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Thursday, September 16, 2010


1.I thought when K.FC stopped promoting the Do.uble Do.wn heart attack sandwich that it’s novelty had fell off and it would be off the menu. Well it’s being promoted again. K.FC is trying to kill us. Don’t fall for it people!

2.Why didn’t anybody tell me that Steve Harvey is hosting the new Family Feud? I just happened to be home around lunch time and caught the end. I've always wanted to go on the show!!!! Umm just not with my family! LOL! Okay maybe a few of them. Steve said, to a black family “if you win this money(20,000) we gon get to hollerin and runnin and and tear this room up!” I died!

3.Why do tragic things have to happen before change is made??? Did you know a certain amount of people have to be KILLED at an intersection before a stop sign/stop light is installed. There was a massive gas explosion in San Bruno, CA that killed 4 people 3 are missing. P.acific G.as and E.lectric (PG.E) is currently checking all gas lines because of said explosion. But my suggestion is this, If you know the gas lines were installed in 1912 they should probably be checked and updated BEFORE they explode OKAY!!!!!!

4.I have this weird relationship with the follow button on blogs. I don’t follow until I’m a significant number. not that it makes a difference If you have 24 followers look for me at 25 if 99 I’m 100. LOL!  IDKY I guess it’s my own self importance.

5.I feel much like everyone else about the To.p Ch.ef finale parts 1 and 2 huh?? Is that still on? being a waste of time without Tiffany. I wonder if there was a drop in the ratings after her departure. I really hope so! Why didn't I know Kevin was black????? My bad

6.As much as I tried to fight it the Summer really does end after Labor Day. People transition into a whole different mind set. I failed in my KEEP SUMMER ALIVE campaign LOLOLOLOL!

7.As a semi reformed fast food junkie meaning I don’t go on the regular anymore but if that’s where the crowd is going I can eat something and sometimes I just NEED my fries. LOL! It is so annoying when fast food restaurants are advertised that aren’t in my area.Example Sonic. I'm not trying to drive no country miles to get a limeaide chiller. That dang cable!

8.This week I’m adding Seen and Heard to "Thursday Thoughts" People say the funniest stuff in the comment section of posts. I saw this  comment on Jameil’s blog from mrstdj “I thank God all the time for making pigs, because bacon is one of my best friends!” I like to DIED when I read that! Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha!

Chime in people! What do you think?


Jameil said...

1) Yeah... I'm not tryin to die! But there's been so much hype... I really am tempted to make Rashan get one that we can share... and eat for a week.
2) LOLOL where have you been??
3) Because people don't know/want to know an intersection is dangerous until it's all over the news or whatever the case is. Also, as horrid as it sounds, in most cases it's more cost effective to wait until an accident to repair lines as they break/add stop light. Esp. when lines are so old. There are ton in need of repair or replacement at the same time. You wouldn't want to pay the bills you would have to pay to support such action. (News background)
4) LOL. Certifiable!!
5) Gotta watch pt. II later today.
6) Not for me! It's summer until I can't go sleeveless anymore!!
7) I have fries at least once a week. Proper diet goes to the wind! I chalk it up to needing carbs for workout fuel. Lol!!
8) LOLOL ME TOO!! This is a great addition!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. A week??? LOLOLOL! Yeah the calories are about that much!
2. I guess I'm outta the loop! LOL!
3. Alright Ms. Information!! Thanks for the info. That really is tragic! The explosion area looks like a war zone! That's one more thing I'm going to be scared about. :(
4. I know!!!! :)
5. It's a little surprising!
6. Lucky you! Everything is changing here. Booooooooo!
7. Fries are THE best!!!!
8. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

2. If you want to be on Family Feud without the inconvenience of family, play it online. It's one of the games option on Facebook.

Went for a tryout for the Feud once.
Q: Name something people bury in the back yard.
A: Bones.

OK. I did not hear the word "people." They still remind me of that $10,000mistake 20 years later. It was a disaster.

P.S. I love this... said...

1. Now that I'm a vegetarian but even if I wasn't, I don't think that would be on my radar. I'm surprised my husband hasn't tried it.

2. Didn't know about Steve.. his voice irritates. But I always loved Family Feud!

3. I know.. reaction instead of pro-action. Sad.

4. You're hilarious!!

6. It's been brisk as all get out these days.. I wore some modified clogs the other day and I think my feet caught a cold.

7. A country mile.. hahahahaha!! Sonic does have the best looking bad foods.

8. That would be a great feature!! I still crack up at the post about Alicia marrying a Meerkat. *DEAD*

K. Rock said...

1. You thought that thing was going away? Ha! It was too popular. People like mess like that.
2. I forgot he had started hosting. I haven't seen one of his eps yet but I bet it's pretty funny.
3.It never works like that.
4. Girl go on with that mess! Push the button!
5. I haven't watched an ep since she departed. I haven't seen either part of the finale. I just don't care anymore.
6. I'm in it with you!! I vote for summer all year!! It's kind of hard now that I have to wear a sweater in the morning now though...
7. Well I will let you know that you aren't missing anything. Sonic is tre nasty.
8.That should be funny. I can't wait to read them.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@ mamasez Hi and Welcome!
2. OMG!! your family was on the FF!!! Cool but wait! People bury people in the backyard???? Where dey do dat at????? I would've got that wrong too!! $10,000 WOW! sorry :( It's all about winning the money does FB offer cash? *smile*

1.Men LOVE that sandwich!! That's why I said THEY trying to kill US!
2. He is just a fool on this show tho! It was hilarious!!!!!!!
3. I know! It's very sad! :(
4.I have issues!
6. I pulled out the Uggs! SMH
7. The commercials look soooo good! I haven't had Sonic since I was last down south.
8. Thanks!! So get ready! If anybody says anything gut busting on your blog look for it!LOL!

@K Rock
1. I really did, but men love it! Go figure?
2. You have to catch an epi. He's too funny!
3. I know but it should!! Too many lives lost!
4.I just caaaaan't! I want to be
75, 400, 30, 1000 etc. Bwhahahaha!
5. I sorta watched it was boring and the winner is surprising.
6.Right! LOL!
7. My sis said the same. But it was good in Oklahoma that time! LOL!
8. I look forward to making ya'll laugh!

Anonymous said...

1. As much as I hate KFC, I can't front that their new theme song is catchy. S.O. S.O. G double O D good! Stop fronting, ya'll know it too.

2. I've always wanted to take my crazy family on FF too. I know that we could totally kill the competition!

5. Still shaking my head over TC. Three episodes on the DVR, plus the new TC Desserts from last night. Not sure if I'll watch any of them. *LOL* Wait, you didn't know Kevin was black???

8. Bwahaha! Happy that I can crack you up, but the kinda scary part is, I'm so NOT trying to be funny. Those that have met me IRL know that I'm exactly the same in blogland as I am in person. As CreoleinDC would say, a little throwed off and a little extra!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.LOLOLOL! Okay as a commercial lover, it is catchy! There's always a song trying to lure you in! LOL!
2. I love watching the funny families. Let me know if ya'll go on I know it will be hilarious!!!!!
5. I know dense huh?? The reason was A. he didn't look it to me and B. There were a lot of us on the show this season so he would be pass the quota! I swear I thought he was representing for our brown brothers!LOL!
8. You are a nautral comedian which is GREAT! Funny people liven it up. I'm queen of the one liners in my crew too!

AR Gal said...

1. That mess never appealed to me.

2. I saw the promo for Steve Harvey hosting the show. He's getting his hustle on. I live Family Feud but I'd rather be on "The Price is Right". It's on my bucket list. :)

3. Weeeeeeeeeellll, they probably never thought the daggone thing would explode. I know so silly of them considering it's ONLY 98 years old. Womp Womp.

5. Kevin's black? I had no idea. I just assumed he was an islander.....like Samoan or something. Tiffany was still ROBBED!

6.Summer is not going out without a fight around here. I wish it would get the hell out of dodge already.

7. I've heard the Sonic around there is like 45 minutes away from the bay. There's one right down the street and around the corner from where we stay. *runs*

8. LOL @ MrsTDJ

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. The men think it's great!
2. You already know how I feel about The Price is Right! bucket list fo sho.
3.Right! I think after Katrina anything that was built at the turn of the century should be inspected!
5. OMG I'm so glad I wasn't The only one who didn't know he was black!!!!! I was HUH? when he said it! Yes Tiffany was ROBBED!
6. I still think you all are so lucky!!!!
7. Yep that is correct! Who wants to drive that far. Gas is TOO high! Bring me a burger back!
8. She craazy!

JSin said...

I totally agree that sandwich is a heart attack waiting to happen. I can only imagine who came up with that idea. How can it even be called a sandwich and there is NO bread? Really?!

And yeah you have to love the mass marketing by Sonic. It's cheaper to advertise in large areas even if people in certain areas can't purchase your product. If anything it's kinda made them like a sort of landmark. When you find yourself way out and happen to see one it makes you wanna go get food from there. Maybe that was part of the marketing plan too. Who knows?

I REALLY enjoyed this post and your blog. I will definitely be stopping by again to read your Thursday Thoughts.

Feel free to check out my blog as well. Thanks.


GorgeousPuddin said...

@JSin Welcome!
1. I thought the same thing, where's the bread???
7. Well it worked! because as soon as I'm near a Sonic it's on!!!

Thanks and please come again!

Nina said...

that double down look wreckless as hell.....steve harvey pisses me off sometimes, stfu even though i'm sure that was funny....and people usually don't do the right thing unless a whole lot of people are watching (when some bad stuff happens)

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Nina It really does look reckless LOL!

It was very funny! Steve is stupid and the best host they've had to me.

I want them (PGE) to get right on these gas leaks tho. It ain't safe round here!