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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A True Blood Tuesday? Yes Yes Ya'll

What up Trubbies? How's it fangin? I couldn't resist being corny Ha!

Okay so this weeks episode was not as exciting to me but riveting none the less.I usually watch it three times just in case I missed something.  And remember last week when I said I would be all over the place with my recaps. It is so!

First off FRANKLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it. I said in the comments that Tara didn’t severe his head or stake him and sure enough he showed up! Too bad his arrival was short lived.

Jason and the wooden bullets! Priceless!!! For some reason I hollered in laughter when he shot Franklin! Franklin was really a crazy vamp REALLY!

Poor Tara now she’s gonna have the hero worship of Jason been there not good And it doesn’t help that she’s still in love with him. Did you see her face when he was trying to stop Crystal?

Speaking of Crystal what’s up with that? That’s some serious family loyalty!

OMG!! Sam took his pent up anger/rage out on Crystal's father. It looked like he was beating errbody whoever F’d with him. And did you see the glee on Sam's brothers face?? He is gonna be trouble!

Sookie is a powerful something!!! So Bill was transported to the magical place just by drinking her blood? And he’s so animalistic now! Why was his first instinct to attack the water lady? She light blasted his a** though!

Hadley’s son has the power too! Cool! Hadley was a wreck! So her storyline is getting increased with the addition of a son. Did you know she had one? Was this Season 1 info? Anywhoo I guess they had to introduce more family with the power. Interesting!

Did you notice this week how they softened the new waitresses face???? She looked evil to me last week. I don’t trust her and I know she’s up to something. I think she played Tara with her rape story. Just trying to draw her in. to what I don't know.

Hoyt’s new girlfriend and her dolls Really! What grown a** woman carries dolls?????? He was TOO honest with Jessica did she glamour him?

OMG!!! Russell the Vampire Kang is a fool. He done gone crazy!!! I wasn’t ready when he scooped Talbot up off the floor and was hugging Talbot goo. Ewwww! The raw emotion and pain! WOW!!!!
He was carrying Talbot around in that crystal jar like he was some red licorice! Bwhahahahahahaha!
I was totally not ready for him to show up and kill that newsman on live T.V.  and just hold his insides in his hand like that!!!  Then that fool said "Now for the weather world Tiffany." I DIED!!!!! A dang fool I tell you ! He looked like Dracula! It was shocking.

Well that's all I got! Okay it's your turn! Chime in Fans! What were your favorite parts?


P.S. I love this... said...

"Vampire Kang" *falls out* Gorg, you're too funny.

Yeah, I agree this week was less than climatic.. I wanna know what Sookie is, post haste.

Doesn't "LaLa" look absolutely in LOVE with Jesus?? I think they are cute togther.

Lawd, Talbot's in a crystal candy dish.. I don't think he would have it any other way.. prolly Baccarat. I can't wait to see the wrath that the King will impart.. he is delirious with anger, hurt, loss..etc..

What is up with Crystal.. she's weird.

Yea for Jason and his wooden bullets!!

The evil lady, yup I felt she was playing Tara.. trying to gain her trust and thangs. Poor Tara.. I really don't like this damsel in distress thing they got going for her. Everytime you turn around she's crying.. ugh!

Awww poor Franklin.. he cracks me up with his crying ..wish he stayed around a little longer.

I like Hoyt and Jessica together.. that other one.. NO MA'AM.

I'm Goin' Down Young Black and Down Low said...

Ain't this bitch, when I first read this post, there was 0 comments, but now P.S. I Love This has beat me.

Now Puddin' I have quickly became fond of your blog and whatnot. Love the whole scripture Sunday with a Gospel song and all that. I'm feelin' it here, even your little music playlist...Tamia, Ginuwine, Jodeci, The Deele, I've been jammin. I've actually been listening to it, as I leave comments on other blogs. That's why P.S. I Love This beat me. Anyway as I was reading your recap I discovered something. Now don't take this personally or offense, but I feel like if I was to ever watch True blood with you...hmmm...I would have to pop you in the nose, or choke you like Franklin was choking Tara and feeling her heart beat. I mean I know this may sound hard to believe, but I don't condone beating on women. However I would have to at least give you a good ole fashion back hand pimp slap across the lips. I mean no offense of course.

It's just your thoughts and feelings on certain things, it's like yikes!I guess it's a good thing I watch it by myself. Hmmm...

First of all Russell hasn't went crazy, he's been crazy. That wasn't apparent when he killed the magistrate? You thought it was Ewww, when he was hugging Talbot's goo? Unfortunately for vampires, when they die, you don't have a nice little body. They turn into that It's no different from coming home to find a dead body of your spouse, and hugging it. Thinking it can't be real, and thinking if you hold onto them one more last time, that it won't be the last time. It was suppose to be emotional. He just lost his true love of the last 700 years. We were suppose to feel sorry for his crazy but, for even just a moment. Russell putting him in a crystal vase, was like people who but love ones in an urn and talk to it, like they are still there. Except he put Talbot's remains into something that only Talbot, who would deem appropriate and upscale enough.

Summer was carrying the dolls around, because they were antiques, and they had just left antique shopping. That's what the comment about if Hoyt hadn't returned to the light, then he couldn't go antique shopping, because you can't at night. Anyway what grown ass woman carries dolls? Why don't you ask Marie Osmond, and the millions of women, who buy her QVC/Home Shopping Network dolls!
Hoyt was so honest with Jessica, because that's Hoyt. She would never...ever glamour Hoyt...EVER! That's Hoyt's charm, is his honesty and love for Jessica. He loves Jessica so he would never lie to her. He was honest with her from the very beginning of their courtship, that he was like 25 and a virgin, and he has never stopped being honest to her.

Next of course Crystal is going to be loyal her family. Just because your family treats you wrong, and are not always the best people, doesn't mean the love stops. I can contest to that. At the end of the dad she still loves her dad. It's not just her dad, but the whole community of werewolves/werepanthers or whatever they are, that she is concerned about. Like she said, they could never make it in the system. Hot shot is all they know.

I'm Goin' Down Young Black and Down Low said...

Now I just realized that perhaps I might have...over...something...reacted?....because I had to split my comment up. Apparently I exceeded the comment 4,092 character limit...hmmm.
Well here is the rest of what my comment said, before I had to split it up.

Now of course Hadley is a wreck, would you be? She's scared for herself and her child, she knows what Russell and any vampire can do. No, this is new info that she had a son. She's not really a relevant character, and she hadn't seen her son, in like a year. She was never in season one. She was in one or two episodes in season 2, when Bill and Eric went to go see the Queen of Louisiana. The only line I think she had was "How's my cousin Sookie doing?"...and something and Grams. I think the introduction, was to show how it runs in the family. One person from each generation, has it...Sookie, her Grandfather...now her little cousin.

That last scene was Russell's finest performance this season. It will probably go down as one of the Top 10 great True Blood moments, thank you very much. He was clutching the anchorman's spine as a poetic statement that he had a spine to stand up for what he believed in. Puddin...poor Gorgeous Puddin, you watched it three times the line was..."And now for the weather Tiffany!" I died too, when you didn't get the line right...it was classic.

Nothing personal, still like your blog.

Oh Puddin do you need a hug, cuz I do now...

GorgeousPuddin said...

@...Young Black...
Hmmm I don't know where to start with you. No you would not want to watch with me because I laugh A LOT! Let's see First off the whole violence reference does not fly with me in no way shape or form at all. Kidding or not. So yep OFFENDED in this aspect only.
2nd this is my blog I can say whatever, however, whenever I want. and 3rd let's be real it's a t.v. show FICTION kinda like a book and this is my book club where I will say what I want at all times. I was being funny in most of my comments. And yes sweetie you definitely overreacted!

That said,
I realize Russell is crazy I mean he's a vampire But in this episode he went even crazier. Again this is FICTION and since you don't know me if you did you would know I would NOT come home to a corpse husband or otherwise and be huggging it. But that's me. I also realize the crystal vase (Talbot's style) was likend to an urn. However, again I would not be carrying around nor talking to an urn because the person is NOT in it. And I said Ewww cause it was nasty! Everytime a vamp gets killed that ish is NASTY!!!!

I still stick to my "what grown a** woman carries dolls" Marie Osmond is weird and all who buy those creepy a** dolls are weird too! My opinion and I stand by it! Summer's sunshiney self could have left those dolls in the trunk of the car or took them home! And further more you're supposed to know your mate and she clearly doesn't know Hoyt or they wouldn't have been doll shopping. Plenty of other things to do in the sun!

I understand the whole family thing and some people are like
that but family or not you will NOT abuse me and it still be cool Nope, Never, Not! And she brought Jason to her mess by showing up to his door. There is always a consequence to your actions. So she is strange to me too! But that may be how the werepanthers get down! LOL!

And finally WHEW you wrote A LOT!
Thanks for the clarification about the last scene. I was laughing so maybe I heard it wrong. OOPS! and SO!
And yeah dude it did come off a little personal. No hugs needed!

*note* Glad you like my blog and my music. I try! *gives self a round of appluase*

GorgeousPuddin said...

@P.S. Hey girl! I would like for them to reveal Sookie too so I can know if I'm right! LOL!

Yeah Laffy is looking all googly eyed. It is cute. But the preview for next week got my scared. What's about to happen with them???? Was that a demon?

Yes! The Kang is out of control. They all should beware of his wrath! But now that Eric has clearance to kill. IT's ON!!!

Maybe Tara can get a grip now that she saw with her own eyes Franklin is dead! Franklin was over the top. If he wasn't a vampire. He would be a stalker/killer

I like Hoyt with Jessica too!

Take care and thanks for chiming in!

AR Gal said...

I went back and read your comments on the last TB post and yes, Sookie is a fairy. I was thinking she had yet another freaking secret in addition to that. My bad. LOL

click on the link and scroll down to the family life section. There are potential spoilers so read at your own risk. :)


I figured Franklin wasn't dead as well. I didn't think he would show up and leave again so quickly though. LOL

Jason shooting him with wooden bullets was THE smartest thing I think he's done since the show started.

I didn't even pay attention to Tara's face when he chased Crystal. I need to re-watch.

Me no likey Sam's brother.

I think the waitress is either a werepanther or a witch. She's not to be trusted, that's for sure.

I can't wait for Baby Vamp Jess to sick her teeth into Hoyt's daylight girlfriend. LOL

Russell showed them who was boss!!! I knew someone was coming in the studio (the anchorman's face showed it all) but had no idea it was Big Russ!

AR Gal said...

And no, I don't recall them mentioning Hadley had a son in Season 1. Then again, that could be the case and I just don't remember.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@AR gal Hey! What's funny I never thought that Sookie would have a wiki.

Yeah Franklin's arrival and departure was quick!

Right! In that moment Jason was Kang! LOL!

I think Sam's brother is bringing trouble to his life real TROUBLE!

I think she's a witch. I'm interested to see what she is and what she's up to!

Oh wow! You think Jessica gonna eat her Bwhahaahaha that will be something!

See I gotta watch that scene again I didn't peep that!

Okay. I thought Hadley's son was something I might have missed since I haven't seen all of season 1. Thanks!