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Thursday, January 13, 2011


1. Attack a teacher day campaign on FB story here REALLY!!!??? The kids??? SMH. These little heffas need to get got with like this youngster right here! I love the kids but some need an old school arse whoopin. For the record I would so fight a kid if they were about to attack me! #don't-try-me

2. What’s up with the random followers on Twitter? I don’t know these people why are they following me??? Umm I know they don’t know me, but I would not buy or drive a RV.  My twitter is @Gorgeous_Puddin in case YOU want to follow me.

3.Saturday I watched a re-run of Inside the Actors studio with Dave Chappelle. It made me miss him more!! #comebackdave. I'm following him on Twitter he's still a nut!

4.Either I have a mild case of A.D.D or I spend way to much time getting snacks while I’m watching TV. Quite a few re-runs have scenes I’ve never seen! How is this possible???

5. All the dudes playing football with long hair hanging out the back of their helmets look like thugs and hillbillies playing each other. #get-a-haircut

6. Make-up makes me really happy. Especially lip-gloss!! *dances a little* I found some of my FAVORITE discontinued colors on EBay. Color me SIKED!!! *dances again*

7. Speaking of make-up, white eyeliner/shadow on black people is ghetto if not properly blended! Don’t just line your eyes with white eyeliner on your lash line, eyelid or below your brow. You look like a clown. Just thought I’d throw that in. #justsayin

8. I love watching oldish (90’s) movies and seeing stars in current films and realizing they’ve been acting awhile.

9. You know, calling people all these NEW terms is irking me. My stylist use to be my hairdresser and a relaxer was just a perm. #team-do-my-own-hair

10. Onetime I said the meanest, rudest thing to somebodies grandmother (she was in her 50's not 80's). Everybody in the family is... let’s say facially challenged, (unfortunate looking) ugly EVERYBODY!! One of the woman's son’s had a beautiful baby girl with a facially challenged woman. I mean an absolutely beautiful baby. One of the prettiest babies I may have ever seen. I THOUGHT TO MYSELF HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? I SAID “Wow she is gorgeous. I know you were surprised somebody made a pretty one.” Who says that??? To this day I’m still embarrassed when I think about it. #shame-on-me

11. I like the new Target commercials. Did you see the one for mouthwash?? The wife is doing a crossword puzzle and the husband walks up looks at the puzzle and say’s JO_JO_BA all extra breathy (J is a H sound) She frowns at his stinky breathe. #seen-and-heard 

12. Clearly I'm late to the paarty but twit.ter is the ish to me. I'm all hashtag crazy #########.


Jameil said...

someone please hide her # key... PLEASE!! More on this later...
1. clearly that kid would deserve to be hit.
2. stalkers/spammers. i deny or block them all.
3. i bet he is really funny. i never last long following celebs.
4. every show i've ever watched has scenes i don't remember. i just don't pay that much attention.
5. really? crazy. i like locs on guys. and really, they're all fb players so who cares what their heads look like? pas moi.
6. YOU. germaphobe from 97 is excited about colors on ebay? *head tilt.*
7. It's awful on everyone improperly blended
8. I like watching 50s and 60s movies and getting my mind blown by these people I only know as ancient looking really young and sometimes really hot!
9. neither of those is a new term...
10. WOW. failure.
11. lol. haven't seen it. dvr keeps me from 99% of commercials. a gift & a curse.
12. so late. but dear heart... bless your heart... you can't use dashes or numbers in hashtags on twitter. what makes hashtags fun is that you have to figure out what the phrase is w/o all the dashes...

Jameil said...

2. also usually people who search for a word or phrase related to whatever they're pushing and follow everyone who's said it recently to get more followers since a lot of people will follow people who follow them.

P.S. I love this... said...

1. Ugh.. attack a teacher day?? The Hell?? I don't know how teachers do it and I applaud them for choosing this profession. If I were a teacher, it would only be to pre-school and college..everything in between... NOT! My teenage daughter grates my nerves and I love her..couldn't imagine dealing with multiple hormonal teens all day.

Dead @ you fighting a kid but I wouldn't blame you.. have you seen the average 16 year old?? Looking like they've been playing football since the womb!

I'm glad that uncle cared enough to get with that child before he got "dealt with" in real life by some real gangbanger.


10. Rude but funny.

keyalus said...

2. I get some crazy follower requests too. I'm public though so they can just follow you. They must search local areas or for keywords in your tweets.

3. It must be black comedian week on that show! I was just watching an ep with Eddie Murphy.

10. Talk about speaking before you think! We've all been there sometime before - the words just tumble out before you can stop yourself.

12. I'm slowly getting with Twitter. Is it just me or do you have to be either FB or Twitter. I just don't have the attention span to actively maintain both.

Nexgrl said...

1. Tweens and Teens work my nerves. Now you know that you would be the one arrested for assault.
2. My account is private for a reason.
5. I don't mind the long hair. I do wish that they would braid or something. It needs to be inside the helmet.
7. I work with a woman in her 50's who commits this crime daily. She often pairs a wave cap and headband with it.
9. For the most part, I belong to #teamdomyownhair.
10. I guess your filter was being cleaned that day.
11. I rarely pay attention to commercials.
12. I enjoy reading other people's tweets.

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Yo! i been wondering the same thing about the random twitter followers on @Sherinep
In like two days i went up 10 followers. I think theyre all spam

Lol @ the white liner/shadow comment. That's tru

Check out my blog and follow if you like!
Confessions Of A City Girl

Anonymous said...

i only got to the second one, while i stop and sign into Twitter. i WILL be following... :)

Anonymous said...

(i'll be back to read the rest later. i'm having a hard time being on the blogs while i'm at work)

GorgeousPuddin said...

Nope #justgettinstarted LOL!
1. I agree 100%
2. I didn't know it was an option #stilllearning LOLOL! Thanks and Thanks!
3. Yeah I'm following a few others I'm about to stop. I just want one to say something back.
4. I call myself paying attention. It's so strange when it seems like I've never seen the episode.
5. I didn't say I dislike the actual style it's the unruly hair hanging out. It's messy and dangerous.
6. LOLOLOL! Now you know I bought it with CONDITIONS. The items are in the original packaging AND there is a return policy so if it looks janky you already know it's going back and it's recently discontinued lipgloss pots I would see the fingerprints! Geez!
7. Stands out way more on hood chicks!
8. I probably should watch more 50's and 60's movies. My uncle had me watching some Lena Horne films can't remember the titles. Good tho.
9. I said new because the last time I got my hair done at the shop, now salon my hairdresser/stylist was going on and on.
10. *hangs head in shame*
11. You gotta catch it Hilarious
12. I know but on here I wanted ya'll to know what I was saying. THANKS!

1. Crazy right!!!??? Me either! That's why I only want to teach college age!! I sure would!!
Me too I think kids need to stop playing. The boy could get killed with that gangsta foolishness! Why everybody trying to be a gangsta?
7. Ah but true!
10. I know. *sad face*

2. I would like to know when I said RV?? LOL!
3. I saw Eddie's before. It was good too!
10. I know. When I said it I instantly felt bad but she didn't react. Thank God!
12. I think it's either or. I hardly ever go to FB now.

1. Sadly I know I would...but I'm not just gonna let a kid beat my azz. Nope NEVER!
2. I see why now.
5. That's all I'm saying! Just put it in the helmet!
7. Bwhahahahaaha! Whaat? She works there??? No NO NO!
9. #holla
10. That's a good one I will use it. Yeah my filter was broke that day! LOLOL!!
12.Me too!

@Confessions CCG
Yeah it must be spam.

You know its true! LOL!

LOL! okay!

Ladynay said...

That baby comment was mean...but funny as hell! LOL

I simply refuse to tweet. Trying to get rid of FB as I type! LOL

K. Rock said...

3. I love that episode. He was so funny. His show was great while it lasted.
4. Same happens to me when I am on my laptop while I watch tv.
6. I love my lip gloss poppin too. I aint happy til I got shiny Phaedra lips.
9. Funny. Your'e right. I hadn't realized the transition.
10. Ha! You know it takes a strong person to admit they have done some jerky things. Good for you.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I feel bad don't laugh!!
Aw c'mon over to tweetland *beckons at Ladynay*

@K Rock
3. It was a really great show. It showed the essence of Dave.
4. I really miss a LOT when I do that!
9. Once my hairdresser became a stylist then she couldn't wash hair anymore. She hired a shampoo girl who couldn't wash hair. I refused to let her touch my hair.
I'm so glad I do it myself now!

Anonymous said...

3. Man, we still watch Chappelle show DVD's. That's some of my favorite tv ever.e Fug yo couch!!

8. That trips me out! I keep www.imdb.com up on my computer, because I'm always checking who's in what, what year it was, etc.

10. Very mature for acknowledging your comment.

11. Have you seen Kyle in the one Target commercial??? What happened to his career?

12. I have still not RSVP'ed to the Twitter party. I just can't. Ya'll make it sounds like the bomb.com, but I just can't.

GorgeousPuddin said...

3. Me too!!! I still laugh so much!! I'm Rick James bish!!
8. Dang?! Me too. I always check there and read up on stars.
10. Thank you!
11. Yes I did and I said the same thing Wow! dude Target??? What a leap... down :( But at least he still making some money!
12. Join us! *beckons mrstdj* LOL! No, but really some of the commentary is crazy!!

Nina said...

attack a teacher day???
are you serious?

i LOVED that video with the kid getting beat by his uncle. i am all for the whopping!

GorgeousPuddin said...

I know right? The kids have gone crazy!! Bwhahahahahahaha! Yeah he deserved his butt whooped!