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Monday, June 16, 2008

Changing Focus (Me)

So anyway I messed around and waited until almost summer to try and lose some weight. I hate being fat when it's hot. Being stressed out has helped some. I started my diet 6/1 and I have lost 7 pounds so far. Mostly or all water weight. The real work starts now!
I am trying to lose 15- 20 pounds.

I got a ways to go to look all the way right in my short shorts for the summer. But I am going for it. I'm thinking about doing some new new shyt like Pilates or Bikram yoga. I have too exercise! I hate my body type but love my body. It just takes a LOT of work to keep it tight. First off I'm short and I gain weight all over. The plus is I also lose weight all over. It's a blessing and a curse too have big everything. A big butt, hips, and chest can look a hott azz mess when it's all connected LOL! Like a big round ball. So I have too keep my weight down to keep my waist right so everything is well defined. Anyway so I'm on a diet

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