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Monday, June 17, 2013

True Blood Tuesday on a Monday.

Season 6 Episode 1
Hey Trubbies,

Okay Let’s goooo

So this episode didn’t do it for me. It was rather boring - especially after the long hiatus and such but I’m glad True Blood is back and I look forward to the rest of the season.

1. First off… the exciting beginning!!  *some sarcasm* I literally like to died when bloody Billith shot up into the air.

2. Luna died. Y'all sad?

3. The protester yelling “HUMANS FOR VAMPS” and throwing the blood bag at the governor! First of all humans for vamps? LOLOLOL! This governor is about to be a very bad dude.

4. The way Eric is treating Pam :(   Still kinda mad at Pam for the way she was treating Tara. Still kinda mad at Tara for letting her and being an overall wuss from past seasons.  STILL grossed out about Pam and Tara as a potential couple. There is NO chemistry between them. Eww.

5. “Brain rape” LOL! I love Jason Stackhouse!! For a split second I wanted Jason to shoot Sookie. *shrugs*

6. That was so gross when Bill summoned Jessica.

7. Andy is a “baby daddy” to ALL those babies. When the fairy babies suddenly were toddlers! "Hi Daddy!" Hahahahahhaahhhaahhhaaahhaahaha!

8. “Hey there shorty pop what’s cookin?” LOVE LAFAYETTE!!!!!!!!!!!! He called himself La La LOL!
9. LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Billith survived the STAKING!!! HE SURVIVED BEING STAKED!!  And he shook the building when he told them to leave. I’m interested to see how New Billith evolves. That three in one thing at the end. I SEE YOU HBO.

10. At this stage I’ll just say Alcide and leave that right there. Discuss him amongst yourselves. lol

11. Look at Tara being bad ass at the wrong damn time. How she gon jump bad with all those guns pointed at her?

12. So sweet that Eric gave Sookie her house back.  You see how Eric's "sister" looked at Sookie? Yeah girl you better recognize that  Sookie cookie be yankin.

Okay Trubbies chime in. Tell me your thoughts. Welcome back ! :)

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