Gorgeous Ponderings...

Thursday, July 29, 2010


1. I mentioned earlier this week that I’m basically a germaphobe. I can’t use public restrooms at all!  And those toilets in the box!! Kill me! I swear I will go on myself before I go in one of those! The germaphobia started from thought 2.

2. When I was younger we used to have to go down a line and shake the pastor and all the deacons hands at the end of church. My aunt told me at age nine that those deacons think their penises are clean and they don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. I almost died when she told me that. Imagine shaking ten deacons hands every Sunday and they all just came from the bathroom?!? That’s the thought that was in my head as I went down the line every Sunday! My germ issues began then. And one of them had a missing thumb. Oh Gawd!

3. I feel myself slipping into my shopaholic mode. Lately, I’ve been spending and spending. A little here and there is adding up. I need to get back on my budget. I’ve been feeling so restricted I just flipped out and started spending again. It does not help that I'm signed up to literally EVERY shopping site and get sales alerts daily. That’s how I ended up at Banana Republic. I was minding my on business…and then

4. I had two requests to reveal some of my culinary expertise LOL! I’m too lazy and I don’t normally follow recipes. So that might be a mess! Maybe in the future. For sure around the holidays. Stay tuned.

5. I want to be one of those people who finds items worth millions. Yesterday on the news a man had bought the original stills of nature photographer Ansel Adams at a garage sell for $45. They are worth 200 million. Today in the news a family was packing to move from their foreclosed home and found a box full of old comics. In the box was the original edition of the first Superman comic book which introduced him to the world. It is worth $250,000 needless to say they could unpack those boxes. The article was titled Superman saves the day! Yaay for them!

6. Can a thought be Green?? I’m feeling this pic for some reason.

7. Score Alert! TheCaptain is totally feeling the new dishes. I was surprised.

8. One of my friends mother uses this really expensive cream from Estee Lauder and her skin is flawless and wrinkle free to be old.
I recently purchased my own complete preventative-aging set from them for much less. I like the way I look and want to stay right here age wise LOL! And I have to say I’m loving this product called Idealist. It makes your face feel silky smooth and look flawless. It's a great primer before make-up. The jury is still out on the eye cream. I guess I’ll know if it worked if my eyes don’t change with age. LOL! Thumbs down on the moisturizer it broke me out and was not very moisturizing. Boo!


Jameil said...

1) Only the worst bathrooms can dissuade me... and portajons. Those are out.
2) What on earth!!?! Why would you tell a child that??
3) You know what you need to do, right? IMMEDIATELY unsubscribe to those shopping sites!! If you can afford it, give yourself a slightly less restrictive budget so you can spend your money on some fun things & save in addition to the necessities. I'm sure you know all this.
8) $250??? Wow... I've seen my grandma's face... & I see that I can still currently pass for someone 10 years younger. I'm gonna pass on the anti-aging.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.Even the thought gives me pause!
2. I know right? And funny I think I bet they didn't wash their hands before I shake anybody's hand.
3. You are right and I will try to do this soon. I just hate missing out on so called good deals.
8. I hope I don't get to the point were I spend that much my little set has 3 items for under $50. My moms skin is pretty great! My grandmother's skin although beautiful not so much. And besides I'm a product junkie.

~Mommy+Me~ said...

2. Yikes! It all makes sense now! LOL

3. I am right there with you!! I am a bargain shopper so I never buy anything full price, it has to be a. on sale b. clearance c. I have a coupon for it! But....even all those bargains add up! And I am a sucker for those e-mail alerts too. I think Jameil has a good point. Need to unsubscribe to those. Fiance & I are supposed to be saving for a house & my shopping habbit is not helping!

5. I saw that on the news & thought the same thing! We have also started playing the lotto a lot & have won up to $75 so far. LOL

8. I use Origins products & love them myself. My mom sells Avon & they have a ton of anti-aging products. I'm skipping them as well. My mom gets mistaken for my sister all the time & my grandma looks GREAT @ 78. I'm gonna assume we have good genes & save my $$!

Ladynay said...

Reading this post and the 7 things posts makes me want to nickname you Monk! LOL!

GorgeousPuddin said...

2. See there is a method to the semi madness. LOL!

3. Yeah I'm saving for house, new car, and emergency fund etc. and I keep buying here and there. But shopping is my therapy!

5. I play the lotto when it's really high. I watch those shows about people who won. I just need some luck like that then I can do all the shopping I want!

7. Origins is a good brand! I think using quality products make a difference. I was checking out Avons line. I like the Estee its good and not that pricey.

@Ladynay Bwhahahahahaha! Monk was hilarious with his. I'm not that bad! Am I???? LOL!