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Thursday, September 23, 2010


1.I know by now ya’ll have heard about THIS! So people are still using us as scapegoats in their foolishness. Woman admits acid attack was self-inflicted First claimed BLACK woman did it. How is this type of foolishness still happening in 2010????? The composite sketch she gave looked like an alien to me. But turns out a real person was scared and went into hiding. That story here. If this was 1960 can you imagine the mass hysteria this allegation could have caused?

2.I use love and hate a lot. My aunt says Hate is such a strong word. Really??? I try to use like but it doesn’t have the same impact to me. I mostly just love it or hate it *shrugs*

3.How much of a fan are you of your favorite TV show or movie?? Would you actually buy and wear a t-shirt from the show or movie? I’m a True Blood and Criminal Minds fan but I wouldn't walk around in a t-shirt about it. Although I'm into Twilight, the Team T's make me gag! I dub thee Super Fan if you do. LOLOLOLOLOL!

4.Have you heard about the What Would Jesus Eat diet?? WWJE LOL! It actually sounds healthy! All right Jesus!

5.Why am I already thinking about Thanksgiving? I mean seriously planning a menu??? It is P.S. I love this… fault.

6.I need new music on my i pod! I’m tired of listening to the same songs but too cheap to buy more. Does anybody know any free, virus free, music sites?

7. Just when you think it’s safe it’s not. Now there is some fool attacking women at Lake Merritt. I don’t workout there alone but I used to see a lot of women running and walking at night when we were out there. I’m disgusted with the world right now!

8.Has anybody else noticed that crime shows use the same criminals for different shows. I was watching Criminal Minds and this crazy murdering serial killer was about to be executed. But last week I saw this same man playing a serial killer on Rizzoli and Isles I like that show too. He really does look like a crazy weird killer. Talk about type casting.

9. Did you see the Top Chef DC reunion show?TIFFAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNYYYYYYY! I just love her personality! @mrstdj watch you DVR episodes, then watch the reunion! You will be happy! : )

10.Seen and heard While watching Black to the Future flashback 1970’s on VH1 Fred Sanford told Aunt Esther "I could stick your head in some dough and make some gorilla cookies." Her response "you ole fish eyed fool!" Whaat?????????????? Bwhahahahahaha! They really cracked on each other a lot on that show.


P.S. I love this... said...

1. It's outrageous and she should be brought up on charges. Also, who in the hell DOES that?!? Throwing acid in one's OWN face.. Was she that hard up for attention? Ugh, I'm disgusted.

2. LOL you know what you love and hate.. I tend to be an extremist too.. not too much middle ground for me.

3. Hmmm, I'm looking for a throwback (fitted) t-shirt for Fraggle Rock. Used to LOVE that show back in the day. I wanna rock it under a suit. Does that make me a fan or nostalgic or fashionable? I am Team Jacob but would never wear a t-shirt.

4. Never heard of that. *Googlizing*

5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA in my defense, Thanksgiving it is right around the corner.. well actually, it's down the block, across the street and around the corner..but still. =)

7. The world is in a pretty sad state now.

AR Gal said...

1. With all the Hispanic people in this country folks still wanna put it on black folk. Can we get some finger points in another direction for a change? Shit.

3. I'd wear a True Blood shirt. It would have to be one that suits my taste though.

4. Haven't heard of it but I bet it would help clear up a lot of clogged arteries and high cholesterol.

9. I only saw bits and pieces of it. I got so caught up acting a plumb fool on FB last night creating a Eddie Long iPod song list that I really didn't pay attention. I'll catch it again this weekend.

10. Aunt Esther was a BOSS!!! May she live on in TV Land forever!!!

~Mommy+Me~ said...

1. I had NOT heard about this. I'm sitting at work & I just watched the videos that were attatched to the story. Wow! This girl has some sort of mental illness for sure. I can't believe she did a whole interview giving fake details and talking about the fact that she bought sunglasses 20 min. before was definitely Jesus. Wow! She needs Jesus, that's for sure. I would never want to show my face again if I were her. Even her job had posted things about her in support. Geezzz

5. I'll admit I've thought about Thanksgiving too. :) Our family does a fried turkey every year & an oven one. Fried turkey is SOOOO good! Mmmmm. I just can't believe how fast this year has gone & it's going to be completely over in the blink of an eye.

6. I need new music on mine as well. I will ask my brother about the sites for free music b/c he knows about all that. I usually just put my own cds on there and occasionally buy a few songs. Do you ever get those free downloads from Starbucks? Sometimes you'll luck out and get a good one.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.I heard recently that she is being charged! I've been so angry about this since I read about it. Then I felt very sorry for her. Can you even imagine the type of psychosis that would allow you to throw acid in your own face???? She needs so much prayer SMH!
2. I really do! LOL!
3.I could see that being fashionable being that your sense of style is haute! I actually have done the same thing with a couture Disney T and a snoopy T! So I get that!
4. I google and saved it LOL! I'm gonna eat like Jesus for a week real soon!
5.Ha! Yeah but you got me going and It's not just you my sister and cousin said what's up for Thanksgiving??? Last year was my first time hosting and it was a hit.
7. It is! I don't want to watch the news but I have too. I'm trying to workout outdoors until I just can't! LOL!

@AR Gal
1. Girl you are crazy!!!!
3. Alright super fan work it! work it! LOL! :)
4. I'm sure it really will! No processed food will do that for ya!
9. OMG I am so MAD at you for that!!!!! I had a "Thought" about it but changed my mind about including it. I have to go to FB to see what's going on.
Here's my thought:
There are disappointing allegations going on in the church world. I read about it on Bossip on Tuesday I was shocked when an hour later it had made the AP and was on the front page of MSN. It’s a sad, sad day for the church if the allegations about Bishop Eddie Long are true. How are people suppose to want to go to church, be saved, and live Christian lives with all this foolishness going on IN the church?????
10. True Dat homie True dat!! LOL!

1. She definitely needs Jesus! It was really thought out. She wanted plastic surgery?? Really? That was an extreme way to achieve that!

5. Girrrrrl don't get me started on the scumdilly yumsciousness that is Fried Turkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG!! It's my favorite!!! A freshly fried, crispy, golden brown, juicy turkey placed on the table in all it's glory Uh Uh Uh!
I clearly LOVES it!! LOL!
This year HAS gone by too fast!
6. Ooo Thank you! I will really appreciate it! No I haven't heard about Starsbucks downloads. I'll look into that! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

1. Foolish azz woman!
3. Um, nah, I don't think that I love any show enough to wear a shirt about it. When I attended the NBC early screenings for The Event and Undercovers, they gave us t-shirts. Erra, they've been on my backseat for a week.
9. **sigh** Ok, ya'll have convinced me to watch. I'll try to catch up this weekend.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.Right! I just don't get!
3. You do such cool stuff!!!! I didn't even know NBC did screenings. Was it like a movie premiere?? LOL@the T's in the backseat
9. Please do!!!! You will be SO Happy!!

Ladynay said...

1. I like attention to but DAMN! They did say that the situation got bigger than she expected so maybe she was just trying to get the attention of a few folks, not the world. *shrug*

I don't watch much TV and never heard of the WWJD diet. Pass!

Turkey Day is one of my favs for many reasons! *sigh* Now I want some cranberry sauce!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. She clearly didn't think it through. The media jumps on anything done by a black person especially to a white person!
2. Google WWJE it seems pretty good low carbs, no processed foods the way we're supposed to eat to be healthy LOL!
3. Don't get me started about Turkey Day. Nom Nom Nom!


1. I was VERY offended when I heard she made that story up. She needs straight jacket & a prayer..SMH..Where they do dat at?????!!!

4.WWJE!?....really???? lol..Its enoug pressure on me as it is trying to remind myself of what he would do!

6. You're not alone, I was thinking the same thing as I'm driving down the street bumping Keith Sweat's "Make It Last Forever" like it had jus came out...(sighs)


10. Love Love Love Fred & Esther. Im always on the floor laughing!!...George Jefferson & Florence crack me up just like those 2

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Toy Hey dude!
1. Apparently they do dat in Vancouver, Canada. It's just so crazy and sad and scary!
4. I know right??? LOL! WWJD Holla!
6. Boy stop!!! Bwhahahahaha! But that's my ish! It's on my gettin the skins butt naked sex list. LOL!
8. It's true! LOL!
10. Man they went hard on each other and the ish was TOO FUNNY!!!

Daij said...

all right Jesus! :)

GorgeousPuddin said...


Jameil said...

1) You.big.dummy.
2) LOL. I use them freely, too.
3) I want a Project Runway Mood bag BADLY!! I'd like mugs for PR and Top Chef but I'll pass on shirts.
4) Nope! Lol
5) THIS IS ARETHA'S FAULT!! I asked my mom about it and she was like TOO EARLY!! Lol. But I'm so far planning cornish hens and oysters. The rest is in the air.
6) Rashan is the thief in our relationship. He uses F.rostwire.
7) Ugh. Why do people have to make the world so unsafe?
8) LOLOL Nope!
9) No :( It's not on hulu. Scowl.
10) Seen pieces of that show. I don't see the appeal really. But I do find "fish-eyed fool" hilarious.

K. Rock said...

2. I wont use hate in regard to specific people. I do see that as pretty strong. But I hate a lot of inanimate objects.

3. I don't think I could ever take it as far as a t-shirt.

6. I can help you out with that...

9. I didn't even know the reunion had aired. I skipped both finale eps but I know who won. I am going to have to find the reunion now.

10. GORILLA COOKIES!!!! That is some truly funny ish right there.

keyalus said...

3. I'm a big fan of musicals and I've considered getting two tasteful baby T's that aren't too advertisement-y. I was prepared to buy a "No Pare Sigue Sigue" shirt after seeing "In The Heights" a few weeks ago but they stopped making that one. I liked it, because unless you'd seen the show you probably wouldn't know that I was a stan LOL.

8. Yes! I was a huge Nip/Tuck fan and the Latino gangster guy with all the tats, Escobar played a similar criminal on one of the CSIs I think. Then again, if you have body full of tats, you pretty much typecast yourself into playing a criminal on mainstream TV.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. Wasn't that just the craziest???
2. I know! It has such impact!
3. See those items are not bad. Now I gotta go to the PJR at look at the mood bag! That sounds cute!
4. Google it. It was on the news then I checked it out. Not bad!
5. Riigght! People get you all started then IT'S ON!!! LOL!
6. F.rost w.ire THANKS!! on my way to the site! Wait! Why we gotta be thieves?????? LOL!
7. I know right? I'm so mad because they have like 1000 stairs there that I like to do. Ugh is right!
8. It's true!
9. Oh sorry! I didn't want to spoil it.
10. Girl my Uncle loves this show. What's funny and hypocritical I bought him a Fred Sanford T-shirt. He Loves it! LOL!

@K Rock
2. It's only a few people that I've said I hate! LOL! I try not to use it toward people but sometimes...? *shrug*
3. Me neither but, some people love it.
6. LOL!
9. Check out the episodes then watch the reunion it makes everybody feel better! :)
10. Wasn't IT!! I DIED!!!

@Keylaus Hi! *waves* and Welcome!!!
3. I want to see In the Heights!! You are so lucky!! I missed it when it came to San Francisco. I have to stalk it now so I can see. Hmmm I don't know. I think theatre may get a pass since that's artsy! *smile*
8. I know who your talking about and you're right! He would look odd playing a dad on a sitcom LOL!

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Lmao!! Ha! Your "thoughts" are random but funny as heck... I agree, if you're walking aroung in a shows Tee... You are a superfan... I wont judge you though! Ok, maybe a little bit lol

The lady who lied about the acid, smh... i just want to know why... Like does she have a mental disorder that's to blame? Because if not...

Thanks for checkin out my blog and commenting! FEel free to follw :-D


Don said...

Good question at music sites. I usually find myself listening to YouTube videos on the phone more than my player, anymore. Myxer.com is a free music site, although I am not sure if they offer full songs.

Aunt Esther and Fred G. Sanford are forever embedded into your hearts, their laughter.

I always think of Turkey Day. Love the festivies, food, gatherings.

Black women don't throw acid, I swear they don't. Now if she had said high-heeled shoes I would have believed her.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Exactly! we are not throwing no dang acid! LOL!@ high heeled shoes! So true!

Man Thanksgiving! We are throwing down this year! I can't wait!!!

Sanford and Son is mad funny!

My iPod is so dry right now! It's making my workout boring!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@CCCG Welcome! Sorry I missed your comment.

I know! My "thoughts" are all over the place! LOL!

If I see the T and it's wack I'm judging and laughing!

I think there had to be some level of mental illness.

Your blog is funny I'll be back!