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Friday, April 30, 2010

True Lies...

Back in 1994 a movie came out called True Lies. It starred Ja.mie Le.e Cu.rtis and Arn.old Sch.warzene.gger as husband and wife. I used to like this movie. I liked JLC as an actress. In light of recent events, I canNOT watch this movie or any other flick starring A.S. I immediately turn the channel.

Currently California is suffering from the worst fiscal crisis in recent history. A few years ago someone had the bright idea that the governor at that time Gr.ay Da.vis was not doing his job. I disagree So he was impeached and The Terminator ran for the position. His platform was that he was going to terminate California's debt, and create a better budget. WRONG!!!!

In my opinion he terminated our state. Right now with budget cuts to health care, schools, a high unempolyment  rate of 12.9%, rampant crime, and mentally ill people walking the streets due to program cuts this state is in worse shape than before his term. We need a DO OVER! I bet if the people that voted for the Terminator twice had any idea this would happen maybe they would have chose differently. But then again maybe not. They had to be a bunch of complete idiots to vote him in in the first place.

He was recently on Jay Leno. Jay asked if he could run for president would he? He said of course! But the constitution forbids foreign born citizens from  running. THANK GOD!  for now. I hope he never gets the chance to terminate our country. President REALLY????? Obama says it best!

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Don said...

GP you are over here jammin' on the playlist! You must be in love or something? Some really great songs.

I take it that AS doesn't realize that he has made the situation worse. Either that or he probably feels like, as you stated, if people voted him for no apparent reason other than the fact that he is a popular figure in America.....then, they are likely to continue the strange process.

Good thing he is foreign born, eh?

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Don I think he knows he ruined our state. I do believe he doesn't give a f**k, which is the problem. He only has political aspirations in my opinion. I'm just glad this is his last term and his reign of terror is almost over. Whew!
Yeah I'm in LOOOOVE!! this week. LOL!