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Monday, November 5, 2012

Can we discuss...The Walking Dead???????

Season 3 Episode 4
Hey Dead Heads,


 T  H  E     W  A  L  K  I N  G        D   E   A   D !!!!!!!!!!!!!


This weeks episode more than made up for last weeks banality to me.

I just... it was just... I... y'all saw it you know.

1. Opening scene was all types of nasty. Whose heart was that? Eww!

2. Oooo Glenn was getting it in In the tower. #youcoming? LOL! Personally,  I would live in the tower during the zombie apocalypse.

3. I was feeling sorry for the prisoners.  From the black man’s perspective I feel where T-Dog (hate his name) was coming from. But then he just got replaced? LOL!

4. @South Loop At least they were weaving the two story lines this week.

5. Michonne is still not here for the Gov’na! Rightly so! Andrea is tho.

6. This is the most lines T Dog has spoken in an episode in a long time. 

7. That ambush?? Where did all those walkers come from? They were everywhere! That little sneaky punk!

8.Aww…. DANG!!! it was true T DAWG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP T-Dog! That walker just creeped up on you dog! Then he made the ULTIMATE sacrifice. WOW!!!!!!!! What a way to dieand for Carol?  [Cuttin' a brotha's check like that.] Hmph!

9. REALLY LORI!!!!!!!!!!! The baby’s coming NOW?? OMG!!!!!!!!

10. So is it just me or do y’all think the Gov'na is playin' about letting Michonne and Andrea go?  Andrea just drinks anything given to her. Liquor really? Just dumb!

11. And the Gov’na has a name now.  Hi Philip with your creepy self!

12. I KNEW little fella wasn’t dead I  knew it!!! - Andrew.

13. #LoriInLabor Oh my.... Lori too? RIP Lori I feel some kinda way. I wanted you to get eaten not die in child birth. HOW GRAPHIC WAS THAT???  The feels... I have the feels.
What? It was that music!

 14. Okay so let’s recap T Dog, Carol and Lori all died tonight? WTH!!!!!!!!  Is Carol really dead? Is Lori? When I don’t actually SEE the death………. it's hmmm. I think Carl may have gotten the job done tho? This was too much!!

15. And This! THIS almost took me out! Poor Rick!  THE FEELS!!!!!!!! :(((((((((((

16. There is a brand new baby in the cast. What are they gonna do????????????





Chime in folks! :D

For a few laughs y'all have to read this Tumblrs reaction to the episode!!


Reggie said...

Nah I don't watch it and I don't really understand this infatuation with zombies and vampires......what's going on?!?

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Man you should get into it! The show is well written and very entertaining. I think that's what it is. It's just good TV.

Bajan Beauty said...


Okay let me just I was on edge the entire show, my stomach was in knots after it was over, and I freakin cried. I love/hate when tv shows make me emotional.

1. I just knew that was the Gov'na and his folks watching Carol but it looks like it was ole' boy the entire time. I need a flash back on how the heck he made it out of that yard alive.

2. Hey at least somebody is getting some right, *hope they don't make a baby*. How they gonna be smushing and everybody else is working, smh.

3. Yea they got caught up on the BS because of those other guys. At least they were able to redeem themselves. At this point Rick and them needs some new folks, they are shrinking.

6. I swear I knew T-Dogg was gonna get just because he was speaking so much. Then on talking dead he said they started giving him more lines because the fans requested it, yep then they killed you, smh.

8. T-Dogg went out like a G! But where the heck did Carol go?

13. That scene really tore me up! I really thought I was going the throw up! She really did that scene!

15. Dang Rick! His breakdown was so freakin realistic!

16. So Lori wanted to die to save her baby, didn't she not realize that there ain't no baby formula? I'm not sure how I feel about her just giving up. She could have waited a little longer. She had only been in labor for about 5 mins. Okay, I guess I am being selfish, but still!

I must add that Merle is disgusting how he gonna give Andrea the bedroom eyes over a map. Gross!

Anonymous said...

1) I have gotten where stuff like that heart doesn't bother me in the least! It was harder to see the "operation" on Lori.

2) Knowing I would probably die soon, i would be getting freaky too. Go'on Glenn! Gityousome!

3) Not feeling the token black swap out. We could have gotten a few overlapping epis

5) Andrea is a ho.

8) if T had to die, I love the way its a sacrifice.

10) Gov'na isnt letting anyone go. The group will find them there in the town soon I bet.

14) Carol isn't dead. We would see bits of her body. They knew Tdog...there would have been a half eaten white body.

Looking forward to next week. Rick goes insane! Carl was like..I am a man now! Just shot my NOT DEAD mom in the head!

They gave up on trying to save Lori pretty quickly. They could have let one go to get help and TRIED to save her. Jeez, Carl was quick with the gun!

AR Gal said...

1. I'm still trying to figure out who in the hell the person was. Maybe we'll find out next episode. Didn't the heart come from the deer (or whatever animal that was)?

2. I'd be in that tower too! Damn a cell. You're up high and can see what's coming. You're screwed if you get trapped in there though.

3. Mistah was like, they just couldn't let more than one black dude be on at the same time huh? LMAO! That is pretty jacked up. They could have at least finished the season with both of them.

5. Andrea is such a gullible horny dumb ass. I wish somebody (don't really care who) would just screw her so she can sit down and shut up. I'd rather hear Michonne talk anyway.

7. The came from wherever the opening in the gate was.

8. Ain't nobody see that dang walker ride up on him until the last minute????!! Shenanigans I tell ya! Even after being bitten, I don't know if I would have had the guts to do the same thing he did for Carol but I respect him for it. Guess he figured he may as well get it over with. They tore his body up though! :(

10. Dude has heads in fish tanks. He's batshit. I know one thing, he bet not try and stop Merle from going to look for his brother. That would be a showdown for the masses!!

13. I think I'm the only one not disturbed by the way Lori died. My extreme dislike of the character ran deep so um yeah........

I did get a little misty eyed after seeing Rick's reaction though. And how are they gonna feed that baby? Ain't nobody producing milk around those parts! Well, then again if Glenn and Maggie keep on screwin' in the tower.........

14. I'm pretty sure Carol isn't dead. I'm not totally convinced Lori is either. I'm like you if I don't see it then there's always a question. For now, I'll take it because I know I won't have to look at her face for a hot minute.

South Loop Social Light said...

I agree... if I don't see the actual death I'm left to question it. For some reason I don't think Carl really shot his mother (Laurie)... but we shall see. I was shocked they killed her off... actually shocked so many people died. Carol I could do without... but damn, they wiped out Her, Laurie, T-Dog... though they did a clean swap (1 black guy for another lol).. This episode was pretty amazeballs. I'm a happy camper once again lol

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@Bajan Beauty
You cried? *points finger like dude on the Simpsons* ha! ha!
No but seriously this epi was EVERYTHING!

1.I didn't think so. After last weeks episode I figured it was someone else. Yes, I need to know how dude survived. I have a feeling he was quick on his feet. lol

2. I was just thinking what if she gets pregnant. But then I remembered Glenn stocked up on condoms when he made the drugstore run for Lori.

3. True!

6. I kinda thought something was going to happen to T-Dogg too. RIP!

8. Indeed he did! Carol is probably locked in some cell.

13. It was very graphic!

15. Girl Rick! Now that got me. I was so emo in that moment no tears tho. ;)

16. Now here.. I completely agree.
Lori could have waited. I don't get the urgency. She had a baby before. Labor goes on forever right? She shouldn't have started pushing after "5 minutes."

YES!! Merle EWWW!

1. All blood, gore and organs are gross to me, but I still watch anyway.


3. Right! I was like...wait a minute... did they just... Oh. -_-

5. *flatlined* You're crazy! hahaha!

8. Well I guess since he was going to die anyway...but that extra pain? Iono.. it made for good TV tho!

10. I agree! That showdown will be something! I can't wait! Especially with Rick about to be in BEAST MODE!

14. I don't think so either. Maybe they thought the walkers ate her whole body. LOL!

But the question remains did he really shoot her? Was it in the head? We don't really know yet.

They definitely should have went for help!

@AR gal
1. Wasn't it little dude? Seems like he was setting traps and thangs. And where the heck did a deer come from? I haven't seen them eating that well.

2. Yup!

3. Yeah like some type of negro quota lol

5. I don't know.. seems like if she gets the D she will NEVER leave. She will be the Mistress of the plantation.

7. Do you think little dude cut the gate more. It just seemed like so many. And his plan was sort of stupid. He called them walkers to the yard to possibly get eaten too. SMH!

8. Right! Just snuck up outta no where. They did tear him up tho kinda like chicken. raysis lol

10. I was thinking the same thing. Gov'na trying to stop Merle from finding Darryl is going to get ugly real fast! I think that's whats going to lead Merle back to being in Rick crew. And with T-Dogg gone...

13. It wasn't so much her death just the way she died, the music all of dat. I did want her dead tho.

14. Yup... produce some bodies then I'll believe! You're Lori hate runs DEEP! I love it! Hahahaha!

This was a really good episode. I hoped they would come hard after last week and they did not disappoint! Yeah until I see bodies no one is dead. Oh girl... the negro swap was trife. I would've enjoyed two brothas on the show.

Anonymous said...

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