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Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's Thursday and these are my thoughts...

1.After watching an episode of The Good Wife (love this show) I realized how much of your life is in the hands of the D.A. and lawyers. There was a lot of back and forth about how many years in prison to sentence. It was like some type of game. I really hope it’s not like that in real life but I have a sinking feeling it is. Dear Lawd please keep me from committing a crime. Thank you!

2.People who use Irregardless Umm yeah that’s not a word. My question, who made up this word???? I have my nerve with as many grammatical errors as I make. LOL!

3.Has anyone seen the ASPCA commercial about the poor cats and dogs. I HATE it. Roberta Flack singing the first time ever I saw your face?? And the sad, sad faces. Stop it! I can’t! Also, the curly blonde weave she wore in the commercial. BLONDE???? Who is your stylist??

4.And what is about all the infomercials talking about if you call in the next ten minutes you get this savings?? Yeah right! I waited a whole hour then called. Guess what??? Same savings!! I just confessed to buying something off of the TV. A ShamWOW was calling me LOL!

5. I watched the Katy Perry E! special. Who knew she came from such a strong, rigid, restrictive Christian background?? No radio besides Christian music, MTV was blocked and she started off as a Christian music singer. From that to “I kissed a girl and I liked it” ?? Her father was turning back flips until they got that CHECK!

6.There are several movies I can watch over and over, The Devil Wears Prada is one and Bride Wars is slowly becoming another. Why??? Because HBO keeps playing it over and over.

7.I’ve noticed I’m lazy when it comes to changing the channel. I hate channel surfing! That’s how I end up watching all these weird shows and movies that I wouldn’t see if I changed the channel. Oh yeah and why do men like to change the channel SO MUCH?? Hmm something else to ponder? Can this be a metaphor for relationships??

8.I so need to update my blog roll on both blogs. I’ve found some more crazy funny bloggers and some FABU fashion/beauty blogs.

9.Looking at many of the home design blogs has me yearning for real furniture. What’s that you say?? Yes REAL! I want items from real furniture designers of the past and present. I consider my sense of style contemporary and realized there is furniture out there for me. I also concluded that I have knock off furniture of actual real designers! Imagine my horror! I would NEVER wear a knock off designer clothing item or accessory. This realization has me shook.
10.On another note I will wear a shoe by a real designer who kinda knocked off a higher end designers shoe. Remember these???


Say hello to these!!!!!

Of course the Lou Bou's are still the most fab but, My new boo is Sam Edelman.

11. Super excited about this year's San Francisco's Dine About Town 2011 event!! and this year Oakland is joining in on the fun with an Oakland Restaurant Week of their own! I need thousand's of dollars for these events. Thousand's! LOL!
Who says stuff like that???? HER! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Those points were laugh out loud funny! This is why I started Seen and Heard!


Jameil said...

1) My mom LOVES that show.
2) Here's how it happened. Pardon me. What ha happen wuz... someone in the hood needed to be taken seriously. He/she knew words with LOTS of syllables were the key. He/she WON that argument by use of the word irregardless. (why did no red squiggly appear? just wrong. i bet it doesn't stop conversate either... oh... it does...) The person who lost the argument won his/her subsequent argument and so on and so forth until it is now an inescapable part of the hood vernacular and popular lexicon of those who don't mind suffering fools.
3) LOL. I haven't seen hers. I saw the one "In the arms of the angel" ad nauseum while in tv and see it's still on. for reals? & i love that the blonde is what has you equally or more indignant! HILARITY!!
4) LOLOLOLOL! Oh Shamwow you didn't! It took you only an hour to talk yourself into it, huh? Let us know how it works.
5) I bet he still cashed it.
6) I didn't enjoy BW to watch it repeatedly but DWP? Only seen it once and enjoyed it. I should watch it again.
7) That is such a mess. LAZY!! I don't think that's a gender thing. I can flip like a mug!
9) Yeah... I don't have "real" designer money. I'm more than content with "fake" furniture. You really wear knockoffs all the time if you ever shop at the mall and are spending less than $150/item. All of those are watered down versions of some runway look.
10) I actually like the Edelman better. It is so hard for me to spend more than $40-50 on a pair of shoes. A sandal/glorified flip flop? I top out at 20.
11) mmmmmmmm. there's a tuesday only cheaper eats event in town this month thru the first week in feb. i'm so there!
12) Absolutely nuts!

keyalus said...

1. I feel like I missed the boat on this show. I wonder if they have it on Netflix streaming?

2. I hate conversate. I don't think that was ever a real word either. People just said it so much they put in the dictionary as Black American English LOL.

4. Does the ShamWow work? I have been curious about that one.

9. I have the interior design bug again but no money to act on it. I'm going to try to do little things to spruce my place up. I bought a dining room table 2 years ago and still haven't bought any chairs!

~Mommy+Me~ said...

1. I never got into that show, but my parents watch it. I know what you mean though.

3. So sad! There is another one too with a differnt song, can't remember the artist's name. My daughter just about cries watching those commercials.

4. They really try to get you to call right away. Really you could wait as long as you want or go to the website. LOL @ ShamWOW! :)

6. I agree with The Devil Wears Prada, my fiance even likes that one. The book was good too.

7. I am definitely a channel surfer, I hate commercials. I find myself finding some really crazy shows that way too. I just watched Beyond Scared Straight, it was interesting. I think it's a good idea. The one I saw though was at a women's prison & why could half the women pass for men?

11. That sounds great! I would love to go to something like that. I can see how you would need a lot of money for that!

12. LOL I went over & read that post about the booty backpack & then went to the story about skinny girl problems. This had me crackin up out loud: "I dated a guy that was built like TI. That shit was dreadful, I'll never 4get when the wind almost blew his ass in the street." LMAO!

K. Rock said...

12. OK first off, you are a nut for this! Girl if you get my jokes you are just as crazy as me! Thanks for the honor of being featured!

2. Yes! I know a dude that uses it all the time and I just wanna stop him and say "Nope. That ain't it."

3. Animals don't move me. I am always just ready for that commercial to be over.

4. Please let me know if that thing works. I am really curious about it.

7. I am just the opposite. The minute a commercial comes on, I check all my other stations for shows. It's wierd cuz Hubs is the opposite. He will leave it on a channel and not change during the commercials. That makes me so mad!

8. Spread the love.

10. Those shoes are cute but that looks like a really high heel.

Nexgrl said...

3. While reading this I thought, you watch too much late night television.

4. This confirms my thoughts about #3. You could've just purchased it at Bed,Bath&. They have a "As Seen On TV" section.

9. You should explore the designer showrooms in SF. Once you decide on a designer(s,) you can find out when they hold their sample sales.

10. I'm trying to stay away from new shoes right about now.

kisz4tj said...

I have to press my thighs together I LOVE The Good Wife so much!

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

Irregardless and conversate are two words that grind my gears.

I don't have a problem wearing knock out shoes. Alot of designers like Guess, Steve Madden, etc are always copying from higher end designers. Now I wouldn't wear a designer from Payless that made a knock-offs. lol

Jameil said...

You should've known Ms. Beat a dog to sleep would be unfazed by that commercial!!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.Your mom has excellent taste!! This show is so dramatic and real acted! Just great!
2. You are CRAZY!!! That’s exactly how it happened! LOLOLOL!!
3. Yes! I am offended by the commercial AND her blonde weave OFFENDED!
4. Not to much better than a regular towel. *shrugs*
5. Oh yes he cashed it! Post haste!
6.I loved the fashion in both movies! I think I watch movies like that for the fashion! You should watch it again!! Bride Wars is on right now! LOL!
7. It is lazy! I’ve seen so many strange shows! You flip too??? Oh I couldn’t take it.
9. Then I guess it’s like the shoes if it has a name brand on it I'm buying.
10. The Edelman is cute! Not me I bought some Tory Burch sandals! Loves! I flip between high end and low as money permits!
11. I know, right! The Tuesday only event sounds great! Let me know what places you go to!
12. She cracks me UP!

1. I’m not sure but the first season pulled me in and the 2nd season is good too!
2. Conversate?? LOLOLOL! I just stare O_O It’s still NOT a word I don’t care what dictionary it’s in. Is it really in a dictionary??
4. ShamWow not all that. Overrated paper towel.
9. Well I think starting with the chairs is a good start! I went to Pier 1 today. I LOVE that store!!! You can do some real sprucing there! I saw so much stuff.

1. It’s a good show! Eye opening.

3. Too sad! Still hate it! You guys are clearly animal people and it’s okay. LOL!

4. I got played anyway I just found out in this comment section it’s at BB&B! I could have used my 20% coupon!

6. I still haven’t read the book. It’s on the list, but yes really good.

7. My theory is debunked again! LOL! I love me some commercials. Beyond Scared Straight, it was scary I know I’m straight on crime! I think it's a great idea. That D.ia.bla with the painted beard??? And that other one??? Whew! too much masculinity!

11. Definitely need lot’s of money to eat all the places I want too!

12. Exactly! She’s a hoot! That TI joke had me hollering too!

@K Rock
12. You are clearly the nut ! I have read it over a few times and still crack up!! You're welcome!
2. BWHAHAHAHAHAAHA! See just wrong! I love using ain’t!
3. Me either! Enough already! But I have the nerve to be to lazy to change the channel. O_o!
4. I'm shocked so many are curious about. It’s just okay to me.
7. So my theory has been debunked I’m just lazy! LOL!
8. Plan to. I realized people stop by here to go to other blogs. Not a problem just thanks for stopping by.
10. It is, but a comfortable high heel. I’m short!

3. GUILTY!!!
4. Now you tell me??? LOL! As mentioned above I got played. I could have used my 20% coupon!!
9. Thank you so much! That sounds like a great idea!
10. If only I could. Shoes give life!

Yes Ms. Lawyer I'm sure you do!!!
LOLOLOLOLOL!@I have to press my thighs together.

Yes! In real conversations learn how to speak ninjas!

A knock off at Payless??? Hilarity!
But designers are having lines at Payless. I heart Christian Siriano!

Unfazed! Me too! LOLOLOLOL!

AR Gal said...

2.Ha! Probably the same people that made up the non-word conversate.

3. I haven't seen it but I hate seeing the one with Sarah McLaughlin (sp??) singing. It makes me soooooo sad!

4. Mistah and I always joke about those commercials. Sooooooo what did you buy?

5. I saw that special too but I'd read somewhere before that she was raised in a very strict Christian environment. I wondered how close they got to drinking the Kool-Aid and cracked up laughing when she said they wouldn't let them eat Lucky Charms cereal. o_O

At any rate, I love Katy Perry's music.

6. They have been showing Bride Wars an awful lot lately.

10. OMG, both of those shoes are so hot!!!

K. Rock said...

@Jameil- I'm not an animal hater! I'm just not an animal lover.

Anonymous said...

1. I've never seen that show but it sounds like something I would like. All these law shows give a sneak peak on how insane our judicial system is. Bargaining sentences for a known guilty person is craziness.

LOL on pretty much all the rest. And an interesting thought about the channel changing...hmmmm :)

9. I agree about the furniture. Thats when you get into the bigger ticket items. And the space to hold it. I ain't able yet...one day though
Wow, never knock off? you did say you were a label person. go girl!! it must be nice :)

GorgeousPuddin said...

2. LOL!
3. Aww! It makes you sad?? So your an animal person. Awww!
4. I am shocked! You are the ONLY person who guessed I bought something else too! LOL! Well it wasn't a booty pop or pajama jeans! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!
5. I missed the Lucky Charms. You know that's because magic is thought to be witchcraft!! How do I know??? I could relate to the VERY religious nonsense.
6. Really they have. Since TB and Boardwalk went off I have no interest in HBO.

1. Excellent show! I completely agree about the judicial system!

9. Exactly one day! This is a real desire... I'm imagining decorating my fabulous designer home LOL! Check your email...