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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A True Blood Tuesday...

Season 5 Episode 7

 Hey Trubbies,

Okay so right off the bat this show was just TOO MUCH for me!
There were so many things going on I figuratively was dizzy by the end. The plots are getting ridiculous especially the black smoke. I usually watch the show twice just in case I missed anything during my random breaks I tend to take lol but this week I couldn't hence the late post. I'm just now watching again. Forgive me :D

Okay so let's get into this...

Lawd Have mercy The KANG IS A STRAIGHT FOOL. I am back hating/loving his character at the same dang time. For a second there I thought Russell was going to take Eric out. This show can be very unpredictable…I would’ve been very sad.

The whole Sookie/fairy storyline I’m not here for this week.

OH GAWD!!! The black dude redneck in the hate group??? I C.A.N.T. “Do you hate Jessica Hamby… then we're here to hate her with you.” LOL!

I knew that trick Salome was involved in the iPhone App sabotage. I didn’t think she was Roman’s wife tho. I missed that. Seeing her name makes me want to say Shamone! LOL! If you’ve seen Black Dynamite you get it. When Russell says her name he sounds like he’s saying Sallie Mae. Hahahaha!

Alcide is all types of fine but why was he kissing that chick?? He doesn’t even know her.

Emma as a wolf pup is getting bigger every week.

I’m not here for Arlene and Terry and their storyline at all this week except… did y’all see Lafayette’s lashes in the video??

The old sheriff and his experimental male enhancement ointment SMH!

Lafayette going to see Jesus’ uncle alone was just so dumb. See… now this is when Tara could’ve came in handy that “hooka” LOL! Lafayette spitting on that crazy man was…well…crazy!! I was so scared for him. When his lips were sewn I was just done! DONE I say! Lafayette looked strange with no hair and no scarf. And really the uncle’s wife was STILL pregnant? Whatever he did to her she got her revenge!! Stab stab chop chop slice slice Dang girl!

Where do they keep digging Tara’s mother up from?? She looked a mess in that dress, wig and shoes. Why would you come tell somebody your own child that they are dead to you? Umm…so now Tara is a stripper?? Really HBO?? REALLY???

Russell is hard core! He just took dude’s head off!!  Rev Steve!!! “I’m like a tree in the wind… just happy to be here” They were so high!!!

JD is crazy he was about to give Emma V??  These people just have no respect for the kids. Geez!

Jessica was so disrespectful for kissing Jason with dudes blood on her lips. That whole scene was just so domestically violent! I can't believe Jason shot her in the head! Dang!

Phaedra from RHOA said on Twitter "You can never look at Karaoke the same again." <-- Agreed!  When the singer called out for her mother and The Kang told her "You should worry about you" I liked to fell of the couch laughing! Hahahahahahhahhaahaha! 

Okay so the "brotha"… Two Toned Candyman had to be the one “feeding” from the woman’s vajayjay???? Really HBO? REALLY??  

 And burnt dude eating the child was so disturbing! *angry face* >:-(

Where did Lilith come from?? Where did that drop of blood come from? Where did the pool of blood she rose up from come from? What race is she? She was definitely a woman of color but she didn't really look black to me.

GODRIC!! That is ALL!

Well that's all I got. Chime in folks! Whatcha got?? Come with yours.


AR Gal said...

"Okay so the "brotha"… Two Toned Candyman had to be the one “feeding” from the woman’s vajayjay???? Really HBO? REALLY??"

I've seen a lot of comments about this. To me, it didn't look like he was on her snatch but he rather really high up on her inner thigh.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@AR Gal
And that could very well be true...but all the other vamps were feeding from other places and it was really suspect to me that Candyman had to be the one. Eric could've got away with that without a blink from me. It was the head movements too.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was OK with him feeding like that because it's obvious the show had that "theme" going on feeding because that's what it looked like Jessica was doing to that guy until they showed she was feeding on his upper thigh, too. So they just basically did the male/female reversal for that feeding scene (he really was on her upper thigh - it's just her leg movements made it look like more)...

And the more I thought about it, no other male vampire that was there would have been "right" for that feeding scene (just my opinion)

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Thanks for commenting! I think everyone can see that scene from a different perspective.

It wasn't clear to me that the actor wasn't giving oral and still isn't and I've watched three times. The one getting ate if you will and her movements did not help as well as his sounds. It was implied.

I initially thought Jessica was doing oral as well, but the camera changed the angle as such to show she wasn't. That however, is what made her kissing Jason that much more inappropriate and rude to me. But alas, these are just my opinions and everyone is welcome to disagree. LOL!