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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Can you just know....

WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

I had to log off Twitter from all the ridiculous dribble from the naysayers. How can you not know greatness? If this was NOT everything to you I can't trust your opinion EVER! lol  just kidding....not really!

This was the best finale in True Blood History! 
There is so much to say..but I need to scream out what was BOSS to me.

1. JASON MUTHERBUCKIN' CRAZY AZZ STACKHOUSE!!!!!!!! Everything he did on this episode was on some Gangsta ish! LOVED IT!

 2. SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

3. ERIC KILLING RUSSELL!!!!!!!!!! THE KANG IS DEAD! For real y'all!

4. BILLITH!!!!!!!!!! Billith y'all! 
ERIC said, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Lafayette...the entire episode!!!!!!!

6. The fairy having  Two oops Four babies during orgasms and dippin' out on the sheriff!!!!!!!!! (I was listening not looking lol)

Chime in! Say whatcha want! Thoughts? Synopsis?

This season was crazy and ALL over the place. They may not have tied up all the story lines (or did it boringly) BUT what was exciting WAS exciting! 

 KNOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



South Loop Social Light said...

Girl, the fairy had 4 babies and peaced out lol. And Lafayette had me rolling. He's so extra and unnecessary. I love it.

This is the first full season of True Blood I ever watched and I enjoyed it. Definitely sucked me in and have me waiting for the next season. We have to wait an entire year?

Bajan Beauty said...

I love True Blood but I can't say this was the best finale, but these last two episodes were the best of the season.

That fairy zapped the hell outta Jason an now he sees dead people???

Lafayette is back to his normal flamboyant self, I love it.

Was I the only one mad that heifer got up and looked sexy as hell after having those babies, lol. All those damn fairies are gorgeous! I thought Andy was gonna get an upgrade but now he has to deal with four little Sookie's that is gonna be interesting, lol.

I knew Bill was setting up ole girl up but I thought it was so he could fall in line with Eric and his Sister, kinda do his own thing but for the greater good. Nope! I know I wasn't the only one that thought we were gonna see Bill's junk, lol.

Nae said...

HAHAHA @ Billith! WITW!?

Yes Jason Stackhouse is coming into his own!

Sam, the fly, killing ole girl from the inside out?! VICIOUS!!!!

But how you not gone say NUTTIN about Pam and Tara? WTF? I DID NOT see that ish coming at.all.

Loved the Fairy giving orgasmic birth to quadruplets and Lafayette and random lady at the bar were absolutely HILARIOUS!!!!

P.S. I love this... said...


1. Jason was so bad ass.. I really loved how his character has evolved this season.

2. That was the dopest kill!

3. Did the Kang's killing seem too easy.. I mean, he's like a kabillion years old.. so much older and stronger than Eric. I'm gonna miss the Kang's hilarity. but YAY Eric with yo sexy self!

4. Girl, you are slaying me.. BILLITH!!?!?!!!! Hysterical!! But yeah, I was like "RUUUUUUUNNNNN" too. Then I was like hoy boy.. Bill gonna be walking around with his pecker out. Billith.. hahahahahaha

5. Love all day!

6. Ok, if I had snap back like that, I would have two babies. I Sike..

But I died when the fairy chucked the sheriff DEUCES!!

Oh and Tara and Pam.. ummm no.. that whole thing seemed forced and just thrown in.. me no likely.

P.S. I love this... said...

Oh and what happened to Warlow? And how does Eric's sister know him? I wanna know!!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Girl! I turned away and just listened and missed 3 other babies coming out Hahaha!

Yup! this finale sucked me all the way into yearning for Season 6.

Just looks at YOU and *blinks rapidly* LOL!

Right, Poor Jason. He seemed a little something else too. I can't put my finger on it yet.

Yes, Lafayette was so intense at the beginning of the season glad to see his playfulness back in FULL affect!

I have to watch again... I missed all that!

I knew Bill was too! And like you I thought he was coming back to the good side I was SHOCKED!!!!

Girl, blame Twitter for Billith. I hollered out loud when I read that.

Jason was beyond everything in this episode!

Sam was amazing! I tweeted that that episode belonged to him!

Okay I saw the Pam and Tara thing coming and I'm so NOT here for it. No chemistry, contrived, fake. I could go on, but I won't. lol

Yes, Lafayette and drunk lady watching the births was hilarious. I have to watch again because I definitely missed the 4 babies!

I KNEW YOU WOULD!!!!!!!!!!! :D

1. Yes Jason!!
2. Indeed! Best ever! he just busted out of her! I hated her character anyway. Bye! People said fly but I thought Sam was a bee though?
3. It was simplistic, but I think the Kang was really weakened by the fairy zaps and Eric was just able to surprise attack! *Surprise n*gga* in my Dave Chappelle voice LOL!
4.Thank Twitter for Billith! I too laughed so loud when I read it. Girl! I thought we were about to see Bill's wank too.
5. Yes!
6. LOL! at that snap back! Hahahahahahahahahaha!! Okaaay! Didn't she dip tho? Hahaha!

NOPE!! Not here for Tara and Pam, Pam and Tara, or Tara or Pam! *eyeroll*

Right!! How does she KNOW Warlow Laughs at Warlow! Makes me think of Rollo from Sanford and Son.

Monique said...

Billith. I called it at the beginning of the season. I knew Bill was shady all along.

Eric is still sexy. Enough said.

My Auntie Lala is a mess! the show would be nothing without him.

Ding dong Russell is dead!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


About Bill... yes you did!

Girl ERIC!! #want lol

The show certainly would lack flava! LOL!

Yep The Kang is DEAD! for real!