Thursday these are my thoughts...

1.This story right here!!!  OMG!!! How you just gon take somebody's baby????? from the hospital!! When I first read about it I was so happy the girl was able to find her real family. My next thought was arrest that kidnapping thief!! If this was your relative could you just sit by and watch her raise a child you knew she had kidnapped?

2.I only wanted to watch H.eavy so I could see Ricky Wayne shout “leave me alone” like he did during the previews. LOL! The fact that they called him “Uncle Bubba” did not surprise me either. I watched the entire episode and it was pretty good! I like to see the transformations. It makes you think tho.You never know where a person has come from weight wise.

3.I like the vibe of this song by Da.vid Ba.nner featuring Lu.dacris. D. Ban.ner is from the SIP and my peeps are from the SIP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oo3G-LjUmk

4.I found a few new beauty blogs. *happy dance*  As a confessed  product junkie, I like to read about new products the most. The posts with just video attached get skipped. *shrug*

5.The blogs with the task bar that pops at the bottom irks me. Why is that necessary??

6.I made it through my 21 day fast! 25 days of no C.oke. I really didn’t crave it after the first week. Then I really wanted one on 1/25. It was deelish.

7. People who say Holy sh*t. Why?? Who made that up?? That should be in the (“holyghost pumpkin” © Jameil) dictionary.

8.Of the two teams going to the Super bowl I had no idea who to root for, but then I remembered the quarterback for the GBP went to CAL problem solved! Go Aaron!

9.I am deeply disturbed by the idea of men wearing heels and carrying purses phenomenon per Ms. Law.rence?? and De.rek J. To my ATL readers, is this really the norm?? Do you see any of the ATL cast walking around??

10. I am deeply disturbed that Oprah just found out about a long lost sister. This story is bizarre and odd to me. I don't believe Oprah didn't know about the sister until this past Thanksgiving. I also don't believe they held the secret since 2007, but it made for a good show! And Oprah mother??? *side eye* If the daughter had not researched she would never know that Oprah is her sister. OPRAH IS HER SISTER!!!! If you found out you were related to Oprah what would you do/expect?

11. I really, really hate that kitten heels are making a comeback. Straight up HATE!! At 5'1 it's just a waste of heel and shoe!

12. I no longer like spaghetti pasta. I now heart angel hair pasta!!! But I still say I'm making spaghetti when I make a pot of spaghetti that's not spaghetti?!? LOL!

13. Seen and Heard  The videos on Youtube are hilarious! I love that people can just express themselves anyway they want too. NSFW! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XGq18RKM2w NSFW!!!!!!


South Loop Social Light said...

I actually have a blog posting tmrw about HiMay10nence's videos on YouTube. She's my guilty YouTube pleasure. I don't know anyone like that in real life so it's fun to watch her online.

Angel hair pasta is amazeballs...

I'm actually sipping on some coke right now lol...

I'm 5'2" and agree with you... kitten heels are not cute. Maybe for chicks that are teetering arounnd 6'0" but otherwise just throw on some stilettos.

Jameil said...

1) I was most pissed that the stolen girl is 23 w/a 5yo. WAIT!! HOLD THE PHONE!!! YOU STOLE MY BABY & SHE BECAME A TEENAGE MOTHER!?!?!? HATE! I would be soooooo pissed!!
2) I want to see it, too! I forgot about it right after the commercial went off.
4) I'm not enough of a junkie to read a beauty blog.
5) IDK what you're talking about but blogs with music players irk me. O_O
6) Congrats junkie!
7) Ain't no curse words in my dictionary! BUT people who curse and talk about God, church or the bible in the same break are in there!!
8) I can't root for Green Bay. They're the ones who punished us with Favre for the last million years. BUT they didn't allow him to come back after the first fake retirement. IDK. I don't care about either of those teams
9) Was that a real question? ATL is a huge metro area! Nobody sees those people! Do you see the 49ers around town?? LOLOL
10) You're often deeply disturbed? I ABSOLUTELY believe she didn't know about her sister. That could happen to anybody. It's happened in my family. Unfortunately, we're not related to Oprah.
11) I don't like them but b/c I want them to decide. Are you a heel (2.5" plus only) or a flat? There's no in between.
12) I love angel hair.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up the links for other blogs, I need some new ones to follow. :)

Congrats on the Coke fast!

I still don't know who's playing in the super bowl, but I see from what you said that Green Bay is one. But somehow I'm planning a SB party. I just like to get together with people, the SB is just a good excuse.

#9 - oh God...

I don't know much about the Oprah thing but I didn't believe it either when I first heard. But who knows.

The first time I tried angel hair, I was a kid and thought it felt gross, now that's all I eat. I can't stand the real spaghetti anymore.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@South Loop
She is hilarious! If she got a show I would watch! I've laughed ever since I found her!!! I don't know anybody like her, but I see people like her all the time.

Thank you! Angel hair is thee bestest!!

Coke is so good so I know you are enjoying it! My favorite!!

You're a shorty too! LOL! Exactly! What is the point of a kitten heels! Stiletto's YAS!

1.You know I didn't factor in that she became a teen mom. She probably did that because she didn't feel like she belonged and needed something of her own like foster children and women who lose their mother's early in life. The story is so sad, but I am truly thrilled she found her family.
2. They played the commercial so much I had to see it!
4. Beauty blogs ROCK!!
5. touche LOLOLOLOL! I love blogs with music!
6. Thank you! *goes to get another coke*
7. Those people are in the book. The dictionay has to have words. LOL!
8. I really don't either but I'm going to a SBP so I need a focus.
9. I actually have seen 49ers. Not in my town but they are everywhere in the affluent towns Palo Alto, Tiberon just walking around all normal.
10.Things touch me deeply! and I love adjectives. Wow it happened in you fam?? Dang! deep.
11. Right! Just make up your mind!
12. Agreed! Loves!

Your Welcome!!

Thank you!! It was hard but I made it through!

Packers/Steelers Superbowl 11'
Yeah if your planning a party you should know who's playing LOL! Good luck with the party do you know what your serving??

9. Yeah

Yeah I don't know abt O either. Oh well!

Yeah spagetti seems too thick now. When other people make spagetti I don't want any.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

That story is amazing about the girl who was kidnapped as a baby.

I can't read beauty blogs or fashion blogs. I rather just look at the pictures or watch videos of them doing their makeup.

I have a few friends in ATL. One friend told me show once saw Derek J out and about and he had on heels and was carrying a purse.

I'm not a kitten heel fan. Can't stand them!

I saw that video yesterday. "Fck this shit". LMAO

GorgeousPuddin said...


The fact that she found her real mom/fam is amazing to me too!

Funny! well we're all different. Most of the video's I see with no prior commentary are whack!

Such a mess!!

Join the kitten heel hate club! KHHC! LOL!

She is hilarious!!!

K. Rock said...

1. Yeah I think that lady needs to go to jail right now!! You just don't steal someone's baby? A baby?? A whole baby? Ridiculous.
4. I can do the fashion ones but I can't get with the makeup ones yet.5. I so agree. I think it's some kind of twitter thing. I always hate it when it pops up.
6. Yeah!! Keep it up. Dont stop now.
8. Since my Falcons are out, my rule is go for the team with the black quarterback. If that fails (like in this situation) go with the team with the black coach. So Steelers for me!!
9. It's not normal. You will see it if you go to certain areas but I dont frequent those areas. It's really deplorable and not cute to me. Embarrassing...
10.I'd expect to be set for life.
12. Angel hair is too thin for me. I buy the thin spaghetti. And if I dont use spaghetti, its still spaghetti.
13. Yeah this video had me cracking up. When she said her hair looked liked some raw ramen noodles, I was done!!

P.S. I love this... said...

1. Yeah, that's terrible.. I think I would have to whoop some a$$ if I saw the woman that stole my baby. Yup, I'mma bout to box you right here in the court room.

2. I like watching beauty vids on YouTube. I really enjoy watching male makeup artist and drag queens.

6. That's so good!! Did you notice any differences during your fast? More energy, less energy etc, etc?
I feel less alert when I drink Coke Zero.. but I still drink it. lol

8. Go Steelers! For no other reason than I like their colors.

9. Girl BYE!!! I saw Derek J on this hair show reality show and he had on the thigh high boots. I was DONE but wanted to know where he got them from.

10. With baby mommas and daddies, rampant divorce and just plain sneaking around.. a whole LOT of people will be finding out at some point about long lost siblings and/or relatives. I tell my daugther all the time.. get some family history on dudes you like because he could be cousin or something.

If I found out I was related to Oprah, I would have any expectations beyond wanting to go to her soirees.

11. Kitten Heel? Yuck.. they make your feet look long.

12. LOVE spaghetti. It's just the right density for my homemade sauce and meatballs. Angel hair is too thin..better for light sauces. But the hubby loves angel hair so we compromise with thin spaghetti.

13. I KNEW it was that vid.. She's so funny. "Florida Evans"

GorgeousPuddin said...

@K Rock
1. Right! a whole baby????? Just crazy!!!!!!
4. See the beauty blogs are more than make-up its products and tips about beauty. I learned how to make my facial moisturizer work better this winter.
6. I can do it in moderation now.
8. I like that.
9. I figured you might agree because you have a son, glad it's not wide spread!
10. LOL!! I agree!
12.I keep reading about this thin spagetti. I have to look for it.
13. Yes! Just too funny!

1. Yep right there in the courtroom!
2. Noooooooooo I can't O_O LOL!
6. I swear my skin was brighter from all the water! I felt good.
8. Okay Hahahaha! A good reason as any.
9. Well... I was repulsed at the shorty shorts and army booties Just too much for my eyes!
10. I see that from the father's side that's to be expected but a mother keeping a secret like that????? was a trip! And she better break me off a chunk of something? If she was just a millionaire maybe not but she's a billionare!! My life better improve immediately! If it was me I would! Jus sayin!
12. Interesting! I really do have to get some of this thin spagetti!
13. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! but why she kinda look like her?? LOL!

Nina said...

OMG! If I found out Oprah was my sister....maaaaaan listen! All I gotta say. Idk if Oprah could NOT have known and didn't take care of her family. Y'know.

The stolen baby thing...If that were my child, I'd whoop on the lady. Some way..some how.

kisz4tj said...

1. That was a crazy story, but then again, THAT is Harlem Hospital. The lady is ill. I’m not sure if that woman surrounded herself with people who would know. Maybe...maybe not.

Congrats on the fast!

I hate that expression. BLASPHEMY!

Crazy. My bff has spotted Lawrence, and yes.

I was big into kitten heels some years back. I’m 5’4, but yeah...I feel your pain.

I’m into spaghetti rigati. I heart the ridges...holds the sauce better.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Yeah it's just a bizarre story! I'm inclined to believe maybe she didn't know. I just hope she does right by her sister! I know she doesn't have to but I hope she does.

Girl!!!!! I can't even imagine all the ways I would want to get that woman for taking my baby!!!!

1. But is that really an excuse???? Harlem hospital is that bad or was???? She should sue them in the process! Has it been determined that the woman is mentally ill??? She seemingly raised this child with no problems. I just don't know.

Thank you! It was hard!

I agree blasphemy!

Really???? I figured somebody would see these folks around.

Straight up hate for kitten heels!

Spaghetti rigati??? I have to check it out Thanks!

keyalus said...

9. I'd say it depends on where you are located. I've seen it enough not to have it be shocking. If you are in the Midtown/Piedmont Park area you should definitely expect to see this.

I saw Derek J at The Broke Socialite's Cupcake Smackdown. He breezed in (in heels) got some cupcakes and then left.

My friends were eating at Shout and saw NeNe. They asked her for a picture and she said no.

11. I don't get them either. They look like bedroom shoes to me.