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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Job Alert!!!

If you read back a ways like when I first started this blog  you will remember I was laid off from my job July 2008.Or maybe I didn't mention it I think I just stopped blogging At the time I was a little sad because I really liked my position and I was FINALLY in a job that my degree was being used. But I had some money saved and my unemployment would be sufficient. So I was cool and I think I needed the break.
 During my break I was able to focus on school. If you don't know I am doing the neccessary steps Earn M.A. and Phd to one day be a professor at a university. Anywhoo I started applying for jobs in October 2009 And drumroll please I got a new job!!! It is similiar to what I used too do,and get this the position is right down the street from my old job. Oh yeah and more MONEY$$ *Holla* in Frankie voice.


gee said...

congratufuckinlations!!!! :-)

GorgeousPuddin said...

@gee Thanks so much!