Gorgeous Ponderings...

Thursday, September 30, 2010



1.Do you remember when G.rands biscuits were called Hu.ngry Jac.k and were regular sized??? Now the regular sized biscuits of the past are called Grands jr’s. I had some jr’s recently and they were just as good. Why did I start buying those huge biscuits????

2.I gave turkey sausage another try in my eating healthy quest. I just don’t like it. Nope I’m addicted to the pork. Mmmmm bacon. LOL!

3.I have nothing against the ga.ys I really don’t and I’m not trying to offend anyone. But it is still very unsettling to me to see a man that looks like a man I  mean with a beard and moustache dressed in women’s clothes or shoes especially heels. Moment of silence for R.ut.gers student. :(

4.I had to go to a government building today, and I saw some really strange things on my way to downtown Oakland. It was hot out.
a. a white man in a yellow blouse and short set o_O
b. a man with a mini tape recorder to his mouth busting rhymes loudly in the building. o_O
c. a white man pushing a file cart walks past crowd of black people busts out rapping Too Short?
d. and last but not least a black woman walking down the street in a short, short right under the butt black and orange mini dress with holes cut out all over it with her skin flab coming out the holes O_O

5.My Co.ke obsession has morphed into a real addiction again. I’m using C.oke to relieve my stress. If I don’t have one, I get a headache!  And when I drink it I actually feel better! It’s totally part of the derailing of my eating healthy plan. How am I drinking abut 64 oz of water a day but making sure to include two 8 oz glasses of C.oke? In a C.oke glass at that!

6.Last week I posted about the Vancouver acid hoax. Thankfully she was charged for her allegations and is also being charged with theft. I was not aware that 28,000 dollars was raised on her behalf and she started spending it on clothes and dinners with her parents. That story HERE. Now she a heffa! Ole crazy heffa!

7.BET has added The Co.sby show  to their line-up! Best decision they ever made! Happy Anniversary is still my favorite episode!

8.Seen and heard on Confessions of a City Girl. This video is just soooooooo wrong on all levels. Meet Bu.bba Sp.arks just kidding sister Hi D.olla. Are those her kids droppin it in the video? Bwhahahahahahaha! Somebody please call CPS (child protection services) the Rap police. and the fashion police!

9. Net.flix is a BOSS!


Monique said...

#teampork I'm with you! I like turkey but there's just something about the ooey goodness of real bacon or sausage. *shudders*

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Monique Welcome! Girl Yassss! There is nothing as good as the pork!

AR Gal said...

Shucks, I thought Hungry Jack biscuits were still around.

I lurve turkey meat products but I can never resist a piece of thick old pork bacon. You know that kind that still has the ridge on it (with the fat on the edge) and has just the right amount of crunch and tenderness....*swoons*.

Why didn't I see all that stuff when I was out there? Boo!!! LOL

I hope Ms. Clean spends every bit of the five years in jail....every bit.

The anniversary episodes are really good but my absolute fav is the one about Vanessa sneaking out the house to be with Jeremy. Runner-up- Gordon Gartrelle!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

yes officially adding you to my blog list :)

GorgeousPuddin said...

@AR Gal
1. Maybe in your area but theys Grand jr's here now LOL!
2. I only like just regular turkey, me and turkey products I just don't get it and don't likey. With that description I gotta get some crispy bacon today! LOL!
4. Apparently it's going down in downtown Oakland near or at the I.R-S!
6. I completely agree. Seems like she wasn't that crazy! Just a badly thought out planner!
7.The Gordon Gartrelle epi is hilarious too. Also the one when Theo got his ear pierced! So many funny episodes. Just great TV!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Real Talk Welcome and Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

2 - Thanksgiving turkey is just fine. No need to try to morph turkey into fake pork products. God made the pig for a good reason - CONSUMPTION! Bacon, pork chops and ham are delightful to me!

7 - I can never get enough of the Cosby Show or A Different World. I still give BET the serious side eye, but I suppose this is step in the right direction. Both anniversary episodes were great, Gordon Gartrelle shirt is classic, and another of my favorites is Vanessa going to "Bal-ti-more to have BIG fun!"

9 - And yes, Net.flix is doing a great job of aiding my obsession with television shows, old and new.

GorgeousPuddin said...

2.That is exactly how I feel! I LOVES me some Thanksgiving turkey, and as you said the pig is BOSS! Leave it alone!
LOL!@delightful! Bwhahahaha!
7.The Cosby show!!!! I was thinking the same thing about BET! There are so many quality shows they can choose from and this is a step in the right direction! Now if they could just stop playing Leprechan Back to da Hood? *severe side eye* at that!
9.Netflix is my answer to boring TV. Movies I've seen or even think of seeing Netflix!!!!!!!!!!

~Mommy+Me~ said...

2. My daughter & I both LOVE bacon! My fiance is Muslim & mean as it sounds, my daughter likes to torment him with her bacon addiction! LOL I've tried turkey bacon....not so much. I heard it's actually worse for you anyways, because it takes a lot of salt & other things to turn a turkey into a pig! LOL I don't like chicken or turkey sausage either. :(

3. We already talked about the Rutgers thing....extremely SAD!

4. LOL @ what you saw! I don't know what's the worst. Probably the guy rapping Too Short & the girl rocking her flab out are tied.

5. You know I'm with you on the Coke. I try not to drink it too often though. I started buying those mini cans. Have you seen them? Soooo cute. This way I'm only drinking 90 cal. worth, but still get my fix.

6. Now I already thought that girl was beyond CRAZY, but that's just WRONG on so many levels! I hope she has to pay restitution.

7. I LOVE the Cosby show! I think I've seen every episode. I watched the reruns while I was prego and couldn't sleep.

8. WOW is all I can say about Hi Dolla! I really hope they're not serious. And you are right!

GorgeousPuddin said...

2.LOL!@ your daughter tormenting him with the pig????? That's hilarious! Yeah they just have not been able to translate the taste. It's just not the same!
3. Your post made me change my "thought"
4.It was just horrible yesterday! LOL!
5. I need to look into getting those! Maybe it would help me! But I might drink them all! LOL!
6. I agree!
7. It's a wonderful show. I'm not sure if I've seen all the episodes. Every now and then one will come on that I haven't seen.
8. Girl that's just mess!

Jameil said...

1) Oversized food is so gross to me. I always get small fries. At some places small fries are the size that used to be medium! Have you seen a large fry lately!?! GARGANTUAN!! You can feed AT LEAST 2 off of that!
2) Chicken sausage is MUCH better than turkey sausage. There's no sub for pork bacon!!!!!
3) Why just when they have beards & 'staches?
4) ROTFL @a white man in a yellow blouse and short set. WERK! Can we make ALL people stop rapping in public please? THANKS!
5) Girl STOP!! 16 OZ!?!? Have you tried weaning yourself to just 8... in a non-Coke glass? *snicker* But I'm serious about the 8. You can do it!
6) Pay it all back! Thanks for my money!
7) Mmmm Cosby! The Denise choosing a college one makes me teary every time!
8) PASS! You said enough to let me know I have no desire to see that!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.Girl the super duper large is overkill literally! I do split it or that's all I eat. It's the meal sometimes. Just french fry days Mmmmm! *smile*
2. My friend talks about this chicken apple sausage. I may give it a try. Yes the pork is irreplacible!
3. It's disturbing, but more disturbing when the gender roles are skewed. It's just more weird to me.
4. I couldn't laugh at that moment but I was like, Is he for real???? Girl dude with the tape recorder was at least 40 so he needed to sit down!
5. Addiction! LOL! I'm going to get those little cans like was suggested above and maybe that will help me!
6. Yes she should every last dime!
7. I LOVE that one too because she was considering my alma mater and I get a total kick outta that!
8. Oh have a look see it's some real WG ghetto ratchedness. But people are saying she can rap?? O-O

Nexgrl said...

3. What about those dressed as
with a wig and some lipstick.
You can see all that you've
listed and in every variation
at my job. I suggest you avoid
any future visits.
4. Once again, a repeat of #3, all
of that and more can be seen
at my job. You can even have
the pleasure of seeing men in
belly shirts(the torso consist
of dunlap.)

Daij said...

alot made me laugh, but this --a. a white man in a yellow blouse and short set o_O

was funny as hell!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Girl stop! I'm dying. I can't! All of that would disturb me!

@Daij It so was!!! All I could do is look! He walked pass me like it was nothing. He wasn't even switching he just walked by regular. I died laughing when I left.

K. Rock said...

1. Biscuits rock!
2. Girl I can't eff with that pig! But I hate turkey bacon. It's nasty. Try beef bacon, it's really good.
3. I feel you...totally.
5. Girl that sounds like a straight up addiction! You betta break that habit or we will be draggin you kicking and screaming to Coke Rehab.
7. That show never gets old. I am glad that it's still on TV.
9. YOu know it!! I love it.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@K Rock
1. Yes they do! But I had to quit with the BIG ones!
2.I didn't know beef bacon was even possible??? I'm not sure? Well that's a strong reaction to the pig. Please elaborate??
3. LOL!
5. It is!!! I need help! I start rehab next week LOL! People round here gotta watch out!
7. Loves It!
9. Yasss!

keyalus said...

1. I have never really been a biscuit eater...and I'm a born Southerner! I don't like breakfast biscuits. I just don't it. They taste crusty and greasy to me. Pass.

9. Netflix streaming with my Wii. Heaven! I think I need to sell all my TV Show DVD collections. Why bother keeping all that crap around when I can watch with so much ease?

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.I am shocked! LOL! Being from the South I would expect you to have a biscuit recipe so good you could sell it! LOL See assumptions?!?

9. A few people have talked about the same thing. You could make a killin at the flea market!


2- I hate turkey sausage also but on my quest as yours I've found out that I actually can deal with chicken sausage.....but all in all I swear on a stack of bibles bacon makes everything better!!

3- I'm gay and its unsettling to me too LOL

4- A hot mess all the way around!!

8- More mess..but low key I live for ghetto foolishness like her...I want to befriend ANYBODY with that kind of self confidence...dont tell nobody tho LOL

GorgeousPuddin said...

2.LOLOLOLOLOL!@bacon makes everything better!! Amen! I have to try this chicken sausage everybody is talking about!
3.Yeah I just want to know what statement are they trying to make??
4. It really was! Some Hot Ghetto downtown Oakland MESS!!
8. Boy I love to laugh and the internet is a complete treat to me!! Where else besides downtown Oakland LOL! Can you see this type of stuff! I'm tellin errbody Toy is friends wit Hi Dolla! LOL!

Bajan Beauty said...

I have a Pepsi addiction...here's my twisted logic...if I drink eight glass of water or then it completely okay for me to have one 20oz pepsi, lol. I can go for long periods without having it at times. But I always come back to it. I just love the sugary sweetness of it!

Have you seen the new TLC show freaky eaters...this chick was drink 23 cans of cola a day, wtf! Even after they told her she was pre-diabetic she didn't stop.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Bajan Hey girlie!
My fam LOVES pepsi BOOOOOOOOOOO! LOL! I feel your logic totally! Cola is deelish!

I saw the previews for it. That is crazy!!!! That's why I'm trying to get a handle on this. I've drank a 6 pack before :(( and a 2 liter over 2 days! It's crazzzy~

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