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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A True Blood Tuesday? Yes Yes Ya'll

Hey Trubbies,

THE FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After all the anticipation leading up to the finale, I was personally a little underwhelmed.
Out of all the episodes I have the least to say about this one *shrugs*

The Kang was funny even in imminent death Bwhahahahaha!!! He looked like burnt toast!

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad Eric didn't die!!!

When Sookie poured Talbot’s remains down the garbage disposal????????? I almost
DIED!!!! I thought the Kang was speaking in tongues at first.

OMG! Crystal’s inbred family??????? Sweet Baby Jesus!!!!!!!! Uncle Daddy????? Why??? Well Uncle Daddy is in the next memoriam! LOL!

Lafayette's hallucinations! WOW! He looked really afraid! Great actor! I love him!

Hmmmm so it IS RenĂ©’s baby?? Hmmm.

Jesus is a witch? It just don’t seem right writing that for obvious reasons!

Tara's hair! I liked it. She looked good. FINALLY rid of  that"The Way She Move" hair.
I won’t keep thinking she's about to crump anymore! I knew her mother was gonna get it in with that Rev. poor delusional thang!

Did Sookie go up into a space ship? Well that's leaning toward the Ridiculous to me.
I didn't know Bill could fly? A fight to the death? Well alrighty then!

It’s been great being able to discuss a show I really like with you all. I wish I had started posting earlier in the season.

Okay it's your turn! Chime in on what were your favorite parts, thoughts, and opinions???

Well until next season..... Cheers to a great Season 3!!!!!!!!
and an anticipated Season 4!


P.S. I love this... said...

Hey Gorg!

I thought it was just me, feeling underwhelmed with the finale. I watched it twice to make sure I didn't miss anything.. nope.. still underwhelmed.

OMG the Kang had me spitting my smoothie across the room.. He was STILL taking ish even all burnt up. And when he showed his FANG to Sookie, and it came down all slow and misaligned, I thought I would DIE! lololol What was he gonna do with that thing??

I kinda felt bad about Talbot being swished by the garbage disposal. I'm weird.

Uncle Daddy?!?! I was done! *cackles* I wanna watch again just to see that part.

I knew LaLa wasn't feeling like himself.. he didn't have on a single faux lash or eyeshadow. I wondered why Sam was thinking what he was and why was his hands bloody??

Tara did the booty with a dog.. literally...kinda.. Ugh.. (Professor Gorg, what say you?)
I wonder if she left Bon Temps for good?

What does Arlene have brewing in her uterus?

I didn't know Bill could fly either.. seems that he was sincere about loving Sookie, although he deceived her at first.

How dare Bill try to get rid of Eric?? *fights Bill*

Alcide, ummmm FINE! I hope he and Sookie hook up.. if she comes back from fairy land. I wonder if her going there is gonna enhance her powers?

I hope they bring it with the first episode of the next season.

Oh, why did the Kang regenerate his burnt crispiness?

GorgeousPuddin said...

@P.S. I'm glad I wasn't the only one. I was like this is kinda boring. It had to be. I got up and did stuff while it was on so I had to watch it again just to get a post.

Right! He was still talking loong mess all burnt up! Bwhaha! Too funny! Best part of the show!

I did feel like Sookie killed Talbot again. But it was still funny to me! He deserved it because he was a ruthless killer!

When you watch again really look at Crystal's peeps they look like monsters from the Hills Have Eyes

You're right!!!! LaLa was not his normal FAB self!

Poor Tara. So that's Sam, Eggs, Crazy Franklin almost Jason, and Sam again Clearly the oversexed, wanton woman. Her mom is portrayed as slutty too! You noticed that? Hmmm... black woman sexing a dog? Uh nuff said! Anywhoo she better comeback.

I don't know what Arlene has in her. Perhaps a psycho serial killer Ewwww!

So Bill's secret is revealed Bwhahaha! @ fights Bill for trying to kill Eric. Bill looked like a real man in love and in pain. I guess he imagined losing her in real life.

Yeah that whole alien thing was weird. I would have preferred the
lake appearing again and her going in.


They better bring it with Season 4 Epi 1. I give this Finale a 3 out of 5 only because of the KANG!!!!

Are you asking why didn't the Kang?

Bajan Beauty said...

I was waiting for your commentary! I was so disappointed...*two thumbs down*. This season was left too open, they could have tied up a few more loose ends.

Maybe Lala is really seeing what people are feeling...and Jesus is a witch, male nurse, lol. I can't wait to see how that plays out.

The Kang, poor baby, he was extra crispy and still trying to run things. Bill is a snake and he can't be trusted. He also gave Alcide that look like he knows he digging Sookie. They should hook up, he is sexy.

I had to LOL at the intervention for Hoyt, smh. I don't know what his Mama plans to do with that rifle.

How did the Queen find out about Sookies powers? Did Sookies cousin tell her. If so how did her cousin know she was a Fairy...so many unanswered questions...arrrrrggggggghhhhhh! I need to write HBO a letter, lol.

Was it just me or did anyone else think Eric was sexy in his velour track suit? =), lol.

AR Gal said...

I'm going to copy and paste the comment I made on another blog about the finale:

I was torn last night on the finale ending but after a good night’s rest, I’m convinced it sucked major tittayballs.

Why was the finale not at least 30 minutes longer?

Why were we not privy to see the Matrix fight between Bill and the Queen? It’s probably not even all that if they had to leave us hanging. All the more reason to just show it now, not later.

Why didn’t Sam actually show Tara his shape shifting ability? I just knew he was going to change into a dog or something but nooooooooooooo. All we got was hoecakes made with bacon grease. I am quite pleased that she cut braids out. Funny comment on the TB FB page last night:

“Girl why you cryin’? That ain’t even your real hair!” LMAO!! I know that’s not really the reason why she was but it was still funny nonetheless.

I think Sam just shot his brother in the ass.

I love Jason’s dumb ass. He’s always looking for a reason to be more important than he really is. Perhaps this is the perfect fit for him being around people that are actually dumber than him.

I think the change in Bill is them trying to make the transition to the Eric-Sookie love story like in the book. I could be wrong but that’s the feeling I got.

Alcide is HOT!!!!!!

That’s all.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Bajan It was a bit of a let down! I was like ummkay this is it?

That's a theory (what people are feeling) Yeah I can agree with that!

Yeah Bill smh. I was surprised that it was all a set up. But it seems he did really fall in love so IDK.

Alcide is the HOTNESSSSS! I hope him and Sookie give it a go.

I completely forgot to write about the intervention LOL! I thought his mother was gonna shoot Jess or something they left that too open BOOOOOOO! It should've been some shots fired or someting!

Yeah Sookie's cousin told the queen about her powers last season I think. The cousin admitted it about 3 epis back when Eric sent her to warn Sookie the Kang was coming and not to trust Bill. Fairy blood is in their blood line. That epi also revealed the cousins son has the powers too like Sookie.

Eric is just sexy! I would have watch again to see the clothes. LOL!

@AR GAL It did need to be longer!
They better start next season with that fight! I mean IT!

Yeah Jason is so dumb! He will be the Kang of those misfits.

Yeah that was funny on FB.

I agree with you about Sam and Bill

Oh well until next summer... TB OUT!

P.S. I love this... said...

@Bajan- Whooo chile, did Eric look sexy in that track suit... umm ummm ummmmm. I just love how he hangs he head cause he's taller than most of the folks he deals with.. so sexeh!

*DEAD* at TB FB comment about Tara's hair and Jason the Kang of the misfits. *Dead again*