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Thursday, July 15, 2010


1. I know I’ve been on this shrimp thing for a minute, First KFC and now the Grocery Outlet another place I can’t buy food from has two pounds of shrimp for 6.99. This much can cost $24. I wonder where this shrimp came from?????? The ad said Shrimpalicious deal. No Ma'm Bwhahahahahaha!

2. I was in line at the DMV to do my car registration. I had been waiting about 40 minutes and this was just to get my number to wait some more!  Why did they go on strike and say the computers were down???????????*sigh*

3. Comcast changed their name to X-finity. My cable bill went from 51.00 to 90.00. The Hell?!?

4. I know I did not just see Laurence Fishburne is in the Predators remake? Really??? That’s something I would expect Larry to do. LOL!

5. Did ya’ll hear about Dave Chapelle? Another talented comedian gone nuts.

6. I love this scene in "What happens in Vegas" I wanted to do THIS to my old supervisor. He knows why!

7. On Rhymes with Snitch the comments are sometimes funnier than the posts. Anonymous said.
“Um, I don't know if you know this, but bestiality is a sin. Humans aren't supposed to have sex with meerkats, let alone get pregnant by them. Alicia will have to deal with that on her conscious.” Bwhahahahaha!!!!


P.S. I love this... said...

1. I shan't partake in BP marinated shrimp. Maybe I should just become a vegan..

3. What?? That's some bull, maybe you should switch companies.

4. I can't wait to see Predators.. Laurence is a weird choice but he's a great actor.

7. That meerkat looks like he is smiling. Is that Flower from Meerkat Manor? But that comment is funny as heck!

Totally off topic but have you ever seen Claudine?

Anonymous said...

Wow @ Dave's behavior. That's the best his rep could do? He needed a bathroom??? The twitch of someone who needs a fix and shake of someone who needs a dump are DIFFERENT! Who are these media idiots? Seriously, most celebrities clearly need better people. **smh**

Ugh, haven't dealt with Comcast in years. HATED THEM! I'm totally in love with Verizon and as long as they don't lose their mind and jack their prices, our affair will last an eternity!

Bwahahaha @ Swizzy the Meerkat! He could totally join the cast of Meerkat Manor!!

Jameil said...

1. 2 lbs for $6.99??? Side eye
2. DMV FAIL!!!
3. I can't stand cable. The idea that those companies can charge such an outrageous amount so I'll be entertained is so irritating.
4. ROTFL @ Larry.

K. Rock said...

Me hates Comcast too. Thye give me the blues.

I have never seen a meerkat smile but I think it is cuter than my own children.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. Me neither! I'm really trippin because I was joking about them sending the shrimp here. But I think I was right!
3. Comcast is the dominating force here beside DirecTV which was pricey after the special.
4. Never said I wouldn't see theCaptain likes that kind of movie. I just was surprised that LF was in it!
7. That's what the caption said smiling meerkat LOL! I have never seen an epi of Meerkat Manor but my sis doesn't miss it.
I goggled Claudine. No I haven't seen it. Just starting to get into old flicks. My uncle said I was whack for not knowing any of these movies *kanye shrug* Is it something I need to see?? Bwhaha at whack.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. *dead*@ "The twitch of someone who needs a fix and shake of someone who needs a dump are DIFFERENT!" I agree!
2. I hate them too! Verizon is DirecTV here *sad face*
7.Can't he! LOL!I have to check out this Meerkat manor, seems popular.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. Right?!? They're trying to kill us!
2. I was so mad! Hmph!
3. If I could just not have anything. I would!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. Me too! and It's just not right!
2. It's cute. But noooooo your babies are MUCH cuter!

P.S. I love this... said...

Gorg, you have to see Claudine!! It's a classic.. Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones are in it.. Girl, get ready to smh but it's entertaining. I had a "Dinner and a Movie" dinner party and chile, I laughed so much, I think I tinkled, at my friends reactions and commentary.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@P.S."Dinner and a Movie" dinner party. Too cute! That's a great idea for a get together. I will have to check out the movie.

~Mommy+Me~ said...

LOL literally! Thanks for providing me with some giggles tonight before bed. Hilarious! Not the DMV or the cable part though. No bueno! I mighta lost it with the DMV thing. I've been running into a lot of terrible customer service situations lately & am having a hard time keeping my cool with it. That movie you mentioned has been playing a lot on cable lately. That comment about Alicia & Swizz Beats........LOL oh my gosh! She could definitely have done a lot better in the looks department! Hopefully he treats her well. I could've sworn he was married with kids to someone else though......

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Mommy+Me Yeah cable and the DMV got me SO upset right now!
Everytime that movie comes on I watch the end. It was THE most funny! That comment. I know right?? I was up late looking at blogs and woke up everybody laughing so loud. People say craazy stuff!